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Volume 5 No. 2 - September 1993 to January 1994

Dying Hunter Wrote Good-by Note To Family

"Sun. night I tried to get over the top to get back to camp. 100 yds short. I was exhausted so I thought I'd drop down & go to the pickup. I came to a rock bluff and tried to climb down to the ravine pack pass, fell 15-25 ft., broke my right hip.

I love you Mark, Denise, and Elizabeth, Valerie, Julie and Dennis. Things don't look good right now. God Bless you all and see you in heaven."

Mark Lobsinger, Sept. 13, 1993

Mark Lobsinger's family: Dennis Joseph, Mark Alan, Jr., Valerie, wife Denise holding 6 mos old Julie, and Elizabeth.

Colorado Hunting Accident Blamed For Death Of Mark Lobsinger, Sr.

ASPEN, Colo. (AP) - An Oklahoma hunter who died from hypothermia near here (September 13, 1993) last week knew he was going to die but had time to write a good-bye note to his family, authorities said.

Deputy Coroner Mike Ferrara ruled Friday that hunter Mark Lobsinger, 39, died of hypothermia after exposure during a surprise storm. Searchers found Lobsinger at about 11,400 feet on Independence Pass, near the bottom of a 20 foot drop.

Lobsinger, from Oklahoma, had apparently fell down the small cliff and dislocated his right hip, disabling him and preventing him from finding his way back to his camp and safety.

"He had suffered fairly minor injuries, nothing that would have killed him," Ferrara said.

Mark Lobsinger, Sr.

After the fall, Lobsinger crawled to a clearing and rested against a rock.

"He probably fell asleep, woke up and wrote a note," Ferrara said.

"The note says, 'It's Saturday night, I was trying to get back to the ridge (by his campsite) when I fell."'

Already exhausted, wet and hypothermic from a surprise storm, the fall took the rest of the man's energy, authorities said.

Ferrara speculated that after he wrote a narrative saying what he had been doing, he passed out from the hip pain. When he woke up, the father of five had time to write a good-bye note to his family.

"He knew he was in trouble," said Ferrara, who refused to release the note. "It's pretty personal stuff. I'm turning it over to the family."

Searchers were called Wednesday afternoon when Lobsinger's partner, Terry Phillips, returned to camp and found it unoccupied.

Town Building New House For Mark's Wife & Kids

Over a dozen years ago, Mark Lobsinger adopted the town of Newkirk, Oklahoma as his home town, after moving there from Lake Worth, Florida. Now, the town has adopted his widow and 5 children after his tragic death in September on a Colorado hunting trip.

Craftsmen in the town are building the family a new home on the little five acre tract he bought east of town. The family of seven has been living in an old trailer home on the land he loved, where he gardened, raised sheep and turkeys and a myriad of other pets.

A new home for his wife and kids was Mark's dream and goal. It was to be his next project. In August, Mark said he planned to start the home "as soon as I get the pickup paid off." Mark had the house drawn out on a sheet of paper, to be just behind the trailer, next to the garden area.

Mark, an employee of Southwestern Bell, transferred to Oklahoma from Southern Bell in about 1978. He and his first wife Nancy and their infant son Mark, Jr., bought the trailer house and moved it to the five acres as a temporary dwelling until he got better established.

That's when tragedy first struck his family, and Nancy came down with incurable cancer. After two years of suffering and massive medical expense, Nancy was laid to rest in the Newkirk Cemetery. Mark cared for her and the baby constantly throughout her illness and never complained. His smile and pleasant disposition shined through days that would have broken most of us.

Mark later met and married his second wife, Denise. Together they had four more children, all packed into the small three bedroom trailer house that was showing the signs of wear and tear.

A new house seemed to be just a vision in the future, with the bills from Nancy's illness and the expenses of raising five children. But Mark worked on without complaint. He spent endless hours with his children, playing catch in the big yard, coaching their softball and T-ball teams, taking them to the multitude of youth sporting events across the state, and spending weekends on family camping excursions.

He would often stick his head into his brother's newspaper office in the middle of the night with a roll of film to develop... pictures he had taken of Newkirk kids at a summer baseball game, with anywhere from one to four of his own kids tagging along behind.

The house would get built when it was possible to build one.

Mark's personal hobby was hunting. He loved the Colorado Rockies, and made the trip every summer with other hunting buddies from Newkirk. For weeks before the hunting trip last summer, Mark was out early in the morning hiking up and down the gentle hills around Newkirk with his dogs Drake and Shadow, and sometimes his oldest son, Mark, Jr. Getting in shape for the trip was a ritual, and even though he was a husky individual to start with, he knew the challenges of the Rocky Mountains. This year, the mountains won.

