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Volume 8, No. 1 - January 1999 to July 1999

Civil Engineer John A. Lobsinger, now of Ft. Worth, TX., climbs out of his latest project, He's retrofitting the Grand Canyon with a new roof so it won't leak anymore. John was recently promoted to District Manager of the Oklahoma Texas district for his employer, Star Construction. (House of Peter)

Father Wayne Lobsinger (Kitchener, ON) and William Leroy (Bill) Querengesser (Panama City Beach, FL.) met for the first time last August at a wedding for Bill's niece at which Fr. Wayne officiated. After some relative discussion, they decided they were third cousins once removed.

Scott Armstrong and Alison Rogers Married in Elliot Lake, ON

Scott Armstrong and Alison Rogers were married in Elliot Lake, ON., Canada on July 11, 1998. The happy couple exchanged their vows in front of family and friends from far and near. The groom's father, Bob Armstrong, served as best man.

The newleyweds spent their honeymoon traveling around southern Ontario before returning home and starting their new lives together. (House of George)





John Kraehling Family

The John Kraehling and Kathleen Brenner Family. From left, George, Cecilia, John, Helen, Mr. John Kraehling, Mary, Mrs. Kathleen (Brenner) Kraehling, Marjorie, William, Leone, Donna Jean, Eileen, and Kenneth. Photo courtesy of Jean Chute. House of Louis.

Jacqueline and Ralph Lobsinger pose with niece Marlene Harned, sister Mildred Lobsinger and sister-in-law Virginia Lobsinger and nephew-in-law Joe Harned (seated) during a recent trip to St. Louis, Mo. (Virginia is the widow of Merle Lobsinger; Marlene is Mildred's daughter, Joe is her husband; and Mildred is Ralph's half-sister from his mother's first marriage. (House of Michel)

Eric and Akiko Lobsinger celebrated their first anniversary Dec. 20,1998.

The couple was joined in marriage on Dec. 20, 1997, at the Chapel of Hope in Yokosuka, Japan. The chapel is located on the joint-operated base of Yokosuka Fleet Activities.

Eric and Akiko Lobsinger

Eric is the son of Ralph and Jackie (Augier) Lobsinger of Kennewick, Wash (House of Michel).

Akiko is the daughter of Akemi Yamamoto of Chiba-Ken, Japan. She was given in marriage by her uncle Teruo Akashi in a double-ring ceremony.

Eric is stationed aboard the U.S.S. Blueridge, which is the flagship for the United States Seventh Fleet. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1985 and is a veteran of the Gulf War. He served aboard the U.S.S. Independence before transferring to the Blue Ridge.

Akiko has done translation work between English and Japanese. For the wedding, Akiko wore a full-length, scoop-necked dress with opaque sleeves and full skirt, topped by a bow and which expanded into a several-foot train. She also wore a full-length veil attached to a golden tiara inset with pearls. Akiko carried a bouquet of white flowers interlaced with greenery, which was made by her mother.

Eric wore his naval dress uniform, with a scarlet cumberbund and bow tie as well as a corsage that matched the bride's bouquet.

The chapel was decorated with white flowers and greenery as well as traditional Christmas greenery and red bows. The chapel is used by all denominations for services and special ceremonies.

Following the wedding, a reception was held at the Four Seasons Restaurant, a shabu shabu-style restaurant, to allow the couple to celebrate their marriage with family and friends. Attending the wedding were relatives and friends of the bride, including herbrothers Tetsu and Takayuki and aunt Michiko Umemuraas well as the groom's parents, who flew in from the United States for the ceremony.

The reception featured a blend of American and Japanese ceremonies, including a tradition where the bride and groom presents their mothers with a bouquet of flowers.

