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Volume 7 No. 3 - December 1997 To June 1998

Grandson Of Paul Lobsinger...
Banker Gives $1 Million To OSU;
"Wise" Innovator, 92, Endows Finance Chair

By Jim Killackey
Education Editor, Daily Oklahoman

STILLWATER --At the tender age of 15, Paul Wise started his business life as a bookkeeper and assistant cashier at the First National Bank in Braman, OK. The year was 1920.

Paul WiseWise's early banking career included the organization of Oklahoma's first installment loan department to finance automobiles.

The entrepreneur also developed what's believed to be the state's first drive-up bank teller window.

Now, 77 years later, Wise still goes to the office every weekday morning as an executive vice president for Stillwater (OK.) National Bank.

"I still like to work, sure," Wise, 92, said in an interview recently. And he's still making historic moves.

Wise is donating $1 million to the Oklahoma State University College of Business Administration. It is the business college's largest ever gift.

"I wanted to do something helpful" said Wise, a longtime Stillwater resident.

Funds will be used to establish an endowed professorship, the Paul Wise Endowed Chair in Finance. Wise is a 1931 OSU graduate in accounting and business administration.

OSU business college Dean Gary Trennepohl indicated that the university will attempt to hire an internationally recognized scholar in finance.

"Finance is an area that is undergoing rapid change. We're looking for someone on the cutting edge who will excell in teaching and research in the area of finance and financial services," Trennepohl said.

"This endowment certainly will strengthen the college's finance area," he said. "Because this is a permanent endowment, the name of Paul Wise will be known to future generations of OSU business graduates. The endowed position should be filled by the fall 1998 semester. The OSU business college has 3,400 students.

"I still think of myself as a bookkeeper and a cashier -- two areas I've enjoyed so much," Wise said. He has worked at Stillwater National Bank for the past 66 years.

The endowed chair is part of OSU's $206 million "Bringing Dreams to Life" fund-raising campaign. With endowed professorships, interest from the initial gift is used to fund the faculty position annually.

Dr. Crabtree Named To Hall of Fame

Judy Lobsinger-CrabtreeDr. Judy Crabtree, right, accepts her plaque as a member of the Newkirk High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame from Jack De McCarty, left. She will join other illustrious members elected to the prestigious group since the school was founded in 1893.

In an effort to inspire current students, the Newkirk, OK., High School maintains a "Hall of Fame" of former graduates who have gone on to achieve above average goals in their life. The Newkirk Alumni Hall of Fame includes Judges, Artists, Engineers, Sculpturs, Mathmaticians, Medical Doctors, Businessmen, and others who have graduated from Newkirk High School since it was founded in 1893.

The recepient of the 1998 Newkirk High School Alumni Hall of Fame award is Dr. Judy Crabtree, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lobsinger of Newkirk, OK.

Dr. Crabtree is a 1986 graduate of Newkirk High School, and received her Bachelor of Science Degree (with honors) in Biochemistry from the University of Oklahoma in 1992. Two years later, she earned her Master's Degree, and in 1996 completed her Ph.D.

"During her Ph.D research, Judy single handedly developed an automated method for double stranded DNA sequencing template isolation. She then extended this automated procedure to include successfully isolating cosmid and BAC clones which are excellent substrates for end sequencing, a highly important contribution to our proposed 'mapping by sequencing' approach to gene finding studies," according to Dr. Bruce A. Roe, George Lynn Cross Research Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma.

"Judy has accurately and efficiently sequenced close to 1 million bases of human genomic DNA and several thousand Kbp of cDNA during her tenure in my laboratory," Roe added. "She has developed and tested our 'mapping by sequencing' method in her studies of the Cat Eye region, an approach that has tremendously improved our ability to find and characterize putative disease genes."

Crabtree was instrumental in establishing and teaching a course for incoming graduate and undergraduate students and has led the laboratory section of a National Science Foundation summer institute course for high school teachers held at Tulsa University.

She has also co-authored several scientific papers and abstracts and was the major contributor to a recently published protocol book.

Dr. Crabtree is now a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health where she is continuing her studies of the gene for pancreatic cancer that she had a part in discovering while a graduate student at OU.

She and husband Charles Crabtree, who works for Summer Production Company, live in Burke, VA.

