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Volume 7 No. 4 - July 1998 - December 1998

Dr. Judy (Lobsinger) Crabtree Selected As
One Of Oklahoma's "Pioneering Women"

Judy Lobsinger CrabtreeDr. Judy (Lobsinger) Crabtree, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lobsinger, Newkirk, OK., has been selected to be featured in an exhibit of "Pioneering Oklahoma Women" at the Pioneer Woman Museum in Ponca City, OK.

The exhibit also features many other Oklahoma notables including Olympic Gold Medal Gymnist Shannon Miller, Philanthropist Madalyn Peel, Sculptor Jo Saylors, Country and Western Singer Reba McIntyre, Astronauts Jerri Cobb and Shannon Lucid, Civil Rights Advocate Clara Luper, Prima Donna Maria Tallchief, National Mother of the Year Gloria Langdon, several politicians and several Miss America Pageant winners, among others.

Dr. Crabtree was selected for her work at Oklahoma University as a genetic research scientist where she was instrumental in identifying the gene defect that is responsible for certain pancreatic cancers. She is now working with the National Institute of Health in Washington, D.C.

The exhibit of these pioneering Oklahoma women is located in the newly expanded Pioneer Woman Museum in Ponca City, OK. The museum, first opened 40 years ago, was a backdrop to the famous Pioneer Woman Statue commissioned in 1930 by Oklahoma Oilman, Governor, and Congressman E.W. Marland, founder of what is now Conoco Oil Company. Sculptor Bryant Baker was the artist who created the 17 foot tall brass monument to the spirit of Oklahoma women. It weighs 12,000 pounds and on top of its pyramid base of native limestone, stands some 30 feet high.

Operation of the museum was taken over by the Oklahoma State Historical Society and the facility was completely renovated and expanded to triple its original size before being reopened to the public on Saturday, September 26, 1998.

Pioneer Woman Monument

The Pioneer Woman statue by Bryant Baker, stands as a monument to the "nobility of the character of the pioneer women of America" in the words of Conoco Oil Company founder E.W. Marland who commissioned the work in 1930. The monument is located in Ponca City, OK.

Heather Lobsinger Michael Stoll

Heather Lobsinger Weds Michael Stoll In May Ceremony

The wedding was held May 30, 1998 in Lake Worth, FL., in the gardens at Hoffman's Chocolates. It went pretty good for a garden ceremony that turned out to be a little damp when Florida decided to dump some of it's famous liquid sunshine on the party. It rained before the ceremony but fortunately, it stopped long enough for Heather and Michael to get married and take some pictures.

The ceremony was not without its other problems either. Heather's sister Stacy sang during the ceremony and did a wonderful job but had to quit halfway through the song because the sound system failed. When they got the music turned on she finished the song and Heather says she was very proud of her sister for not completely losing it!

They convinced her to sing it again at the reception and she did great! Everyone was truly amazed that she could sing so well. The reception was at a nearby country club and it was a blast. Everyone had a great time and the newly weds were sorry they had to leave when they did. Mike's half-sister, Jeanne, sang at the reception as well and she also did a great job. So, in spite of the rain, it was a wonderful day, by Heather's account.

Mr and Mrs. Philip LobsingerMike and Heather spent 2 weeks in Hawaii for their honeymoon and they report having a wonderful time. They spent 3 days on Oahu, 6 days on the big island, and 3 days on Maui. Heather says each island is definitely unique! Oahu was a little crowded for their tastes but they were staying on a military base and their cabin was on a stretch of very nice beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lobsinger,
parents of the bride

They went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial of course, hiked to a lighthouse and did some snorkeling. They enjoyed the big island the most, and spent 3 days there in Volcano National Park and the other 3 days on the Kona coast at a wonderful bed and breakfast.

Wedding pictureThe volcano is a fascinating place. They saw several craters and fissures where the lava had flowed in the past.

Family photo: Stacy Lobsinger, sister of the bride, Philip A. Lobsinger, father of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stoll, and Carolyn Lobsinger, mother of the bride

They also witnessed the current lava flow...from a distance. It was flowing into the ocean and creating a huge cloud of steam. "Its not very often that you get to see an state getting bigger! Maui was nice too. Maui is the oldest island in the chain and so it is also the greenest." Heather reports.

