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Volume 8 No. 2 - August 1999 to May 2000


Bishop Thomas J. Lobsinger

Bishop's death shocks territory

By Chuck Tobin, Whitehorse (YT) Star

Saturday's (April 15, 2000) sudden deaths of Bishop Thomas Lobsinger and Brother Hoby Spruyt have shocked the Whitehorse Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

News of the tragic, early-afternoon crash of Lobsinger's Cessna 172 on Fox Lake began spreading through the community by mid-afternoon Saturday. By Sunday morning, members of the diocese were engulfed by sadness and grief.

Parishioners at Our Lady of Victory filled the Porter Creek church to overflowing. They stretched the service to twice its normal length as mourners recalled their friendships with the two members of the Oblate of Mary Immaculate. "People just stood and shared their own stories, their own memories," Rev. Niall Sheridan said in an interview this morning.

Sacred Heart Cathedral in downtown Whitehorse was also crowded as parishioners there were in what Sister Margaret Coyle described as "silent shock."

"People just needed to be together and to let each other know that we are together in this because the bishop's death is affecting everybody," Coyle said.

Lobsinger, 72, and Spruyt, 55, were on their way to Dawson City to say mass at St. Mary's in the absence of parish priest Tim Coonen, who is away on business.

The plane piloted by Lobsinger, a veteran pilot with many years' experience flying in the North, is reported to have crashed at approximately 1:45. Funeral arrangements have not been finalized. In Dawson, the quietness of the Sunday service reflected the shock felt in
that community over the loss of the two Oblate brothers.

"Everybody was extremely saddened," parish member Barry Kidd said in an interview this afternoon from Dawson. "I think the whole parish was quite shocked because the bishop would come up quite often and he was well-liked. "He was a real people priest; even though he was the bishop, he was still a priest first," Kidd said. "Everybody liked him, the kids liked him. It was really difficult for everybody in the parish to handle the news."

Anglican Bishop Terry Buckle released a statement this morning conveying his sorrow for what he described as two "brothers in Christianity." "On behalf of the Anglican Diocese of the Yukon, I would like to say we are very saddened about the sudden and tragic death of Bishop Lobsinger and Brother Hoby," Buckle said in a brief interview.

"The Diocese of the Yukon will miss two wonderful people who were to us friends and brothers in Christianity. Our sympathy and our prayers are with the family, friends and church family of Bishop Lobsinger and Brother Hoby."

Lobsinger was ordained in 1987 by Pope John Paul II as the fourth Bishop of Whitehorse for the Whitehorse Diocese, which stretches from just south of Fort Nelson, B.C., north through the entire Yukon. The bishop was born in Brampton, Ont. on Nov. 17, 1927. He took his first vows in August 1947, and was ordained as a priest in August 1954, as a member of the Oblate of Mary Immaculate. He later became the order's "Provincial Superior" in Western Canada.

Spruyt was born on April 18, 1944, and made is his first vows with the order on March 19, 1965. Spruyt served as the financial administrator for the Whitehorse diocese. Both Lobsinger and Spruyt are survived by several relatives. Rev. Sheridan described Lobsinger and Spruyt as long-time Oblate brothers who were not only members of the same order but extremely good friends who had worked with each other for many years in and outside the Yukon.

It was Lobsinger and Spruyt "who you'd find in the kitchen, up to their elbows in suds washing dishes after the party or celebration was over," Sheridan recalled this morning.

"They were unequivocally best friends." It was almost as though Lobsinger and Spruyt were cut from the same cloth, as Sheridan explained how they were both academically bright.

But they were anything but academics. Lobsinger and Spruyt were the type to do their own cooking and cleaning, to look after their own vehicles, cut their own hair, chop their firewood - things like that.

But what Sheridan recalls the most of their characters was their belief in and support for their fellow human beings. "They just didn't talk the talk about Christianity, they walked the walk," he said.

Sheridan's admiration for both men was poignantly evident as he spoke of the two. Seldom in his years, he said, has he been wiped out by emotion. But he is today. "I'm so sad," he said, pausing momentarily to remove his glasses and wipe away tears.

It was with some levity he rebounded to capture the essence of the Lobsinger and Spruyt spirit.

"The bishop used to say nobody in their right mind would want this job," Sheridan recalled with a smile. "It is a very hard job. You are trying to stand in the place of Jesus Christ for the people of this place and that is not easy. You are only human beings, after all." Brother Hoby, as he was known, never sought to be ordained as a priest because he didn't feel he could be a father to somebody in the paternal role, Sheridan said.