A Piece of Amarillo History Is Gone
 Laboratory Founded By Grandson Of Paul Lobsinger Razed

by Ted E. Franklin, D.V.M., M.S., Retired

The old O.M. Franklin Serum Company Laboratory (plant)-formerly the Kansas Blackleg Serum Company - was recently razed. It was at 109 N. Monroe in Amarillo. TX.,

When Dr. O.M. Franklin, research veterinarian, arrived in Amarillo in the fall of 1917, he was welcomed with open arms by Panhandle cattlemen, such as Charles Goodnight, R.B. Masterson, Bivins, Coble, Sneed, Fuqua and the Landergrin brothers. These and other cattlemen all over the Midwest and West were having a "blackleg problem." This devastating disease of principally young cattle was playing havoc with the cattle industry.

However, Franklin and associates had the answer in the form of a new, superior vaccine which prevented the disease. Franklin had previously discovered (1912-16) this vaccine -- Germ Free (as it was filtered and sterile) or Aggressin -- at the Kansas State Agricultural Experiment Station in Manhattan. Companies could produce it, as it was never patented.

In 1916, Franklin and three veterinarians (two silent partners) left the Experiment Station and established a two-room plant (the Kansas Blackleg Serum Company) in Wichita to produce the Germ Free vaccine. This was the first commercial production of this vaccine in the world. This product involved the use of healthy calves which were infected in the laboratory. The infected muscle tissues were pressed, whereby the fluid was filtered and a preservative added. It was a safe, efficient product but laborious and expensive to produce. Yet, cattlemen were glad to pay 50 cents per dose (per head) for its protection.

In the spring of 1917, Charles E. Collins, a prominent cattleman of Kit Carson, Colorado, proposed a reorganization of the Wichita company. Franklin and associates agreed. It was moved to Amarillo, with headquarters in Denver. Other Colorado and Texas cattlemen invested in the new Kansas Blackleg Serum Company.

In 1919, Franklin ("Doc," as his friends and associates called him) developed the world's first Blackleg Bacterin in the Amarillo laboratory. After four years of extensive field testing, he applied and received a U.S. patent in 1922. In 1923 the bacterin was first marketed. The blackleg bacteria were grown in sterile two-gallon bottles of enriched media and were sterilized with diluted formalin. This vaccine was much cheaper to produce and did away with the need for calves. Other companies later copied Franklin's original process because the original patent was not all inclusive.

The aggressin was also produced along with the bacterin until 1926, when the aggressin was discontinued. In 1927 the company's name was changed to the O.M. Franklin Blackleg Serum Co. In 1937 the word "Blackleg" was deleted from the name. Beginning in the early '30s, other vaccines (biologics) were produced by the company. In Denver instruments were manufactered along with pharmaceuticals and other ranch supplies.

By 1952, 100 million doses of blackleg vaccine had been sold, and production continued until the '80's. In 1963 the Franklin Company was sold to American Home Products, a holding company which owned other veterinary and medical laboratories. Also, Franklin Serum Company became the Franklin Laboratories. Production was discontinued in Amarillo; and the company was relocated to Badger, lowa, under its parent company - The Fort Dodge Laboratories of Fort Dodge, lowa. Today the Franklin Laboratories' business office is in Kansas City, Missouri.

Dr O.M. Franklin was the son of Mary Ann Lobsinger and Benjamin Franklin, and the grandson of Paul Lobsinger and Katharina Otto.

Dr. Franklin married Anne Ohlsen and the couple had six children, all sons. The eldest is Ted, author of this article, followed by Paul and Jack, now deceased, James of Amarillo, Joe of Pampa, and William of Dallas. The story of Dr. O.M. Franklin is told in a book by Ted Franklin called "He Made the Ranges Safe" available from the Sunflower University Press, Manhattan, KS.

Lobsinger seeks GOP nomination
Candidate makes bid for Bonior's congressional seat

Pt. Huron, MI.,
Times Herald

Donald J LobsingerDonald J. Lobsinger, a Republican who took 38% of the vote when he ran against Congressman David Bonior in 1994, is seeking his party's nomination again, he said Friday.

Mr. Lobsinger joins Brian Palmer, both of Macomb County, as a declared candidate for the Republican nomination in the Aug. 4 primary.