On Maui they watched the sunrise from the top of an extinct volcano and took a beautiful drive that was full of twists and turns, one lane bridges and waterfalls. The drive ended (for them anyway) at a set of pools formed at the bottom of waterfalls where you could swim. Mike swam, Heather watched, because it was a little too chilly for her!

Heather stayed in Gainesville, Fl., for a few weeks after the honeymoon trying to get some research done but she finally got moved to Jacksonville with her new husband.. She has set up an office in the spare bedroom and is working on her Master's thesis from there. She is hoping to be done with her master's requirements by the end of the year. Mike will be stationed in Jacksonville through January and then it looks like they will be moving to Maryland.

Heather, is an aerospace engineer who has interned with Ford Motor Company prior to returning to college to complete her Master's degree. Michael is also an aerospace engineer who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1992 and is now a helicopter pilot flying the SH-60B Seahawk out of Mayport, FL.

The new bride is the daughter of Philip A. and Carolyn (Harvell) Lobsinger of Lake Worth, FL. (House of Peter)

Chris Lobsinger Begins Career,
Family In Australia

Their new baby Daniel Joseph has the distinction of being the first Lobsinger ever born in Australia. He arrived, courtesy of his parents Chris and Ngaire Lobsinger, on October 1, 1997 in Queensland.

Chris, the son of Jerome M and Patricia (Melin) Lobsinger, grandson of William G and Irene Mabel (Walker) Lobsinger, was born in 1963 on the Dakota prairie and graduated from Bishop Ryan High School in Minot, ND in 1982. His college career started at Minot State College where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Social Work before he got the urge to go down under.

In 1988, Chris found himself at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia working on his master's degree in Social Work which included study of recent developments in social work, group work, neurolinguistic programming, and practical and theoretical study. Chris says he always wanted to see Australia anyway, and the University of Queensland had a good reputation in his chosen field.

After graduation as a Master in Social Work, Chris went to work at the Royal Brisbane Hospital where his service to patients and families in medical and surgical wards included patient advocacy, counseling, and referrals. He was also on the domestic violence response team at the hospital.

In 1993, Chris went to work for Break Even, an agency administered by Relationships Australia Queensland where he worked in individual, couple and family counseling and developed educational materials including a booklet on those subjects. He is currently providing therapeutic services for refugees with an organization known as Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma (QPASTT). That organization offers therapy to people from the former Yugoslavia, El Salvador, Somalia, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries, as well as survivors of trauma during the Second World War.

In addition to his college training, Chris served in the North Dakota National Guard as a 2nd Lt., combat medic, and is a trained and certified Emergency Medical Technician. He continues to expand his knowledge of his field with continuing education courses in Family Therapy and is hoping to find time to return to school to earn his Ph. D. Chris is also a member of several Australian professional associations and has made presentations to Australia and New Zealand Family Therapy Conferences and the Gambling Counselors Practitioner's conference.

On the side, Chris operates a small private practice, counseling problem gamblers and maintains a website at http://www. His email address is cnlob@

Somewhere in between all of this activity, he managed to meet and marry his wife Ngaire (NYree). She runs her own small business as a supplier of specialty stationery supplies for veterinarians. Ngaire is the daughter of Dr. John Schulz, and orthopedic surgeon, and Pamela Schulz. The Schulz family was traveling back to Australia and were in Wellington, New Zealand when she was born. They are of English extraction, but their daughter was given a native New Zealand name which means "Kiwi".

While he is retaining his American Citizenship, Chris has also become an Australian Citizen, and son Daniel will also have duel citizenship. "I love America and so I am glad to have citizenship in both countries. I left to come to Australia to study and then a number of forces conspired to hold me here - not the least important is my wife," Chris says.

Other factors came into play as well. Chris says that even experienced Social Workers were having a difficult time finding work in North Dakota at the time, and "Brisbane is beautiful, Minot (N.D.) is cold."

So it sounds like Christopher James Lobsinger, the kid from North Dakota, is pretty much committed to his new life in Australia. And his new son Daniel Joseph Lobsinger will someday be thought of as the patriarch of the House of Daniel, the first family of native Australian Lobsingers. (House of George)

 Wilson-Stewart Wedding

Jeff Wilson Weds Shanna Stewart
In Same Church As Her Parents

Jeff Wilson, son of Sharon (Lobsinger) and John Wilson, married Shanna Stewart in Burlington, ON., April 25, 1998 in the same chruch as her parents were married.