"But he could be a brother to them and walk beside them." And that is what the two Oblates did best: walk among their parishioners with true love for all, and the willingness to care for each and every one, no matter who they were, he said.

City councillor Bernie Phillips knew Lobsinger well, as the bishop was his uncle through marriage. Like Sheridan, he remembers the bishop as a "beautiful guy," a "special guy."

Phillips, Sheridan and a Porter Creek parishioner drove to the crash site Sunday afternoon to say a prayer, and to tip a glass with their friends and uncle.

Many times, Phillips said this morning, he and his uncle would get together, share a drink and eat a jar of peanuts or what have you.

"Most of all, he epitomized love to me," he said. "He just never, ever had a cruel word to say about anybody. It was just love and forgiveness." In such a difficult world, his uncle always shone through as somebody who was kind and open-hearted, Phillips said.

"I liked to go over and hang out with him, have a drink, eat, talk.... "I am really going to miss him, I am."

Yukon Bishop Well-Suited To Life In Remote Diocese

By National Post

The Most Reverend Thomas Lobsinger, Bishop of Whitehorse, has died aged 73 after his small plane crashed into the frozen Fox Lake just 70 kilometres north of Whitehorse. He was flying with Broher Hubert (Hoby) Spruyt, a fellow Oblate who ran the retirement home for the order in Whitehorse.

Bishop Lobsinger was an experienced pilot who flew to missions across the North both as bishop and in his earlier work as a missionary with the Oblate Order in British Columbia. He was also an avid outdoorsman, a practiacl, fit man accustomed to live in the wilder parts of a diocese that spans 483,500 square kilometres, with only 12,000 Roman Catholics. A keen fisherman, he would sometimes drop into a lake and fish from the pontoons of his single-engine Piper Cub.

At the time of his death he was flying another plane, a Cessna 172, from Whitehorse to Dawson City to say Mass in the church there. There would have been about 100 people in the congregation.

Thomas Lobsinger became Bishop of Whitehorse in October, 1987. At his consecreation he wore elaborate robes and a mitre and carried a staff, the shepher'ds crook that is one of the symbols of the office of a bishop. He held up the staff and joked: "This doesn't really suit me. It should be a fishing rod."

In remote missions priests had to learn to be self-sufficient, and Bishop Lobsinger chopped his own wood, washed his own clothes and cleaned his own house. One of his Oblate colleagues tells of an 800 kilometre canoe trip from Johnson Crossing to Dawson City. Bishop Lobsinger and his partner paddled all the way, but another canoe that accompanied them, a big Frontiersman, had a motor at the stern. As the party dragged it up to shore along the way, the back end of the canoe slipped into the water. it seemed the engine was ruined, but Bishop Lobsinger took it apart and repaired it on the spot.

Thomas Joseph Lobsinger was born on Nov. 15, 1927, in Ayton, ON., north of Brandford, where his family moved when he was a child. A bright boy, he won a scholarship to St. Michael's College in Toronto. From there he went on to the Oblate novitiate in Arnprior, ON., where he was ordained in 1954.

His first parish was in Kyuquot, a small native fishing village on Vancouver Island. Most of his career as a priest was spent in British Columbia, and most of that time was spent working on native reserves. He learned to fly so that he could visit missions in remote regions of the province. In Whitehorse he and his friend Brother Hoby would work servicing and repairing aircraft.

The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) is one of the largest religious orders in Canada. Founded in France in 1816, the first Oblates came to Canada as missionaries in 1841. Many were sent to the West and the North to work amont the Métius and other native peoples.

Bishop Tom, as he was known in the Yukon, was head of the Oblate Order in British Columbia before being named bishop. One of the most difficult issues he had to deal with was a scandal involving 12 native men who as youths had suffered sexual abuse at an Oblate school in northern B.C. Bishop Lobsinger said he agreed that the Catholic Church should compensate abuse victims of residential schools. He also issued a formal apology ot natives on behalf of the Church.

Some of Bishop Lobsinger's work involved working on Church committees, but he tried to get most of that done during the harsh Yukon winter. A kindhearted man who enjoyed people, he preferred pastoral work and he loved to fly, paying regular visits to some 20 communities across the Yukon.