Rep. Boniar, D-Mount Clemens, is seeking his 12th term as Congressman for the 10th District. He is the House minority whip.

Mr. Lobsinger, 63, who retired as a clerk in the city of Detroit recreation department in 1992, lost the Republican nomination to Susy Heintz in1996.

Opposition to abortion, affirmative action and unrestricted immigration, and support of private ownership and possession of firearms will be among the key themes in his campaign, Mr. Lobsinger said.

Mr. Palmer, a businessman who owns Palmer Holdings Ltd. in Rochester, "has considerably more money to spend than I do and he will have to spend it if he wants to win the primary," Mr. Lobsinger said.

Mr. Lobsinger said he believes he has widespread support in St. Clair County.

Ellen Thomas, president of St. Clair County Right to Life, said in the past Mr. Lobsinger has received "mixed reviews" from her group's political action committee.

"I know we did not endorse him in the previous election," said Larry Galmish, director of the political action committee at Right to Life of Michigan in Wyoming. "The guide lines include more things than just being pro-life."


John and Dolores Schmidt, Mildmay, ON., write that granddaughter Jodi Leanne Napper (daughter of Michelle and Gary Napper) graduated in the spring from University of Gulph with honors in BSc. and will be married July 25th. Another granddaughter - Tracy and husband Scott Sharpe have a new child named Jordon Sidney; born March 16th at Hanover District Hospital. John and Dolores now have 14 grandchildren, a great grandson, and a great granddaughter. During the winter, they visited relatives in Newport Beach, CA., and FL. John is now playing in two horseshoe leagues this summer, and their children hosted a party in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary on May 8th at the Mildmay-Carrick Recreation Complex. Son-in-law Ted Moran's orchestra provided the music and then Ted and Lois Moran promptly celebrated their own 25th Anniversary on May 11th. (House of Peter)

Lorraine A. Oneto Leigh, Pinecrest, CA, is still trying to put together the history of the Paul Lobsinger clan (see last issue) and has come to the conclusion from circumstantial evidence that Paul Lobsinger's wife Katherina may have already had a daughter named Elizabeth before she got married to him. Which, she suggests, may be another reason Count Joseph was not real fond of the arrangement. She is looking for someone in the Kitchner, ON., area who would be willing to do a bit of research for her. Anyone interested may contact her at P.O. Box 1358, Pinecrest, CA. 95364. She and husband Bert also dropped us a card to say they were pleased with the story on Lavina Carolina Lobsinger in the last issue. Lorrie is a descendant of Lavina Carolina Lobsinger and provided much of the information for that story. (House of Paul)(House of Paul)

Wilma (Mrs. Robert G) Lobsinger requested some back issues and a data base disk, which we were happy to send. She also asked that we add John and Gail (Lobsinger) Voisin of Walkerton to the mailing list. Wilma is Manager of the Province of Ontario Savings Office in Walkerton, and Gail is the Assistant Coordinator of Branch Services. Between them, they cleared up some errors in the data base for us. (House of Peter)

Brian Lambertus emailed us a note that we had a typo in information concerning Count Joseph's original property in Canada. He says it is located in North Easthope township, not New Easthope. More specifically, the farm lot was on Concession 5, Lot 3, according to documents he has. Count Joseph is shown as early as 1835 when a survey map was done by the Canada Company, according to Lambertus, who was researching adjacent land purchased or leased from the Canada Company by his great2-grandfather Jacob Lambertus. (

Sharon Wilson ( and Lambertus have been comparing notes trying to determine if their families intersect back in France. Sharon is also working on several other family names. (House of Louis)

Nancy Arnstrong, Elliot Lake, ON., sent us a new address and request for the last newsletter, which apparently went astray. We hope she received it ok. She is a descendant of John Howard Lobsinger of the House of George.