The westher was beautiful, the food and drink were good and everyone was in the mood to celebrate the special couple. Jeff's 84 year old great-uncle, Barney Lobsinger and his wife Florence traveled from Windsor to give the couple their good wishes.

Jeff's Uncle Howard Lobsinger came from Montreal and his cousin Rhonda Lobsinger came from Bellebille, to be at the occasion.

The couple will live in Burlington, where Jeff is a computer technician and Shanna is finishing her degree in Business Management at Sheridan College.

Jeff is the grandson of Laurier Lobsinger, son of Francis Lobsinger, son of Jean Louis Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

 Wilma Lobsinger Retires From Ontario Savings

Wilma LobsingerAfter thirty-two years of dedicated service to the Province of Ontario Savings Office, thirteen of those as Manager, Wilma Lobsinger is beginning retirement. Her friendly smile and pleasant disposition will be missed at the office in Walkerton.




Eric John Lobsinger Eyes Political Career

He's still in college, but Eric John Lobsinger, son of Stephen and Fusayo (Kawazo) Lobsinger and grandson of Sylvester and Martha (Schempp) Lobsinger, is looking forward to the day when he can make a difference in American politics.

The Junior at Washington University in St. Louis, is currently serving as an intern with U.S. Representative John Shimkus (R-Illinois). Eric works out of the congressman's district office in Collinsville, Illinois and says he feels that the experience and general know-how of the political process that he is gaining from the internship justifies the many hours he spends volunteering.

Eric attends fund raisers and parades and other public functions as well as participating in the day-to-day activities of the congressman.If that weren't enough to fill a summer, he also has a part time job at the Washington University Law Library, "to make some money for school next year."

A stand-out in his high school class, Eric is majoring in history and minoring in philosophy. He is active in Sigma Nu fraternity at the college and is a current senator in the Student Union. Eric also serves as president of Washingon University's College Republican organization, and he intends to go on to law school after he earns his bachelor's degree.

Eric would be interested in corresponding with other college age Lobsingers or Lobsinger descendants. His email address is ejlobsin@ (House of Michel)


Paula Schnarr, Sonora, CA., ( sent us updates on her family, including daughter Tara Diane Schnarr Stadelman and children, and Tiffany Rebecca Schnarr Johnson and daughter Kristen. She notes that they live not far from Paul Lobsinger descendant Lorraine Oneto Leigh of Pinecrest, CA. and she hopes to get in contact with Lorraine in the near future. (House of Louis)

Richard and Geraldine Lobsinger, Warren, MI, send news of a couple more grand kids who have arrived in the past year.... Allyson Rose Lobsinger was born Sept. 22, 1997 to Terry and Renee Lobsinger, and Lindsey Elizabeth Cross was born June 8, 1998 to Laurie and James Cross. That makes 6 grandchildren for Richard and Geraldine, if we're all up to date. (House of Peter)

James B. Franklin, Amarillo, TX., son of Dr. Oliver Franklin, noticed that one of his brother's names was missing from the story about the Franklin Serum Lab being torn down recently in the last issue. Missing brother is William F. Franklin of Dallas. James says he could give a good accounting of himself if he would. William is a private investor in Dallas, Graduate of Amarillo High on 1949 and had the moxie to go on an African Safari by himself via Jeep after graduation. William later got his law degree from the University of Texas and was a carrier jet fighter pilot who survived a crash at sea. (House of Paul)

Received an email message from Dr. Thomas Lobsinger (, Orilla, ON., who sent us an update on his family and asked to be added to the mailing list. Dr. Tom is a family physician practicing the full spectrum of medicine including Obstetrics and Emergency work. He is married to Dr. Bernadine (Murphy) and they have three children, Peter William, Claire Suzanne, and David Edward Brady. He is the son of Dr. William J and Sheila (Brady) Lobsinger. (House of Peter)

Marjorie Kroeger, Cambridge, ON., says she was lost, but now is found. She forgot to send us a change of address when she moved last time around and wound up on our lost souls list. Her sister Cecilia reminded her, and now we have her back on the list. Marjorie sent us a photo of her latest grandson, Jordan Geoffrey Kroeger. She also sent us an update on her immediate family. (Houe of Louis)

Received a postage fund check from Jim and Sharon Lobsinger, Huntsville, ON., but no news to report. Maybe no news is good news. (House of George)