Because Eric had to deploy a short time later, the couple has delayed their honeymoon until a later date. When they do take the trip, they plan to go to Brisbane, Australia, and possibly Hawaii." Their first child, a daughter named Ami Cameron Lobsinger arrived in March 1999 and we're anxiously awaiting pictures and details. (House of Michel)

Birth Announcements

Spencer Heisz-Sohne

Bob and Rosmarie Heisz' first grandson has arrived. Spencer Heisz-Sohne was born on Sunday, February 28th, 1999 at 12:23 a.m., weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz., 20 3/4 inches long. Parents are Susan Heisz and Bill Sohne of Oakhill, Virginia. Spencer was born on his great grandmother's (Kay Lobsinger) birthday. Cousin to Stephanie and Katrina Heisz. Proud grandparents are Bob and Rosemarie Heisz and Gerry and Yetta Sohne of Boca Raton, Florida. (House of Peter)

Miranda Marlin Dorion

Christine and Darcy Dorion announce with great pleasure the birth of their daughter, Miranda Marlin Dorion. She was born on November 9, 1998. Big brother Jordan loves his new "dear". Cousin Sellina Armstrong is happy to have a little girl to share her dolls with! (House of George)


Great Expectations!

Brian and Teresa (Lobsinger) Baker are expecting their first child about June. They live in Homestead, FL., where Brian is an installer for high dollar computerized home entertainment systems with everything from movie projection equipment to satellite linked security systems. They are building a new 4 bedroom home and hope to have it completed by the time the baby arrives. Teresa is the daughter of John F. Lobsinger, Sr., of Lake Worth, FL.

Baby and house should both be here by the time this newsletter makes it into print.

We're not sure about the new house, but ...

Kayla Lynnae Baker arrived around 10:30 am on June 12. She weighed in at 8 lbs 14.5 ounces and was 22 inches long. Mother and daughter are doing fine. Father is doing as well as can be expected. (House of Peter)

50th Wedding Anniversary

Clem and Lavina Lobsinger celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on May 7, 1999, according to their daughter Valerie Young.

Clem was born in Walkerton, Ontario and his bride is from Bruno, Saskatchewan. They have three children, Valerie Young, Beverly Lobsinger and Brian Lobsinger, and one grandson, Jimmy Young who all wish them well for many more years.

Clem is the son of Edwin and Philomena Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

Walsh's Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Len and Teresa (Lobsinger) Walsh, Brantford, ON., celebrated their 50th Anniversary in late October and had a beautiful celebration and a special Mass in their honor celebrated by Teresa's brother, Bishop Thomas Lobsinger, who was in town for the occasion. A reception for all friends and relatives followed.




Here's A Neat Idea...
Family Keepsake Cookbook

Elisa (Lobsinger) Richardson ( and her brothers and sisters have embarked upon a project to preserve and pass down unique family recipies.

"We were raised by an outstanding mother, the late Nancy J. Lobsinger, who was a wonderful cook She instilled in each of us a deep sense of family and tradition. My sister, Lorna J Lobsinger, and I deciede that it was time to share all our mother's recipe secrets with our multitude of brothers and sister-in-law. We've been working closely together even though we're 900 miles apart!"

The girls put out a request for special recipes from each of their brothers and their wives - all keep[ in touch weekly by email - even though they are in such diverse locations as Michigan, Maine, Missouri and Alaska. They have also asked each of their mothers-in-law to participate "because they were the foundations for our cooking skills"

There will be a special section for their mother's recipes including the menus of her traditional holiday meals, a biography of each "subfamily" with family photos, favorite family traditions, "how we met", inspirational quotes, cooking and historical facts, clip art, funny personal stories and helpful hints in the book.

On brother-in-law is penning a cover which will show their childhood home. Each person who participates in the project will receive at least one cookbook to treasure, and they expect a final order of between 40 and 45 copies to be produced.

Elisa is doing the formatting and her sister, who works in a printshop, will do the final printing and binding. So far the girls have collected over 300 recipes and believe they will have the books distributed by Independence Day... which is the day of their traditional family cookout. (House of Louis)


Patrick Leo Lobsinger, Lake Worth, Fl., ( is now in his third year as a firefighter with Palm Beach County. Patrick was recently promoted to Driver/Operator. Firefighting seems to be a favorite occupation of the Lobsinger clan. Patrick's brother John F Lobsinger is also a fireman and paramedic with Palm Beach County, and his sister in law Kim Lobsinger is a rookie with the Port St. Lucie Fire Department. Chuck Lobsinger is chief of the Mildmay, ON., Fire Department, and the late Irwin Lobsinger was for many years Chief of the Walkerton, ON., Fire Department. There are also several others in the family who have chosen the same occupation.