On the 10th of July, 1999. Michael Jeffrey Schnurr married Melissa Verdella Davis at the United Church in Walkerton, Ontario Canada. Michael is the son of Grace and Harry Schnurr of Walkerton. Grace is the daughter of the late Irwin Lobsinger, House of Louis

Ralph and Jacqueline Lobsinger admire their newest grand daughter, Ami Cameron Lobsinger. Center is Ami's Japanese grandmother, and the parents, Eric and Akiko Lobsinger. Eric is with the US Navy, stationed aboard the U.S.S. Blueridge, flagship of the Seventh Fleet.

Caroline Lobsinger Reports On Trip To Japan

Caroline Lobsinger and her parents Ralph and Jacqueline Lobsinger had the opportunity recently to visit her brother Eric and his wife and new baby who live in Yokosuka, Japan, where Eric is stationed on the U.S.S. Blueridge with the U.S. Navy. Caroline is editor of the Shoshone News-Press in Idaho and managed to work the trip in between newspaper duties.

Akiko, Eric, and daughter Ami Cameron Lobsinger

She reports a couple of additions and/or changes to Eric & Akiko's story in the last newsletter. Akiko's mother lives in Sekiyado-Machi, Japan, and her maid of honor was her cousin, Tomoka Umemura. Eric's best man was Kelley Skillett. Akiko is a computer analyst and, as part of that, does English translations.

Caroline emailed the pictures of her folks with newest grandchild and the picture of Eric, Akiko and Ami at left.

"The trip to Japan was wonderful and it was great to see Ami in person. We stayed around the Yokosuka area for the most part, all the better to see the newest member of the family. She's a beautiful, happy baby with lots of smiles and grins for her adoring public," Caroline reports.

While in Japan, the visitors toured the base where Eric is stationed, the Mikasa Water Park (which is known throughout Japan for its use of water pathways, light and music), an iris garden in Yokohama which features more than 144,000 different plants of about 400 different kinds of iris.

They also visited several temples and shrines, including one with the second tallest Buddha in Japan. The bronze statute, which was cast in1252, stands more than 37 feet high and is hollow inside. Eric also took them to Sea Paradise (which is like Sea World and other aquariums in the states).

Akiko's mother also came down to visit while they were there. Caroline says it was wonderful to meet her. "She cooked several fabulous meals for us and it's easy to see where Akiko gets her kindness and loveliness from."

They also traveled to the beach at Kannonzaki, which is a very rugged and neat place according to Caroline. "Dad, Eric, Mom and I wandered the beach and found a bunch of glass and pottery that had been worn smooth in the tides. We brought some back, not quite sure what we'll do with it." ( (House of Michel)

Tow truck driver celebrated uniquely

By A. Scharnhorst, Palm Beach (FL) Post Staff Writer

LAKE WORTH - Dozens of tow trucks led the processional through the heart of the city, groaning down side streets and spewing gray smoke.

At the front of the convoy, a shining red flatbed tow truck carried plumes of tropical flowers, sprays of white and red roses and a polished wooden casket.

It was certainly unconventional, but friends and family know it's what Thomas Lobsinger Sr. would have wanted.

Lobsinger, 53, died Saturday morning of liver cancer. It was the end, admirers say, of a distinguished life in an often unappreciated career.

Tow companies from Miami to Stuart joined Lobsinger's family in saying goodbye Wednesday morning. Some who did not know him personally stood outside the Sacred Heart Church during the funeral Mass, talking quietly in small groups. Others, clad in rumpled work clothes, joined the mourners inside.

"Even though we're all competitors, we're liek a big family," said Steve Tressler, owner of National Recovery and Towing in West Palm Beach. "We all stick together. You have to - this is a pretty thankless job."

Ed Trimm, of Aloha Towing in Fort Lauderdale, had never met Lobsinger. Paying homage to fellow towtruck drivers is a tradition, though.

"Even though I didn't know Tom, I knew of Tom," he said. "We try to put our guys to rest by participating in it."

Lobsinger was born just a couple of years after his father (Phillip A. Lobinger) founded Steve's Towing in Lake Worth. (In those days, it was part of Guaranteed Auto Parts and consisted of two wreckers named Big Brother and Lil' Sister). When his father retired, Lobsinger and his brother, Phil, took over the family business. And, for more than a dozen years, Lobsinger represented South Florida in the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida, a trade organization.