Kevin Bass, Detroit, MI, ( called us in August. He is the grandson of the late Dorothy (Lobsinger) and Hatton Bass, and was having trouble accessing our website because of an old address. The internet provider we were using went broke and we now have our own domain and new address instead, but the old one keeps popping up on search engines anyway. So if you're looking for us, the new Lobsinger Newsletter website is at: Kevin is a police officer with the Detroit Police Department. (House of Joseph Carl)

Received a change of address card but no news from Barbara and Rodney K Lobsinger, now of Santa Rosa, CA. We don't have any info on this family yet and would like to get it in the data base. (House of Joseph Carl, I think)

Shane LobsingerShane Lobsinger, youngest of Byron and Christine Lobsinger's 3 boys, turned 2 years old recently. Photo is at left. Shawn is 13 now and Stephen is 10, Christine says. They are part of the Lake Worth, FL., clan. (House of Peter)

Another mystery has been solved by Sharon Wilson, (SJWilson@ the daughter of Laurier Lobsinger, son of Francis Lobsinger, son of Jean Louis Lobsinger, son of Count Joseph Lobsinger. She has discovered that Magdalena Lobsinger (1861-1904) who married Cornelius Weiler, was the daughter of Joseph Carl Lobsinger and Mary Anne Weiler. Joseph Carl Lobsinger (House of Joseph) was a brother of Jean Louis (House of Louis). "It turns out that Cornelius and Magdalena's daughter Elizabeth married her first cousin once removed." It all fits. Sharon also sent us much information on the Weiler and Girodat families which we haven't seen before. She's doing a great job! (House of Louis/Joseph)

Sr. Elizabeth Ludwig, Edmonton, AB., sent us a complete update on the descendants of Catherine Emma (Fornwald) Ludwig, so that chart should be up to date to the current generation except for the names of three youngsters yet to arrive. She also sent information on Catherine Ludwig's siblings to fill out those charts as well. We are gratefull. also for the updated address of Joe and Jenny Kapfhamer and the donation to the postage fund. (House of Louis)

John Lobsinger family

John Lobsinger Family. Taken in October 1910. Back row, left to right: Helen, born August 10, 1890; Agnes, born February 23, 1892, Christy, born November 4, 1893, Florence, born May 17, 1895, and Edward, born November 10, 1896. Bottom, left to right: Norman, born January 7, 1904, John Lobsinger born 1864, David, born March 29, 1902, Clarence, born August 18, 1900, Bridget Lobsinger, born February 28, 1867, Isabel born November 21, 1898. Front and center: Irwin, born December 28, 1906. Photo courtesy of Irwin's son Ron Lobsinger.

Irene (Lobsinger) Nicholson, Kitchener, On., sends word of the death last July of her brother Lorne Lobsinger at age 83. She also reports that her husband James Nicholson has undergone two successful surgeries during the past year and is slowly recovering with a good prognosis. (House of Louis)

Bringing Dreams To Life...
Like Father, Like Son, Dr. Jim Wise Invests
In Oklahoma State University

Last issue, we brought you the story of Paul Wise, an Oklahoma Banker and grandson of Paul Lobsinger, who donated $1 million to endow a business college professorship at Oklahoma State University. But the story doesn't end there.

Continuing the Wise family tradition of making OSU's dreams come true, last spring Paul Wise's son, Jim made a "sizable gift" to the Edmon Low Library Endowment enabling it to reach its first major milestone - $1 million.

Dr. Wise, an ardent library supporter, joined a number of groups and individuals who made the library a priority. One of the earliest fund-raising efforts was the Student Government Association's "Save Our Library" campaign and book sale in 1985. This was followed by a challenge grant from the Kerr Foundation in 1990, which provided funds for both the endowment and the purchase of library materials. The last gift needed to reach the $1 million goal came from Jim Wise and will make possible future projects such as the 21st Century Library Technology Endowment, the Women's Archives at OSU and the Chief Wilma P. Mankiller Collection.

Dr. Edward R. Johnson, dean of Libraries, gives credit for this fund-raising success to friends like the Wise family. "Alumni, faculty and OSU supporters realize that a gift to the library has an unparalleled impact on students and faculty," Johnson says.