Lorne and Elly Lobsinger, Maple Ridge, BC., write that they are doing fine except for the results of ageing, which seems to be affecting us all. His sisters Ruby Chase and Marie DeBartolome are having memory problems, and only Rita McDonnell is "the same." as last time we were lucky enough to bisit with them all. Lorne says the whole bunch is "cultivating" senility. Ain't it the truth! (House of George)

Valerie Young sent us a photo of her parents who will have celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversay by the time this newsletter is finished. She provided us with a current address, and we added her son Jimmy to the data base. (House of Louis)

Elizabeth M. Stroeder, Mildmay, ON., reports that she has been visiting with John and Dolores (Lobsinger) Schmidt, also of Mildmay as she researches her family. Dolores' grandmother was her aunt. She asked us to put her on the mailing list, which we are happy to do. (House of Peter)

Ron Lobsinger, Cahokia, IL., sent a donation to the postage fund and says he enjoys reading the newsletter. (House of Michel)

E-mail Flash: March 10 , Eric Lobsinger ( reports that his wife Akiko of 1 year is having their first child within the next 24 hours. Baby girl will be named Ami Cameron Lobsinger. Details to come later. (House of Michel)

Elisa (Lobsinger) Richardson, Portland, Maine, ( sent a newsy letter and gave us her brother Eric's new address in Fairbanks, AK, (different Eric from above) as well as her own new address. She also reported the passing of her uncle John Lobsinger in February. Elisa's husband Scott G. Richardson has been promoted to Staff Sargeant in the Marine Corps and they are currently stationed out of RSS Southern Main as recruiters and have about a year left on their current tour. (House of Louis)

William Leroy (Bill) Querengesser ( ) sent us his new address in Panama City Beach, FL., along with a photo of himself and Fr. Wayne Lobsinger taken last August during his nieces's wedding. Bill and his wife Susie have moved permanenty to the deep south after 5 years of living half the year in Listowel, ON.

Nancy Armstrong, Elliot Lake, ON., ( reports that she is getting excited about chasing ancestors and has purchased Family Tree Maker to compile them on. We sent her a file of the House of George to get her started. She's writing everyone she can think of and would love to hear from all of you "George" family members.

Michael E. Lobsinger, Port St. Lucie, FL., writes all is fine in his neck of the woods. He reports wife Kim has completed a tough Fire Academy last year and is a state licensed firefighter now working for the city. Daughter Kari is 15 now and just completed her first year of high school. She's an excellent fastball pitcher, according to her dad. Younger daughter Jessica is 11 now and also plays softball. She's a good base runner, Michael reports. He's hoping her interest will continue to be on softball, as a b-o-y asked her out recently. Mike works for A.M. Engineering and Testing, Inc., where he is the lab manager. He schedules technicians to perform soil compaction tests and concrete sampling on construction sites to ensure the job specs are met. He and twin brother Patrick Lobsinger fancy themselves as entertainers and musicians, and work gigs together in the south Florida area whenever they can. (House of Peter)

Eric John Lobsinger ( is now a junior majoring in history at Washington University in St. Louis. He has spent the last semester studying at Oxford and found out late last year that he had been accepted. "I'm very excited, especially since this will be my first time going to Europe. I'm leaving for England on January 6th (1999). I will be studying there until about the end of June." So by now, he should be back home. Eric spent the last summer as an intern for Representative John Shimkus (IL-R) where he gained a lot of legislative knowledge and experience and had a great time traveling with the Congressman and meeting new people. He is also chairman of Washington University's College Republicans, and when he's in the states, he is busy attending political conferences across the country. On top of that, Eric also writes opinion pieces for the campus newspaper regarding political and social issues. His fraternity, Sigma Ju, takes care of any spare time he may have by putting him in charge of campus philanthropies and other social events. (House of Michel)