Chyleen Lobsinger's Girl's Basketball Team at the Mildmay-Carrick Public Schools captured the South Bruce Crown and headed for the County Finals in Port Elgin in April. Photo of the crew was in the Town Crier, but we were unable to reproduce it here. Chyleen also made the Crier when she took second place in a Hoola Hoop contest at the Commercial Hotel during "50's Cruise Night." She'll be relieved to know we couldn't reprint that one either. (House of Peter)

Harold Lobsinger of Apache Junction, AZ., reports that he can no longer use his typewriter because of poor eyesight, but we still enjoy hearing from him. On March 29th he was 92 years old. For fun, Harold keeps track of how many times his heart has beat since he was born. He figures it at something over 3,414,780,000 times and wonders what it would be like to own a car that ran as well. Harold had a knee replaced last summer and says he is not raising any large clouds of dust yet. (House of Antoine)

Caroline Lobsinger ( reports she has been promoted to managing editor at the Shoshone News-Press (out in Idaho country, I think. ) She's been so busy getting moved and established that we don't have many details yet. Her folks, Ralph and Jacqueline Lobsinger were able to attend her brother Eric's wedding in Japan late last year. Pictures and more info are coming. (House of Michel)

Greg Lobsinger ( sent us a new address for his folks, Jim and Sharon Lobsinger. They are now living in Huntsville. ON. They are descendants of Howard John Lobsinger. (House of George)

Mildmay-Carrick Fire Chief Chuck Lobsinger was pictured in the Town Crier with a representative of the local Agricultural Society which donated $2,500 to the Fire Department toward a new Fire Truck. I need to have "Snoopy" start mailing me the original photos of all these Lobsingers he puts in the paper. Sombody put a bug in his ear. (House of Peter)

Stacy Ebrey ( is a descendant of Michel Lobsinger we had not known of before. She contacted us through the internet to say her father's first cousin is Phillip Lobsinger of California. She found out when a letter was forwarded to her that Phillip had sent to her grandmother Margaret Lobsinger who is now deceased. She is also related to Leo Lobsinger in Belleville, and we had a good time comparing notes and determining for certain that Phillip's family does belong to the House of Michel. Before receiving her information, Phillip could have belonged to one of the Canadian branches that seem to have "dead ended" on us. Stacy sent us some notes from St. Louis / Belleville newspapers that bear checking out further sometime in the future. Stacey lives in Alton, IL. (House of Michel)

Nice card and note from Teresa Walsh in Brantford, ON., who says the winter has been great with little snow and lots of sunshine and everything would be wonderful except for the flu bug. She and husband Len also sent Christmas greetings to all and a nice note along with it. (House of Louis)

Ken (Kenneth John) Lobsinger ( dropped us an email message and snail mail address. He's living in Toronto, ON., where he is director of a supportive housing program for ex psychiactric patients in Oakville. Ken is the son of John Howard Lobsinger, and grandson of Howard John Lobsinger. He reports that his sister Lisa is married to Mike Toffili and they have two children, Sam and Emily, and another sister, Karen Hull, has a 5 year odl son ryan. (House of George)

Phillip J. Lobinger ( found us on the internet and sent a message looking for roots. He is the son of Raymond Emmett Lobsinger, the son of Phillip Lobsinger of Alton, IL. His grandfather Phillip was marriet to Martha Meyer and they had 4 children, Ray, Jack, Norman, and Margette. Old Phillip was a roofer and owned his business in Alton. As it turns out, his Phillip J's aunt Margette turns out to be Stacy Ebrey's grandmother (see a couple of notes above). It all fits together nicely and puts the family of Phillip J firmly in the House of Michel. Phillip and his wife Aurelina have 4 children, Raymond Julio, Phillip Anthony, Betty Ann, and Richard Alexander, and nine grand children. (House of Michel)

Card From Carl Lobsinger, Warren, MI., (pop.lob sent us a few bucks for the postage fund and his new address. We communicate with several of his children by email as well. Thanks for the kind words about the newsletter! (House of Louis)

Arnita Kunkel, Pincher Creek, AB., who is the oldest daughter of Julietta (Lobsinger) McIntee wrote us a nice note and sent us more complete information on the death of her mother in 1993 while on a visit to her sister's home in Buffalo, NY. Arnita asked to be put on the mailing list, so she should be receiving a copy of this issue. (House of Louis)

Cathy Lynn Carroll, Greenwood, SC., dropped us a note and new address. She is the daughter of Joan (Mier) Belknap, a descendant of Joseph Carl Lobsinger. She says she found the article about Lavina Carolina Lobsinger Starkey in the last issue very enjoyable and wants to be sure to receive future issues. (House of Joseph)