"He knew everyone; all the tow operators from down south to Daytona," said daughter Teri. Still, the visual effect of the processional was a pleasant shock to the family, she said.

"Iwas very surprised. I saw that and thought 'That's just so nice'"


These are probably all out of order, but here they are, anyway:

John and Dolores Schmidt, Mildmay, ON., have completed a Lobsinger Family Tree and presented it to the Genealogy Dept., Bruce County Museum in Southampton. ON. The book contains, among other things, copies of all the Lobsinger newsletters from the past dozen or so years. This year, they have enjoyed the weather and spent time at their cabin on the lake, peddle boating and generally enjoying life. John is still playing in 2 horseshoe leagues and working on his genealogy projects. They also sent a photo of all of their grandkids and great-grandkids. (House of Peter)

Louis Lobsinger, now of Otisville, MI., sent us his new address and also a change of address for David Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

Carl Lobsinger, Warren, MI., sent a short note and donated to the postage fund... always appreciated.

Ann Marggrett, Brandford, ON., sent us newspaper clips on the death of her brother Bishop Thomas Lobsinger, some of which are included in this issue. (House of Louis)

Elizabeth M. Stroeder, Mildmay, ON., wrote saying she hopes to be able to attend the Lobsinger Reunion July 9 in Moorfield, ON.

James and Irene Nicholson, Kitchener, ON., sent a note and gave us a new address, which we appreciate. (House of Louis)

Sister Elizabeth Ludwig, Edmonton, AB., had the sad job of sending us the obituary notice of her sister, Sr. Gertrude Ludwing, and her aunt Cecelia (Fornwald) Ludwig, who both died on the same day, Nov. 3, 1999. She also reports that she had the privilege of meeting her second cousin, Bishop Tom Lobsinger for the first time when he was in Edmonton for the Canadian Western Catholic Bishop's meeting (House of Louis)

The obituary notice for Kate Kraehling was sent to us by her daughter, Cecilia Karges, Waterloo, ON.

Appreciate the information on the Fornwald branch of the family that came from Unfortunately doghouse didn't provide his/her name. Provided information the ancestors of Andrew Fornwald (b. 18 Jul 1854) (House of Louis)

Mark Kurkowski ( is trying to put together information on the Malaske family (spelling seems to vary greatly) of Minnesota. This group seems to have married into the Lobsinger family in the area. Anyone with more information, let us know. (House of Jacob Anthony)

Jackie Braun Ernest, White Lake, MI., sent us updated information on the descendants of Joseph Carl Lobsinger which we appreciate. The Mier side of her family is holding a reunion on Saturday, August 12th from 9 am to 9 pm at Torzewski Waterpark, Pavilion "C", which is located east of Flint, MI. She can be contacted by FAX at 248-889-6355. (House of Joseph Carl)

Bill Querengesser, ( Panama City Beach, FL., has established a Lobsinger Family page on I just recently uploaded my entire GEDCOM data base to the site as well, so everybody who signs on can now access the entire family tree on line. (House of George)

Paula Jenkins Schnarr, Sonora, CA., sent us happy new year greetings in January, but not much news this time around. (House of Louis)

Michael Walsh (`pushsign) Frasier Lake, BC is marketing visual graphic PUSH decal for use on public buildings, making it easier to determine at a glance how the door works. He also sends a hello to his family, Len, Teresa, Joan, and Anne of Brantford, ON.

Harvy and Bev Lobsinger, Edina, MN., sent Christmas greetings and a short note. (House of Peter)

Irene Lobsinger, Brantford, ON., also sent a card for Christmas and reports she has a new job and everything is going wonderful for her, Lori and Rob. She would like us to add her sister to our mailing list, which we will. (House of Louis)

Christmas cards were also received from Rita (Lobsinger) McDonnell, Chilliwack, BC.; Chuck and Judy (Lobsinger) Crabtree, Burke, VA; Sharon and John Wilson, St. Agatha, ON.; Jim and Jody Lobsinger, Jimmy and David, Phoenix, AZ.; Edith Lobsinger, Wayne, MI.;

Anna (Lobsinger) Bieltz, Schwöb Gmünd, Germany, is learning English in order to read our newsletters! And she's doing a lot better at it than I am at learning German. Her ancestors moved from the Black Forest area of Germany to Eastern Europe several hundred years ago, and returned there only after the breakup of the USSR. She wishes all a Merry Christmas and a good new year 2000.