Leona (Lobsinger) Lang, Regina, SK., reports that she visited Gueyana, South America in May of 1995 to visit with her daughter-in-law's parents for a couple of weeks. "It was a very interesting trip and it made me appreciate Canad and all our conveniences and lifestyle," she says. On August 26, 1995, her oldest daughter Terri was married to Darren Dyck in Saskatoon. Darren is a geologist with BHP Diamonds in Kelowna, BC., where the couple now live. Darren is assisting in the development of a new diamond mine north east of Yellowknife, NWT., so he spends a lot of time in cold country. Terri works for Environment Canada as a meteorologist, but took maternity time off last year so that Isaak David Dyck could arrive on October 11, 1998. Now she has to split her traveling between BC and ON, where her son Tony and wife Sarogini live. They just bought a town house in Mississauga. Tony works with Beak International, Inc., (environmental specialists) in Brampton. Another son, Eric, is a computer salesman at the University of Regina bookstore, and District Representative for Apple Computer. Daughter Amy Diane has been getting some costume work in motion pictures, television and theatre in Regina. It's a tough field to break into! Leona's husband Hellmut retired from the University of Regina last spring and was given the designation of Professor Emeritus. Hellmut is still teaching two classes that don't interfere with golfing. Leona works at the library in the hospital . (House of Peter)

Leona also sent us some notes she recovered from her research several years ago. "I was interested to read about the Lobsingers in Schoendorf, Wurt, Germany. Several years ago I came across a reference to a Caspar Lobsinger of Malterdingen who with a woman (wife?) left for Siebenburgen on Sept. 4 (or maybe Apr. 9) 1749. He had to pay a fee for release from serfdom. He was a bookmaker or staple maker. In Nov. he appeared in Siebenburgen with his daughter (?)." Leona wonders if maybe Anna (Lobsinger) Beiltz in Germany could make more sense of this reference.

Penny and Al Spidel, Nanaimo, BC., sent greetings about Christmas time and report that daughter Alicia is back at the university and their son Michael is "still hauling." Penny's mom, Ruby (Lobsinger) Chase, is doing quite well physically again, but the effects of Alzheimer's disease is worsening. They all enjoyed several visits with her uncle Lorne and Elly Lobsinger during the year, and her aunt Rita (Lobsinger) McDonnell was there for a week in the summer. (House of George)

John and Sharon Wilson, St. Agatha, ON., ( sent a Christmas card and Sharon has become hooked on genealogy. We have corresponded quite often during the past few months, comparing notes by emial. She provided us with a new address for her brother Howard whose address changed because his company transferred him from Montreal to Toronto. He now lives in Mississauga, ON. She also updated our address on her niece, Rhonda Lobsinger of Trenton, ON. (House of Louis)

Byron and Chris Lobsinger, Lake Worth, FL., sent us a copy of their annual family photo, which is in this newsletter somewhere. (House of Peter) Byron Lobsinger Family: Chris, Byron, Shaun, Stephen, Shane.

Rita (Lobsinger) McDonnell, Chilliwack, BC., reports that her sister Marie is now in an extended care home in Mission BC. "I sure miss traveling with her on a cruise or bus tour. In 1983 we travelled to the Holy Land, Rome, and other interesting places. It was a 21 day trip. " Rita did get some traveling in this year - visiting her niece Penny and husband Al Spidel, and some of her children, including Grace who lives in Burns Lake, B.C. Rita asked us to add Grace to our mailing list, and we have complied. Grace is connected to the internet, and Rita sent us her first email letter and says she thinks she has become addicted to computers. (House of George)

Bea (Lobsinger) Long, now of Sest Seneca, NY., sent a new address. She reports, "this is an assisted living center where housekeeping, laundry, meals and personal care are provided. It's good to be the queen!" She also sent us a rare photo of Katherine Gehl, her grandmother. (House of Louis)

Katherine (Gehl) Lobsinger, wife of Jean Louis Lobsinger founder of the House of Louis. She was the mother of 16 children including Bea Long's dad, Francis Xavier Lobsinger.