-from the OSU Magazine

New Branches -
Birth Announcements

David Edward Brady Lobsinger, born Oct. 7 1991, is the son of Dr. Thomas Richard Lobsinger and Dr. Bernadine S. Murphy. He has a brother, Peter William ( Oct. 17, 1987 ) and a sister, Claire Suzanne ( Nov. 21, 1989 ). This fall David will be going into grade 2 at Samuel de Champlain school in Orillia. He likes figure skating and playing soccer. (Better late than never - House of Peter)

Jordan G KroegerJordan Geoffrey Kroeger, at left, was born February 3, 1998. Parents are Geoffrey and Zenalia Kroeger. Jordan is grandchild number 10 for Marjorie Kroeger. (House of Louis)

Victoria Madilyn Lane was born June 3, 1998 to Jeff and Laura Lane. She weighed 6 lbs and 2 ounces and is the granddaughter of Carol (Lobsinger) and the late Robert Lane of Arnold, MO. , and the 33rd great-grandchild of Irene and the late Leslie Lobsinger. (House of Michel)

Christine Maxwell (Lobsinger) and Steve Maxwell are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of their son Cole Steven Maxwell, born at the Grand River (Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada) Hospital weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz. Equally thrilled with their first grandson are grandparents Jeanette and Ron Lobsinger (Son of Irwin, Walkerton, Ontario, Canada) House of Louis

Lost Souls:

Anyone with new addresses for the following people may send them to us so that we can re-enter them on our mailing list:

Lobsinger, Mary L, 74 Oxford St, Apt 2, Cambridge, MA 02138-1809

Bartolome, Don, 210 86 Ave SE #118, Calgary, AB, Canada

Obituary Notices

Irwin "Lobie" Lobsinger

Irwin Paul Lobsinger of Walkerton, ON., passed away at South Bruce Grey Health Centre, Walkerton on Sunday, August 9th, 1998. He was ninety-one years of age.

Known to everyone as "Lobie", he was a very devoted community citizen and all his lifetime was concerned with helping his fellow man. There are few areas that Irwin Lobsinger wasn't involved in at some time or another... his list of accomplishments is endless and if an attempt to were made to list them all, undoubtedly some would be missed.

Besides being very successful in business, operating a Canadian Tire Store on Walkerton's Main Street, he was a longtime member of the Walkerton Fire Department and later in the wider areas of County and Provincial Fire fighting and Training. He was very instrumental in the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority and held various offices in that organization as well.

At the same time, Lobie was also politically involved and served his town of Walkerton on Council and at County levels... he loved to go hunting and fishing... and oil painting was on his list of pastimes.

Lobie also contributed news and a column to his weekly town newspaper, The Walkerton Herald-Times and he always had a wealth of jokes and sayings that he wittingly managed to work into his conversations or speeches while topping it all off with his "Lobie Smile."

He lived a full and active life and definitely will be missed by community and his family.

Irwin is survived by his children, Gail and her husband, John Voisin of Walkerton; Nanci and her husband David Picken of RR 2, Desboro; Grace and her husband, Harry Schnurr of RR 2, Walkerton; Ron and his wife Jeanette, also from Walkerton. Ever remembered by eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

He was predeceased by his wife, Ruth (Last) Lobsinger; a daughter, Jean (in infancy); his parents, John and Bridget (Tschirhart) Lobsinger; nine brothers and sisters.

Visitation was held at the Tanner and Pearson Funeral Home, Walkerton, on Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon and evening.

A Funeral Mass was held Wednesday, August 12, 1998 at eleven o'clock at Sacred Heart Church, Walkerton. Father Wallace Metcalf officiated.

Casket bearers were grandsons Robert Voisin, Scott Koeslag, Michael Schnurr, Paul Lobsinger, Christopher Koeslag and Steven Maxwell.

Flower bearers were granddaughters Christine Maxwell, Heather Lobsinger, Laurie Schnurr, Sylvie Lobsinger and Melissa Davis.

Interment took place in Walkerton Cemetery. Memorial donations to the Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation or the Walkerton Fire Department would be gratefully appreciated by the family as expressions of sympathy.

Lorne Lobsinger

Lorne Lobsinger, in his 83rd year passed away at Rockwood Terrace Nursing Home, Durham, ON., on July 18, 1998. Visitation and funeral service was held in the chapel and interment was at St. Peter's Cemetery, Ayton, ON.,

He was predeceased by his parents, Christina (Westenhoefer) and Francis Xavier Lobsinger, five sisters and two brothers.

He leaves to mourn his passing two sisters, Mrs. Beatrice Long of Buffalo, NY., and Irene Nicholson, Ketchener, On. (House of Louis)

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