Penny and Al Spidel, ( Nanaimo, BC., reported on the Western Canadian branch of the family about Christmas time... Lorne and Elly, Ruby, Rita and all. Their daughter Alicia is working on her master's degree and teaching at UBC, and son Michael is busy with his trucking business. We were so slow getting this together we also received an email note from Penny the other day just to see if we were still alive. (House of George)

Len and Teresa (Lobsinger) Walsh, Brantford, ON., says everyone in her clan is doing fine and she's doing "Tai Chi" three times a week. (House of Louis)

Mr. and Mrs.
Bradley Thomas Spiewak

Kathleen Lobsinger, Waterloo, ON., sent photo of her grandson's wedding that we'll scan in here somewhere. He is Bradley Thomas Spiewak and his bride is the former Silvia Chalvis. He is an engineer and his wife is a school teacher. They established their home in Stroud, ON., (House of Peter)

Does anyone know of a Lobsinger who married a LuLu Ball ? I have some information on the Ball side of the marriage, but I don't know who the Lobsinger is.

Michael J. Lobsinger visited Germany recently, and has a website up with photos of his trip to Nordlengen and Lobsingen. Catch it at (House of George)

Jenny Lee Lobsinger, ( sent a note to report she is doing graduate work on her Masters of Science in Education degree in Reading for K-12. (House of Peter)

Bill Beagan, ( Parry Sound, ON., sent us some info on the ancestry of Marie Tiffany and the Beagan clan , and we sent him the charts on Lambert Wilfred "Bert" Lobsinger's ancestry. Bill is a NHL referree.

Lawrence S. Doss, ( Festus, MO, sent us a short note to say he enjoys the newsletter and is the son of Jacquline D. (Lobsinger) Doss. (House of Michel)

Received a short note from Rita (Lobsinger) McDonnell, Chilliwack, BC., reporting she was in a minor traffic accident in October but is fine now.

Leona (Lobsinger) Lang, Regina, SK., went us the sad news of the death of her brother James Edward Lobsinger. She also reports that she has corresponded with Anna (Lobsinger) Beiltz in Germany

Elisa (Lobsinger) Richardson, whose family produced a really neat cookbook that we featured in a past newsletter, sent us a copy. Now, why not add some of the best recepies to the Lobsinger page at

Editor's Note:

By Robert W. Lobsinger

Production of the Lobsinger Newsletter has been stalled for awhile due to lots of circumstances, not the least of which is that I have sold my newspaper business and no longer have access to the production equipment necessary to get the newsletter out.

In the meantime, anyone who has sent postage money recently is due a refund. But since I don't really keep records, you'll have to drop me a note in order to get it. Either email me at, or write to P.O. Box 326, Newkirk, OK 74647. Don't be shy about asking or your cash back. It's not your fault I sold my press.

I'm going to close out this web issue and get it up on the website as it is getting too big to handle as one file. I realize not all the email I've received is noted here. I'll try to get the rest of it acknowledged in the next web issue.

Since there is now a Lobsinger Family homepage at www. that I would encourage all of you to visit, I have uploaded my entire family tree data base to that site, so all of you can have access to the records. Just follow the instructions on the page once you sign up and log in. There's no charge.


Leonard Maslen

Maslen, Leonard - At Parkwood Hospital, London, ON., on Wednesday, May 19, 1999, Leonard Maslen of Lucan in his 75th year. Beloved husband of Bernice (Lobsinger) Maslen, Dear father of Bob and Donna Maslen, Ron and Lynn Maslen, Bruce and Carol Maslen, Gary and Heather Maslen of Chatham, Al Maslen and Stella Law of Markham, Terry and Lori Maslen of nairn, and Linda Wood and Steve Hubert of Lucan. Cherished grandfather of Bob and Trista, and Shonna and Dave; Brian and Mark; Kellie, Kate and Stephen; Sarah; Candace and Daniel. Beloved great-grandfather of Courtney Maslen. Dear brother of Violet Granger of Stratford and Florence Smythe of Sebringville. Predeceased by a son Steven, his parents, a sister and five brothers. Len served with the RCNVR during World War II and was a member of Lucan Legion Branch #540. Friends called at the C. Haskett and Son Funeral Home, 223 Main Street, Lucan on Friday, May 21, 1999 from 2 to 4 pm and 7 to 9 pm. The funeral mass was celebrated at St Patrick's Church, Lucan, on Saturday, May 22nd, 1999 at 11 a.m. with Father Thom Blondin presiding. Interment St. Patrick's Cemetery. Donation to London Area Right to Life would be appreciated by the family. The Rosary was prayed in the funeral home on Friday evening at 6:45 p.m. A Knights of Columbus Service was held in the funeral home Friday evening at 7 pm.