Ann Marrgrett, Brandford, ON., sent us a card and says she has a new email address ( and a new computer. I should have sent her some email just to try it out, but didn't get around to it. Ann has a Jack Russell Terrier who's picture was on the front of the card, and there seems to be an interesting story about the dog, her brother the bishop, and the Russell family. We'll ask about it sometime. (House of Louis)

Cyril Schnarr, Waterloo, ON., sent us a new address and some updated information for the data base, both of which we appreciate. (House of Louis)

John Roper ( says, "while surfin the web I typed in my wife's last name (Paulitzki) and to my amazement, out came the Lobsinger family tree." John is married to Linda Paulitzki, daughter of the late Marjorie (Lobsinger) and Roy Paulitzki. She is the grand daughter of Howard John. The Ropers are connected to the Lobsingers in two ways: John's sister Sharon married Jim Lobsinger and John married Jim's niece Linda. (House of George)

Jeremy Paul Lobsinger (, a son of Carl Francis Lobsinger, sent us an update on his family... starting with an announcement of his impending marriage this coming October 17th to Robyn Sluszinskis of Warren, MI. His sister Elisa Marie and husband Scott Richardson were home for Thanksgiving. They are now stationed in Maine where Scott is in the service. Brother Eric David, wife Laura and kids Moniqua and Erica were also in from Kentucky where Eric is stationed with the service. Eric is an associate editor with "The Turret" which is a base newspaper serving Fort Knox. During Christmas, another brother David Carl ( and wife Nancy and kids Katie and Jacen were home from Kansas City, Mo., to visit and see the New Year in. David is a chemical engineer. By now, David and Nancy should have another baby, which was expected sometime in May. Eric and Laura are expecting an addition to their family in September. With all this famil y expansion, Jeremy wonders if there will be any traditional Lobsinger names available by the time he gets into the business. (House of Louis)

Terri Smith ( sent several email messages on the progress of her research into the Lobsinger family. She is a descendant of three of the four children of the unknown Lobsinger of Langatte, France who is responsible for this mess of humanity. That may be a record. She has ancestors descended from Nicolas, Jean Pierre, and Marguerite. The only one she has no connection to is Anne Catherine. Another bit of information from Terri is that from her research into Langatte's microfilmed records and other area records, she has concluded that Anne Catherine Lobsinger - the one she is not related to - appears to have been married twice - first to a Francois Lallemand and second to Jean Christophe Nitzler. Nitzler also appears to have been married twice, forst to an Agnes Lott, and second to Anne Catherine Lobsinger. Terri's main line of descent is through Charles, son of Etienne. Most of the rest of us descend through Etienne's son Antoine. (Hosue of Charles??)

In conjuction with Terri Smith above, we have also had some interesting email conversations with David Heller ( who is researching the DuMolt and Lobsinger family names. We have swapped mountains of information. David also asked that we add him, Joseph Gogel, and Don Snider to the mailing list, which we have done. All should be receiving this issue if we ever get if finished. David is a descendant of Marie Elizabeth Lobsinger, wife of Jean Baptiste DuMolte, the town brewer of Langatte, Fr., back in the late 16th Century. Marie Elizabeth Lobsinger was a daughter of Sebastien Lobsinger and Marie Anne Mazerand.

James B. Franklin, Amarillo, TX., dropped us a note and postage money thanking us for extra copies of the previous issue featuring Paul Lobsinger's family. He is the grandson of Mary Ann Lobsinger Franklin and a son of O.M. Franklin. (House of Paul)

Gregory Lang, Calgary, AB., dropped us a Christmas Card late last year and a note of encouragement. (House of Peter)

Ruby (Lobsinger) Chase of Nanaimo, BC., sent us a nice card and note during the Christmas season., as did her daugher and son-in-law Penny and Al Spidel. Penny has collected an complete set of newsletters and had them bound as a gift to her brother Barry, who has recently become more interested in all of this heritage stuff. (House of George)

Elberta Rix, Hamilton, ON., sent a card and asked how we are related to her mother Emelia Lobisnger Detzler. So here it is: Emelia and my grandfather Luke were siblings. That's an easy one. (House of Peter)

We received email from Dennis and Sheila Lobsinger (lobsin@ Dennis is the son of Wilfred and Catherine Lobsinger. Wilfred is the son of Frank & Caroline Lobsinger. The sent us their new address in Paris, ON. for the mailing list. (House of Peter)