Mark was nobody important. Just a hard-working, blue collar telephone worker who loved his family, enjoyed his many friends, and never had an unkind word to say about anyone. He lived his own life to the fullest and it should be an example of what "real men" aspire to be and do. People from across the state came to his funeral. It was one of the largest ever seen in this small town, and cars in the funeral procession were still leaving the town when the lead car turned into the cemetery, some two miles north. Mark was placed at rest beside his first wife, and a triple wide headstone will someday bear the names of Nancy, Mark, and Denise Lobsinger.

Mike Wathor worked the ground and shot the grades for Mark's new house in the weeks that followed. Joe Leaming brought in his backhoe and dug the footing. Terry Phillips, and Merle, Steve, Pat, and Mike Kiser came over and helped pour the footing. Wathor, Bob Tull, and several others helped form up for the concrete floor to be poured. Jerry Mitchell volunteered to do the plumbing. Clint Johnston helped him. A.J. Ford is working on the heating and air conditioning duct work.

As soon as the weather permits, the floor will be poured with help from Larry Layton and his crew, and then a myriad of carpenters from the area plan to swoop down on the project for a weekend 'barn raising.' All free labor. Mark Lobsinger touched their lives... coached their kids, ..joined them on hunting and camping trips, ...kept their telephones working, ... helped his neighbors when they needed it...

It was their turn to do something for him.

Notes From The Mail Bag...

Daniel Allan Patrick Lobsinger of St. Albert, Alberta dropped us a note. It's been a long time since we've heard anything from his branch of the clan. He's a son of Frank Hugh Lobsinger. Dan has moved to a new house, but reports he has the same wife and two children. Daniel Sterling Lobsinger was born August 13, 1988 and Davis Rockwell Lobsinger was born August 31, 1989. We didn't have either of his youngsters on the data base, so we were glad to get the new information. Dan works for Federated Insurance in Edmonton. (House of Peter)

David Lobsinger, St. Clair Shores, MI., writes that he enjoys the newsletter and has saved them all since the very first one. He sadly reports the death of his sister, Agnes Ducharme on November I3, 1993 at the aged of 101. David asked us to send the newsletter to his daughter, Mrs. Robert Degentenaar in Armada, Ml. and we are happy to do so. (House of Louis)

Dolores Schmidt, Mildmay, ON., writes that this has been one of the busiest years her family has ever had, but they have enjoyed it all. She and husband John Schmidt celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on May 8th and their kids had big plans for the party, but it had to be canceled due to a bout with the shingles. Nevertheless, the kids showed up with the fixings for a BBQ and it all turned out fine. During the 75th Anniversary Homecoming for the town of Mildmay, they had a house and yard full of friends and relatives - about 30 in all. Then they attended the International Plowing Match where son-in-law Gary Napper portrayed Lord Bruce for the week. She reports husband John's team won the horseshoe championship, but it was close and they had to have a pitch-off. She reports also that Ellen Lobsinger underwent surgery in the Fall, but came through fine and is at the Maple Court Retirement Lodge for the winter. Amelia Lobsinger was reported to be "hanging in there" at Brucelea haven, but not doing very well. Dolores also says she and some girlfriends took a four day trip to Ottawa - her first visit to the capitol - and thought it was a very beautiful and clean city. She also sent some photo post cards from the early 1900s that were produced by Luke William Lobsinger on one of his excursions to Western Canada. (House of Peter)

Alex Lobsinger (front) with his uncle Ellsworth Bundy. Both worked in a press room in Regina, SK., in 1912. Alex was a deaf-mute, son of Joseph L. Lobsinger of Mildmay. (House of Peter)




Luke William Lobsinger in paint shop somewhere in Sasketchewan, apparently before he moved to Florida. (House of Peter)

Harold and Allean Lobsinger of Denver and Apache Junction, were close enough to where Mark Lobsinger's hunting accident happened to hear in on the news, and sent us a sympathy letter. He also reports that his brother Dale Lobsinger, who lives in California, was about 25 miles from all the fires, so he "didn't even get his whiskers singed." Earlier, Harold sent us his brother Dale's new address, which we appreciate. (House of Antoine)

Sue and I had the pleasure of meeting Harvey and Bev Lobsinger of Minneapolis while we were attending a conference in that city in November. They took us out to dinner one night and we enjoyed ourselves visiting and reconstructing branches on the family tree. Harvey is the son of Clarence, son of Simon. He lost his son John to the war in Vietnam, and John's name is engraved on the memorial in Washington. Beverly has a Macintosh computer, so when we returned, we sent her a copy of the family data base. She wrote back that the computer never had to work so hard or so long as it did installing the family tree. It has something over 4,500 individuals on it now. We also found out we never got Harvey's daughter Judy Emery on the mailing list, so we sent her some back issues as well, to make up for the oversight. She lives in Bemidji, MN.