Sandy and Art Frensch, Kitchener, ON., ( say everything is well in their family and that Karen has gone back to the university to get her Master's Degree. (House of Peter)

John and Dolores Schmidt, Mildmay, ON., report a busy year and enjoyed it all. Except for the grocery store closing down in town and the consolidation of several area town governments including Mildmay, Carreck, Culross and Teeswater. Town office moved to Teeswater... John has been working on his family tree some, between horseshoe seasons, and Dolores is working on her mother's side of the family, the Moores. They now have four grandsons in the hockey playing business and she gets to go to as many games as she can. They now boast 14 grandkids in all, and 2 great grandkids. (House of Peter)

Leo and Nadine Lobsinger, Belleville, IL., dropped us their annual Christmas card and wish season's greetings to Lobsingers "all over the world." (House of Michel)

Michael and Paula Schnarr, Sonora, CA., ( tell us their daughter Tara lives in Sacramento now with her two girls Ashlee 10, and Sierra, 7. Another daughter Tiffany is in Monterey and has one youngster, Kristen, age 2 and a little bit. Michael is employed by the California Department of Forestry and is now the Financial Administrator for the Tuolumne-Calavares Ranger Unit. It is a change from his fire fighting days, but he is enjoying learning some new ropes. Paula is president of a locl charity, Christmas Partners, that provides toys for needy children during the holidays. They have their own website, designed for them by her niece, Sara Grambusch. If you get a chance, take a look and sign their guest book at Paula is also active in the local quilt guild and helps make quilts for the local homeless shelter. Michael spends hisspare time working on a little cabin up in the high country where they can get away on week-ends, when it is not covered with snow. In order to get there from December to April, they have to use snowmobiles. (House of Louis)

Found Michael Lobsinger ( on the internet at a Michigan bird watching website. Turns out he is the son of the late Clarence Lobsinger of Walkerton, ON. We already had him on the books, but now he's also on the mailing list. Welcome aboard. (House of Louis)

Eric Lobsinger ( has a new G3 Macintosh computer and scanner, and we're waiting on him to email us some photos of his first baby. We're just now getting his wedding story in the newsletter... oh well, better late than never. His sister Caroline and their parents are heading to Japan for their first visit with Eric and Akiko since their daughter Ami Cameron arrived last March. (House of Michel)

Caroline Lobsinger, (, who is a newspaper editor in Idaho and sister to Eric (above), sent us a couple of new addresses, which we appreciate. In addition to news about Eric and Akiko's new baby, she reports that her mom and dad, Ralph and Jacqueline Lobsinger, celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 14, 1998. That means by now they have also celebrated their 41st. Julie and Dana Cummings have had another baby - Jenna Marie Cummings, born March 6, 1998. And Caroline completed her first year as managing editor of the Shoshone News-Press in February. (House of Michel)

Carl Lobsinger, ( sent us word of the death of his brother John Gerald Lobsinger in February. He also has taken up the cause of assisting in raising donations for the WWII Memorial to be constructed in Washington DC. Part of the project also is a request for nominations to the Registry of Rememberances, intended to honor those people who were part of that generation of servicemen and women and others who served in some civic way. Anyone knowing of a Lobsinger of that era worthy of such recognition should contact Carl at the above e-mail address, or send them to our address ( P.O. Box 131, Newkirk, OK 74647) for forwarding to him. (House of Louis)

Sister Gertrude Ludwig, Peterborough, ON., reports that on June 26-27 the family of Henry and Catherine (Fornwald) Ludwig's descendants held a 50th Jubilee Celebration for her sisters, Sister Mary Ludwig, and Sister Elizabeth Ludwig. Sister Mary entered the Sisters of St. Joseph in Peterborough in 1948 and Sister Elizabeth joined in 1949. They decided to hold one celebration together with their family. We're looking forward to some pictures of the occassion. (House of Louis)

Elberta Rix sent us a card and short note with a check for the postal fund. Thank you. (House of Peter)

Evelyn and Giles Lobsinger, Stratford, ON., sent us an address change for their son Michael Paul, and reports that he was married in September 1998 to Mary Kay Danneker. (House of Louis)

Month or so ago Richard Schneider, Arkansas City, KS., (which is about 15 miles north of here) called me. He is related to Leo Ruetz of Shanavon, SK. I'm not sure of the relationship because I didn't take notes... but he's lived just a few miles from us for 20 years before we found out. Leo put a bug in his ear about us, we suspect.

Phillip Joseph and Aurelina Lobsinger, Oakley, CA., ( emailed us some small photos of his family but there isn't enough resolution in the screen images to reproduce here. We're hoping for snail mail snapshots soon. (House of Michel)

Christine and Darcy Dorion ( want to hear from anyone in the House of George. She's got the genealogy bug, too. She also provided some missing dates for our database on the House of George which we appreciate.