Email from Dale E. Alexander ( also found it's way to our computer. Dale is married to Denise Lobsinger, daughter of Richard J. and Geraldine (Schnurr) Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

Sandy and Art Frensch, Kitchner, ON., sent us a Christmas Card and best wishes. Sandy is the daughter of Jerome and Evelyn (Shilling) Lobsinger. (House of Peter)

Mrs. Kay Lobsinger dropped us a Christmas Card and note that she was e pleaed to see the photo of the George Lobsinger family in a past issue. She is Sandy Frensch's aunt. (House of Peter)

Ted E Franklin D.V.M., Bryan, TX., wrote to thank us for the article on Paul Lobsinger's family in the past issue, and the story of the demise of the O.M. Franklin Serum Company Laboratory which his father founded. His story is included in this issue. (House of Paul)

Dr. Anthony L. Lang dropped us a Christmas Card. He and wife Serogine and daughter Renata are doing fine and Tony is glad to be out of graduate school and enjoys working for a large corporation doing environmental impact evaluations. (House of Peter)

Dawn White ( dropped us an email Christmas wish. She is the daughter of Neil Francis and Virginia D (Roeder) Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

In late December, we received an email note from Eric Lobsinger ( from Japan. Eric reports that he was married at 11 am on 20 December in Yokosuka, and he and Akiko are very happy. Eric's folks, Ralph and Jacqueline Lobsinger of Kennewick, WA., were able to attend the ceremony. (House of Michel)

Leo and Nadine Lobsinger, Belleville, IL., dropped us a card too. They wish all in the family well. (House of Michel)

Sharon and John Wilson, St. Agatha, ON., also send best wishes to all. Sharon is the daughter of Laurier and Verna Irene (Sachs) Lobsinger. Sharon reports she has become infected with genealogy and is having lots of fun chasing down distant family members almost in her own back yard. She reports that her brother Howard Lobsinger is now working in Montreal for Peacock as a systems analyst, and their son Jeff got married to shanna Stewart on April 25th, 1998. She asks that we put Howard and her sister Rhonda on the mailing list. That is done. (House of Louis)

Dolores Tschirhart, Ferndale, MI., sent us copies of three obituaries and a nice Christmas Card toward the end of last year. (House of Louis)

Louis J. Lobsinger, Santa Monica, CA., reports that he has been recruited away from the investment banking busines to form an independent feature film and television production firm called Little Wheels Entertainment, Inc. He reports that they currentl have a portfolio of nine feature films and three television productions. (House of Louis)

Bill Querengesser, Listowel, ON., ( found us on the net and sent much information about his part of the jungle, especially information on the family of his uncle, William Lobsinger. William Losinger, brother of Bill Querengesser's mother, was born in Neustadt, ON., and signed up with the Canadian Army in World War I without his parents' permission. Consequently, he missed his report date and was considered AWOL (as the story is related by Bill's aunt Marie (Lobsinger) Curtis to him.

Consequently, he moved south and with help from his sister Cellestine in Detroit, managed to settle in Vrmont where he married and raised a family. Heand wife Mary (?) had three children, John William, Jeanette, and Maryann. In the 50s, he moved to the Tampa area in Florida where he built houses until his death in 1958.

His son John William Lobsinger moved to the area to take care of his mother. John William was an accomplished pianist and he and Bill Querengesser became good friends. At the age of 48, he was still takeing piano lessons and practicing daily on his baby grand in Dunedin, FL. John William was killed in an auto accident Sept. 20, 1977 on his way to a doctor's appointment. He worked for the Jim Walters Housing company. (House of Louis)

Mike and Kim Lobsinger, Port St. Lucy, FL., write that they are totally involved in their kids' activities these days, and that Kim has completed Fire Training School and is now a full fledged, qualified firefighter, although still looking for a job in the business. (House of Peter)

Irene Lobsinger (, Brantford, ON., writes that a German gentleman stopped into the travel agency where she works and was intrigued by the Lobsinger name, which he said ment that many years ago, the family was designated by the town they lived in to come out and sing for dignitaries who visited there. She wonders if we are Lobsingers by family, or family by occupation?