George E. Lobsinger, Mt. Pleasant, Ml., writes to inform us of the deaths of his uncle Clarence Lobsinger on Sept. 8, 1989, and his brothers Robert Eli Lobsinger on Sept. 25, 1991 and Paul Peter Lobsinger on Sept. 18, 1992. George says his grandchildren enjoy reading the newsletter. (House of Joseph Carl)

Ruby Chase, Nanaimo, BC., says she especially enjoyed the last issue, as it was about the British Columbia branch of the family and "didn't leave much room for anyone else." She reports that her daughter Penny and husband Al Spidel had perfect weather for their 25th anniversary cruise on Holland America Sept.18th. She also says Lorne and Wily Lobsinger visited with them for several days recently and all seem to be doing fine. (House of George)

Leona Lang, Regina, SK., says she spent a couple of weeks in Toronto in June with her son Tony and his wife Sarogini, who have a new baby (see last newsletter). While she was there, they visited the Ontario Agricultural Museum which has on display several of the Lobsinger Threshing Machines and the old apple press from Mildmay, where the family produced apple juice, cider, and butter during the threshing off season.

She also managed to find a cemetery list for St. Agatha, hoping to find (Count) Joseph Lobsinger and his wife Mary, since they lived in that area and many of their children were baptized there. But no luck. She says there are about a dozen iron crosses with no markings, and they may be among the unmarked ones. There are over twenty Hergotts buried there, several Tschirharts, and a few Webers... possibly Mary's family. (House of Peter)

Teresa Ann (Lobsinger) and husband Brian Baker. She is the daughter of John F. Lobsinger of Lake Worth, FL., and currently lives in Miami, FL. (House of Peter)

Arthur P. Lobsinger of Hanover, ON., says he enjoys reading of the many people in the family who have succeeded in life. He also sent us some of the details on his particular branch of the family and we appreciate the information. Arthur and his wife Lois June (Weidner) are parents of Allen P. Lobsinger and Ann E Lobsinger. Allen and his wife Joan Louise (Cronin) have provided Arthur with four grandsons, Adam, Trevor, Jason, and David Lobsinger. Until this small population explosion, this was one of the smallest branches of the House of Louis.

Elisa M. (Lobsinger) Richardson of Tarawa Terrace, NC., asks how many issues are in a volume of the newsletter. Four. We do have a few copies of past issues, except for/the first volume, which is all gone. We can regenerate the type on those from the computer, but not the photographs. Anyone wanting back issues please write and we'll try to fill the order as long as they last. Postage donations always appreciated. (House of Louis)

Marjorie Paulitzke, Elliot Lake, ON., sent us some postage money, but no news. Maybe next time. Thanks for the bucks, just the same! (House of George)

Evelyn Lobsinger sent us a photo of her husband Giles, who celebrated his 90th birthday with a gathering of friends and neighbors on August 22,1993. Giles was born in Carlsrue, ON., and later moved to Hanover. He currently lives in Stratford. He has five children, all married, and 14 grandchildren. But we only have 12 of them on the data base. Who are the most recent two? (House of Louis)

Giles Lobsinger recently celebrated his 90th birthday. Shown here at his favorite pastime, playing cards. (House of Louis)

Marlene Schwehr, Blind River, ON., asks us to change her mailing address and we will do that. We appreciate notification of address changes as it saves a lot of time trouble and money sending these things out. (House of George)

Lorne and Elly Lobsinger, Maple Ridge, BC, sent us a nice letter regarding the stories on the Collett Ranch and Allan Collet's family. Much of the original land has now been sold off, he says, and is being used to raise Gensing, which draws a hefty price due to its supposed medicinal properties in the Far East. According to a news brief, 25 acres of the crop is worth about $4 million, and with a new potato digger type of harvesting machine, takes only 6 people instead of 80. Elly says I got Marie (Lobsinger) Bartolome's age wrong in the last newsletter - she's only 86 instead of in her 90s - and I'll probably hear about it. Sorry. (House of George)

From jolly old England comes a note from Sr. Janet Mikol, who says she had no idea she had so many relatives in the world. She is a member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame at St. Aidan's Convent in Huyton. (House of Louis)

Charles Rinck (with a "c") dropped us the obituary of Sylvester Lobsinger. It's been awhile since we heard from Charles, and we're glad to know he's still around. Charles, or someone else related to Sylvester: If you know, could you tell us if Laura Ann is the daughter of Dolores or Stephen in the obituary. The way it is written, it is impossible to tell which family she belongs to.