James Edward Lobsinger

Mr. James Edward Lobsinger, beloved husband of Mrs. Loretta Lobsinger of Calgary, passed away suddenly on August 31, 1999 at the age of 73 years. Born in Swift Current, SK, Jim came to Calgary in 1960 and was employed with Revenue Canada for many years. Jim was an avid hunter and loved his German Shorthair Pointer dogs. He was an active member of St. Gerard's Catholic Church for many years. Besides his wife, Jim was a loving father and grandfather to daughter Ginella and granddaughter Mehgan, both of Calgary. He is also survived by his sister Leona Lang of Regina, SK. Jim was predeceased by his son Grant on February 9, 1970. Relatives and frinds were invited to Prayers at McInnis and Holloway's Park Memorial Chapel on Thursday, September 2, 1999 at 7 p.m. funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Gerard's Catholic Church on Friday, September 3, 1999 at 1 p.m. Graveside service followed at St. Mary's Cemetery. If friends so desire, memorial tributes may be made directly to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta, 1825 Park Road, S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2G 3Y6.

Thomas Alfred Lobsinger, Sr.

THOMAS ALFRED LOBSINGER, SR. (TOM) - Age 53 of West Palm Beach, FL passed away Aprill 1, 2000. Mr. Lobsinger and his brother Phil are the owners of Steve's Towing of Lake Worth and Guaranteed Auto Repair and Parts. He was also the Regional Director of P.W.O.F. of FL; and a member of the Elks Lodge #1352 for 21 years. He was the son of Phillip A. and Louella (Oldham) Lobsinger, Sr., of Lake Worth.

Survived by his loving wife of 31 years, Joyce Lobsinger; son, Tom Lobsinger, Jr. and fiance' Holly Billman of Lake Park; daughter, Teri Lobsinger of West Pahn Beach; brothers, Phil (Carolyn) Lobsinger, Jr. of Lake Worth, Paul (Tina) Lobsinger, Lake Worth; sisters, Marion (Buck) Richardson of Georgia, Patricia (Mark) Schafer of Arkansas, Christine Lobsinger of Georgia, and Mary Jane (Don) Alberty of Tulsa, OK. Predeceased by one brother, Luke Lobsinger.

There was a Mass of Resurrection on Wednesday, April 5, 10 am, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Lake Worth, Florida with Father Peter Van Nguyen officiating. Interment will follow at Pinecrest Cemetery of Lake Worth. Friends may visit with the family at Palms West Funeral Home, Tuesday, April 4, from 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm. There will be a Rosary Service at 7 pm with Decon Vill Brennan officiating.

Annabelle (Denomme Lobsinger) McKay

McKAY, Ann (Annabelle Lobsinger) Peacefully, on Sunday, Jan. 16,2000, at Chateau Gardens, Elmira, Ann McKay, in her 86th year, of Elmira. Beloved wife of Murray McKay of Elmira. Loving mother of Gordon and Yvonne Lobsinger, Mary Margaret and Mike McKelvie, all of Kitchener.

Fondly remembered by her grand-children, Paul Lobsinger (Mary), Father Dan Lobsinger CR, Kevin Lobsinger, Michael Fronchak (Patricia), John McKelvie (Karen), Patrick McKelvie, Cindy Logel (Geoffrey), Shelley Leite (Nelson), Maureen Bonneville (Matthew) and Kelly Bilenki (Brad) and 13 great-grandchildren. Also missed by John Fronchak and his wife Janet and her children Ken and Kim Voelzing; dear sister of Theresa Lavigne (Roy) and Thesee Bowman. Predeceased by her parents, Ernest and Vitaline Denomme; her first husband, Edmund Lobsinger (1962); son, John Lobsinger (1950); daughter, Theresa Fronchak (1993) and two brothers, Elmer and Kenneth Denomme; three sisters, Doreen Denomme, Grace La Porte and Florence Voisin.