Irene also reports the death of Leo Creighton on October 29, 1997, and Carol Anne Shoesmith who died August 21, 1997.

Irene's son Robert is now attending college at New Caledonia in Prince George, BC. Her daughter Lori has received her BA degree with honors in Sociology. Son Lawrence is no in Hamilton, ON., where he works at a trailer park in nearby Tillsonburg.

Ron Lobsinger ( sent us an update on the family tree of his father, Irwin Lobsinger, which helped us fill in some blank spaces.

Linda (Lobsinger) Woelfle, Brandon, MS.,writes that her family had the opportunity to visit Ontario last year and sent pictures of a thrashing machine (the Lion) produed by the Lobsinger foundry in Mildmay, ON. The machine was outside a Factory Outlet Mall in St. Jacobs. She and husband Albert have two children, Gesina, 10; and Matthew, 7. She is the daughter of Edward and Kathleen Lobsinger of St. Clements. ON., (House of Louis)

Missing Persons Bureau:

Anybody know the current address of the following individuals? Their copy of the last newsletter was returned undeliverable for whatever reasons:

Michael Lobsinger, 134 Bridgeport Rd E, Waterloo, ON, Canada

Marjorie Kroeger, 66 Hungerford Rd, Cambridge, ON, Canada N3C 2P6

Daniel Allan Lobsinger, Donlevy Place #4, St. Albert, AB, Canada

Bob Wilhelm, 408 Greendale Drive, Windsor, ON, Canada N8S 4A6

Joe & Jenny Kaphamer, 643 93rd Way, Mesa, AZ 85208

Mark Allan Lobsinger, 2047 Howard St, Omaha, NE 68102

Karen Ann Larsen, 3528 Jarena Drive, Modesto, CA 95357

Deaths and Funerals

Paul C. Wise

Paul C. Wise began his banking career at the age of 15 as a bookkeeper and assistant cashier at the First National Bank of Braman (OK.).

Paul WiseHe died Thursday, Feb. 19, 1998, at Stillwater Medical Center at the age of 92.

Services were at 10:30 a.m. Monday at First Christian Church, with Dr. William S. Inglish officiating. Interment will be at Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater under the direction of Strode Funeral Home.

He was born April 15, 1905 to James and Matilda (Lobsinger) Wise at Braman.

He married Geneva Holcomb on Sept. 30, 1931 in Stillwater. She died May 9,1992.

After beginning his banking career at the First National Bank of Braman, he joined Stillwater National Bank & Trust Co. on Sept. 1, 1928 as a bookkeeper. While working for SNB, he graduated Phi Kappa Phi with an M.S. degree in accounting from Oklahoma State University, then Oklahoma A&M, in 1931.

While working at the bank, he established the first Installment Loan Department in Oklahoma in order to provide financing for the purchase of automobiles, and later established one of the first drive-through banking windows in Oklahoma.

In 1958 he became executive vice president and cashier of the bank. He was instrumental in the growth of Stillwater National Bank and the Oklahoma banking industry. At the time of his death, he was a major shareholder and a director of the bank.

He served on various committees of the Oklahoma Bankers Association and saw many changes during his 72-year banking career. He said in an interview a few years back, "Through all these changes, banking has been very good to me over the years. Banking still remains a people business, and I enjoy helping customers with their financial needs."

Wise was also the secretary and a director of the Stillwater Milling Company.

He was a major contributor to community and civic causes in Stillwater. He helped organize the Stillwater Industrial Foundation and the United Fund of Stillwater, now known as the Stillwater Area United Way.

Wise strongly believed in being active in the community. His community activities included service as president and one of the first directors of the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, and past president both of Stillwater Toastmaster's Club and the Stillwater Lion's Club. He worked on local bond elections and was a longtime Sunday School teacher at the First Christian Church.

He was inducted into the Stillwater Hall of Fame in 1995. In 1996, he was named to the Oklahoma State University College of Business Administration Hall of Fame. In November of 1997, he established the Paul C. Wise Endowed Chair of Finance at Oklahoma State University.

He was predeceased by his parents, wife, and two sisters.

He is survived by two sons, Dr. James B. Wise and his wife, Verena Wise, of Oklahoma City, and Allen H. Wise of Edmond; two daughters, Paula Wise Faillace and her husband, Dr. Louis A. Faillace, of Houston; and Joan Wise Bevington and her husband, Bill Bevington, of Littleton, Colo.; eight grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and one brother, James L. Wise of Muskogee.