Marjorie (Kraehling) Kroeger, Cambridge, ON., sent us a revised chart on her Kraehling roots to correct some gaps and mistakes in our data base. We appreciate the corrections. (House of Louis)

Arnita Kunkel, Pincher Creek, AB., helped us clear up some confusion in her family tree, and that brought us up to date with that branch.

Jeremy Lobsinger, ( sent us his new e-mail address and an announcement that he got married to Robyn last October 17th. We're waiting on photos and story on that wedding, too. We also put him on the mailing list since he's got his own place now in Warren, MI. Jeremy is the son of Carl Francis Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

Jean Chute, Cambridge, ON., says she remembers as a small child her Great Aunt Kate Fornwald coming in the summer to visit her family from Saskatoon, SK. "Sometimes she would bring her daughters with her. She was such a lovely lady, very quiet and peaceful and we enjoyed her being round. There was great excitement when sometimes we would see her arrive or leave by train from the Kitchener station.... Aunt Kate Fornwald was my grandmother's sister. " Jean is digesting our charts on her family and trying to add some of the missing information for us, with the help of her mother, Kathleen Kraehling, who is now suffering from vision problems which makes it difficult to identify old photos or documents. (House of Louis)

Greg Lang, Calgary, AB., sent us his annual Christmas card and best wishes for the year. (House of Peter)

Rick and Martha Lobsinger, Waterloo, ON., ( sent an e-mail with their new electronic address as well as the regular address, both of which we appreciate. (House of Louis)

Rodney K Lobsinger, Santa Rosa, CA., sent us a corrected address. Much thanks. Next time send us some news about your life, too. I'm not sure where in this forrest you belong, since I don't have a Rodney K in my data base; only a Rodney R. Help us out, OK? (House of ?)

George and Kay Lobsinger, Mt. Pleasant, MI., sent us lots of news from the House of Joseph Carl. They celebrated their 50th Anniversary on June 23, 1995; Eugene and Gertrude Lobsinger celebrated their 50th Anniversary on September 28, 1996, and Betty (Lobsinger) and Chester Kozlowski also celebrated their 50th Anniversary on October 23, 1998. That's three 50th Anniversaries in the last few years all in one family. George and Kay also brought us up to date on their grandkid count: Coty Patrick was born August 25, 1997 to Gary and Esther Lobsinger; Marcus David Beeson was born July 26, 1998 to Guy and Carrie (Lobsinger) Beeson. They also report that their grandson Craig Lobsinger married Rebecca Rochefort on September 26, 1998 and their granddaughter Christine Heintz married Jeff Seigel in Denver, CO., on October 10, 1998. (House of Joseph Carl)

Ruth Ann (Schnarr) Wilhelm, ( sent us a change of address for her parents, Cyril and Rita Schnarr. She says that on December 8, 1998 her parents moved from their home of 40 years in Waterloo to a lovely, spaciou seniors' apartment building. All 8 of their children left home and were married from that address so there are many memories there. The youngest, Barb Zitars, and her husband John, bought the house and are making it their home with Joey and Jillian. They celebrated their first Christmas in the family home on December 19 with the new decor and the energy of children again living in the house, still full of feeling and fond memories. It was a move that seems to be working well for everyone concerned.

Ruth Ann Wilhelm is the eldest daughter of Cyril and Rita Schnarr. She lives on the shores of Lake Erie with her husband Bob and their cat Lightning and dog Willie. Bob is a retired Chrysler employee and she is a part time social worker in private practice. Currently she also teahes social work at the University of Windsor. She also enjoys photography and basket-weaving as hobbies. Bob had five grown children before they married, and there are now 7 grandchildren who manage to keep them busy. (House of Louis)

Nancy Stone, Metamora, MI., ( wrote us asking for more information on the House of Joseph Carl Lobsinger. We sent her what we know, and hopt to get some info back from her. (House of Joseph Carl)

Terri Lobsinger, Potter Valley, CA., sent us an address correction. Now, the only thing we need to know is who is Terri related to? Is she the daughter of Tom Lobsinger of Florida, or one of the other families? We're lost on this one. (House of ??)