The family received friends and relatives at the Dreisinger Funeral Home, Elmira on Tuesday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral mass was held at St. Teresa of Avila RC Church, Flamingo Drive, Elmira on Wednesday at 11 a.m., with grandson, Father Dan Lobsinger CR officiating. Interment Woodland Cemetery, Kitchener. In her memory, donations to Congregation of the Resurrection Burse for for Annabelle and Murray McKay, Carmel of St. Joseph, St. Agatha or the Canadian Diabetes Association would be appreciated by the family, as expressions of sympathy. Prayer vigil for Ann, will be held on Tuesday evening at 8:30 p.m. at the funeral home.

Catherine V. Kraehling

Kraehling, Catherine V. (Kate) - Formerly of Russ Street, Cambridge, at Golden Years Nursing Home, Cambridge, ON., on Thursday, March 16, 2000 in her 95th year.

Beloved wife of the late John Kraehling (1975). Daughter of the late Josephine Lobsinger and Joseph Brenner. Dear mother of John, Helen Porter, Jean (Ken) Chute, Leone (Ross) Schuett, Mary (Fred) Schartzberg, all of Cambridge. Eileen (Mike) Frim of Kitchener and Cecilia Karges of Waterloo. Lovingly remembered by 31 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren. Survived by one sister, Helen Miller of Cambridge and one son-in-law, Ken Kroeger of Cambridge.

Predeceased by three sons, Kenneth, George and William, one daughter, Marjorie Kroeger; two sons-in-law, Jack Porter, Ken Karges; one daughter-in-law, Jean Kraehling; six brothers, William, Henry, Clarence, Sylvester, Simon and Eugene; one sister, Rose Lunz and four great-grandchildren.

Mrs Kraehling was born in Linwood and had been a lifelong resident of the area. She was a member of St. Clement's RC Church, a lifelong member of the CWL and the Legion of Mary.

The family received friends at the Barthel Funeral Home, 566 Queenston Rd., Cambridge from 2-4 and 7-9 pm this date. Funeral mass was celebrated at St. Clement's RC Church, 745 Due St., Cambridge on Saturday, March 18, 2000 at 12 noon. Interment Park Lawn Cemetery, Cambridge.

The parish prayers were recited at the funeral home Friday at 7 pm. As expressions of sympathy, donations to St. Clement's RC Church Renovation Fund would be gratefully appreciated by the family.

Sister Gertrude Ludwig, CSJ

Sister Gertrude Ludwig entered into her eternal rest at Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough, ON., on November 3, 1999, in the 44th year of religious life. She was the daughter of the late Henry Ludwig and Catherine Fornwald of Browning and Estevan. Besides the members of her religious community, she leaves to mourn her brothers, Albert, Jerome and John of Lampman, SK, her sisters, Sister Mary Ludwig, Wainwright, AB., Sister Elizabeth Ludwig, Edmonton, AB., Mrs. Paul Madden (Elsie) of Phoenix, AZ., Mrs. Steve Dietz (Lorraine) and Mrs. Doug Pettigrew (Josephine) of Winnipeg, MB., Mrs. Roland Deland (Edna), Mrs. Armand Hoffart (Catherine), Mrs. Harold Buttozini (Christine), and Mrs. Paul Welch (Anne) of Estevan.

She is also survived by several nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, many relatives and friends.

Sister received her high school education at Lampman High School, SK., and attended Teachers' College in Saskatchewan. She taught in Peterborough, Ottaw, St. Andrew's West, Cobourg, Honey Harbour and Port Hope. She studied social work at Sir Sandford Fleming ollege and was involved in Social Services at Woodland Residence. She also did pastoral care at Marycrest Home for the Aged and was involved in the Cursillo movement.

Visitation was at Mount St. Joseph, Peterborough, Saturday, November 6, 4:45 to 8:30 pm and Sunday, November 7, 2:00 to 5 pm. The Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at Mount St. Joseph chapel on Sunday, November 7 at 7 pm. Interment at St. Peter's Cemetery on Monday, November 8 at 9 am. Arrangements were with Comstock Funeral Directors. (House of Louis)

Bishop Thomas J. Lobsinger

April 15, 2000 - See stories above. Memorial masses and services where held throughout the Yukon, and across Canada.(House of Louis)

Lost Souls...

Anybody know where these people have moved to?

Heather Lobsinger , 1528 Sand Dollar Cir, Neptune Beach, Fl.

Paul Schnarr, 154 White Pine Cr, Waterloo, ON.

CE Lobsinger, 4902 Townline Rd, R5, Gaylord, MI.

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