Pallbearers were Kerby Crowell, Rick Green, Tom Bennett, Robert McCormick, Stan White, and Autry Hill. Honorary pallbearers include George Berry, Tom Berry, Haskell Cudd, J. Berry Harrison, Erd Johnson, David Lambert, Lynn Pitts, Robert Rodgers, and Bob Swank.

Memorials can be made to First Christian Church, 411 W. Matthews, Stillwater, OK 74075.

Sr. Mary Odilla Tschirhart, SSJ

Sr. Mary Odilla Tschirhart, SSJ, died March 31, 1997 at Fontbonne Manor in Nazareth, MI., near Kalamazoo. She was 85.

Born January 16, 1912, in Detroit to Felix and Gladys (Craw) Tschirhart, the young Gertrude Tschirhart was a member of St. James Parish in Ferndale at the time of her entrance into the Sisters of St. Joseph Feb. 11, 1928.

Sr. Tschirhart received a bachelor's degree from Nazareth College and took post-graduate courses in administration at the University of Dayton and in theology at Notre Dame University.

She spent 40 years as a teacher and principal at St. Catherine, Algonac; St. Anne, St. Margaret Mary, St. Philip Neri, and St. Rita, Detroit; St. Joseph, Kalamazoo; and St. Henry, Lincoln Park. Her last yars in education wer spent as record clerk and secretary in the counseling office at Bishop Foley High School, Madison Heights.

After retirement, she remained busy helping others, first at St. Joan of Arc Convent and then at Fontbonne Manor at Nazareth.

At the time of her diamond jubilee, Sr. Tschirhart reflected on her life as a Sister of St. Joseph: "My many contacts not only with my sisters on the various missions, but the thousands of students I have taught, enabled me to develop within myself a very deep awareness of empathy for the sufferings and trials of other persons. I believe I have learned to accept people as they are, since that's what God expects of me."

She is survived by three brothers, Bernard, Leohard, and Leo; and six sisters, Ruth Kenney, Rose Tschirhart, Violet Tschirhart, Dolores Tschirhart, Vera Reiman and Florence Jess. Funeral Mass was celebrated April 3 in Holy Family Chapel in Nazareth

David Lobsinger

David Lobsinger, beloved husband of the late Eleanor, dear father of Donald, Mary Ann DeGentenaar (Robert) and Janet Snow (William). Grandfather of Lawrence and Gary (Pat). Great Grandfather of Robert. Brother of Irwin. Died October 24, 1997. Funeral 11 a.m. Wednesday at the A.H Peters Funeral Home, Grosse Pointe Woods. Rosary 8 pm Tuesday.

Vincent Tschirhart

Died August 31, 1996, Vincent J. Tschirhart, age 78 of Ferndale. Dear brother of Vera Reiman, Florence Jess, Sr. Odilla Tschirhart, SSJ., Ruth Kenney, Bernard, rose, Leonard (Mary Lou), Leo (Eleanor), Violet and Dolores. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Rosary 7:30 pm Monday at Spaulding and Curtin funeral Home, Ferndale. Funeral Tuesday 10 am at St. James Catholic Church, Ferndale. burial at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

John William Lobsinger

Lobsinger, John William, 48, 507 Vine Ave., Dunedin, FL., died Tuesday September 20, 1977. Born in Brattleboro, VT., he was a nine-year resident who worked for the Jim Walter Corporation, export division, in Tampa, FL.

Survivors include his wife Shirley A. (Carpenter); mother Mrs. Mary Lobsinger, Dunedin; sisters Maryann Redman, Tampa; Janet Kissell, West Westminster, VT.; father and mother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carpenter, Clearwater.

Services were held 10 am Friday at Feaster Largo Chapel. Burial was in Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park.

Paul Lobsinger

Short obituary notice printed in the Republican News Journal of Newkirk, OK., on February 8, 1907, page 5:

Paul Lobsinger died at his home 1 mile east of Braman, Saturday, January 26 of asthma and heart trouble. He left a wife and four children. He came from Hudson, Illinois to Kay County four years ago. A week ago he went to Blackwell and picked out a coffin.

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