Pool Staffers For the '99 Season at the Mildmay-Carrick, ON., Swimming Pool have been named: (front, l - r) Mark Lobsinger, Josh Ellis, Jeremy Ellis, Mark Lobsinger, (back l -r) Katie Durrer, Kaley Spence, and Katie Kueneman. Mark and Mark Lobsinger are, of course, family, as is Katie Kueneman. Mark (on right), and Kueneman are both Head Lifeguards. Photo by Mildmay Town Crier.

Michael J. Lobsinger, Seattle, WA., (mjlobsinger and Michael R. Lobsinger, Wichita, KS., ( got together recently in Seattle for dinner and "a few beers." Both are engineers for Boeing, and apparently had a great time together. Mike J sent us his new address via Mike R., and we appreciate the update. (House of George and Peter, respectively)

John F. Lobsinger, Sr., Lake Worth, FL., ( sent us the information and photos above on his daughter Theresa and her husband Brian Baker and their new baby. He also reports they have moved into their new home in Miami, FL. (House of Peter)

John Fronchak, ( sent us his newest address change. John's wife was the late Theresa Lobsinger, daughter of Edmund John and Annabelle Denomme. John says he passes the newsletter on to his children. (House of Louis)

Barb Zitars, Waterloo, ON., ( wrote to tell us of their move back into the family home as her parents, Rita and Cyril Schnarr moved into a retirement home. (House of Louis)


John Gerald Lobsinger

John Gerald Lobsinger of Warren, MI., died Saturday, February 6, 1999. He had been suffering for two years from the effects of emphysema. He was born August 31, 1944, the fourth child of Norman Peter and Elizabeth (Leiterman) Lobsinger.

John Gerald attended Detroit Public Schools, graduating in 1962 from Pershing High School. He then worked in the industrial catering business until he was drafted into the U.S. Army, where he served two year, most of it in France.

He married Carolyn Sue Coley shortly after his discharge from the service and she gave birth to their daughter Amy, now 22, and son Robert, now 19, of Warren MI. After 18 years the marriage dissolved but he and Carolyn remained good friends who looked after each other.

John will be remembered as an avid fisherman and an all night poker player, but most of all for his devotion to his children who were the pride of his life.

He is also survived by his sister, Mrs. Helen (Lobsinger) Wilcox and his brother Carl Lobsinger. Services were for immediate family only. (House of Louis)

David Eric Michael Lobsinger

LOBSINGER - At the Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, June 22, 1999, David Eric Michael Lobsinger of 83 Broadway Street, Tillsonburg, in his 13th year (Grade 6 student at Monsignor O'Neil School, Tillsonburg, member of the Tillsonburg St. Paul's Third Scout Pack).

Born in Tillsonburg, September 6, 1986, much loved son and best friend of Frank Lobsinger of Tillsonburg and Kim Lobsinger of Tillsonburg. Loved brother and guardian angel of Amanda and Brent. Dear grandson of Laurier and Verna Lobsinger of Kitchener, Harvey and Marie Mitchell of Hanover and Havey and Eleanor Riley of Kitchener. Survived by several aunts, uncles and cousins.

Public prayers were said Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. by Rev. Father Michael Langan in the Verhoeve Funeral Home Chapel. Mass of the Angels was celebrated at the St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, 51 Venison Street West, Tillsonburg on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. by Rev. Father Michael Langan. Reader was Mrs. Marg Beauchesne. Music was led by the St. Mary's Folk Choir. Some leaders and members with the St. Paul's 3rd Scouts attended as a group. Fellow students and classmates served as giftbearers for the mass. A thoughtful, kind and articulate "Letter to David, My Brother" was written by Amanda Lobsinger and presented by Mrs. Marg Beauchesne.

Pallbearers were Scoutmaster Maurice Goulet, Rick Beaumont, John Wilson and Wayne Smith. Cremation followed. Interment later in the Tillsonburg Cemetery. Memorial donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, the Children Can Support Foundation, or the Children's Wish Foundation can be conveniently arranged through the Verhoeve Funeral Home, 262 North Broadway, Tillsonburg.

"David's life was lived very much as on ongoing celebration of the gift of life and living. A good friend, a kind heart, David left a lasting positive impression on the hearts, minds and lives of everyone he came into contact with. He was energetic, enthusiastic, loved sports, loved God and loved people; a peacemaker."

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