Barbara Jane Lobsinger and her sister Margaret Ann Lobsinger of Lake Worth, FL., Both are daughters of the late Luke William Lobsinger from Mildmay, ON. (House of Peter)

Bernice Maslen, Lucan, ON., sent us the picture of her only daughter Linda Marie, who was married to Cecil Wood on May 15,1993. He is the son of Pearl Wood of Exeter. A reception was held at the Lucan Legion. She also attended the 90th birthday of Giles Lobsinger in Stratford where she and husband Leonard met a few relatives they had not seen in awhile. On Sept. 26, they went to Hamilton, ON., to celebrate her brother Elmer's 70th birthday. All the family including brothers and sisters were there and had a great time exchanging gag gifts. (House of Louis)

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wood were married May 15, 1993. She is the former Linda Marie Maslen. (House of Louis)

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wood were married May 15, 1993. She is the former Linda Marie Maslen. (House of Louis)

Barbara Jean Mier Blancher says she enjoyed reading the article in the last issue about Langatte, France, as she remembers her mother talking about it when she was a young girl. She also sent us an address change for her son Patrick Blancher, which we have made. (House of Joseph Carl)

Laurier Lobsinger, Kitchener, ON., sent us a short note telling us he enjoys the newsletter, as well as some postage money. Thank you, and sympathy on the loss of your son David. We did not receive the news until recently. (House of Louis)

Grandpa Richard J. Lobsinger of Warren, Ml., writes that his daughter Laurie and her husband James Cross have a new baby boy born May 31st, 1993 by the name of Matthew James Cross. He's expecting another grandchild in March by way of his daughter Denise and her husband Dale Alexander. (House of Peter)

Verne G. Lobsinger of Holiday, FL says, "Appreciate receiving 'Lobsingers' Keep up the good work." Thanks for the vote of confidence. (House of Michel)

Vera Barthel of Freeburg, IL writes that since reading about the Gemma's trip to Langatte, she now knows where her great grandparents are buried: Charles Lobsinger and Anne Marie Wetzer. She is still trying to find out about Jean Nicolas Klein and Marguerite Lobsinger Klein. who died in 1854 in a cholera epidemic in the St. Louis area. The tree has kinda lost it's leaves and is hard to trace back. Good luck.

There seem to be no living Lobsingers from this branch of the family in the new world. But there are a bunch of Kleins. The family is related however, to the original Langatte Lobsinger of about 1645, through his son Nicolas, Nicolas's son Etienne, to Etienne's son Charles. (The rest of the Yankee Lobsingers are descended from Etienne's other son Antoine.) Charles's son Sebastien had a daughter Marguerite who married Jean Nicolas Klein, and these are the people from whom Vera Barthel descends. Anyone know what happened to them?

Deaths and Funerals

Mark Alan Lobsinger, Sr.

Mark Allan Lobsinger, Sr., resident of Newkirk, Okiahoma, died Monday, Sept. 13, I 993 as the result of a fall in a hunting accident in the Aspen, Colorado area. He was 39.

The son of John Ross and Catherine Marie (Davis) Lobsinger, he was born September 28, 1954 in West Palm Beach, Florida. He grew up in Lake Worth, Florida where he attended Sacred Heart Primary School and graduated from Cardinal Newman High School. After graduation he began his career as an employee of the Southern Bell Telephone System, working as a cable technician and repairman.

On November 2, 1974 he and Nancy Ellen Kraus were married in Lake Worth, where they established their first home. In the summer of 1979 they moved to Ponca City, OK., where he had accepted a transfer to Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. They lived in Ponca City for a short time before moving to rural Newkirk. On May 1,1982, Mrs. Lobsinger died after an extended illness.

On August 20, 1982 he and Starla Denise Womack were married at Donaldsonville, Georgia. They established their home in rural Newkirk where they have since resided.

He was a member of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus. He was also a member of the Communications Workers of America Union. He was involved in youth activities of all kinds and coached T-Ball and Little League teams in the area. He loved hunting and the rugged country of Colorado where he died. He spent many hours with his children at their sports functions and games, and endless more time playing with them in the yard at home.

He is survived by his wife, Denise; five children, Mark, Jr., Elizabeth, Valerie, Dennis, and Julie, all of the home; his mother, Mrs. Catherine Lobsinger of Lake Worth, Florida; six brothers, Robert William Lobsinger of Newkirk, James Ross Lobsinger of Phoenix, Arizona, John Francis Lobsinger, Byron Louis Lobsinger, and Patrick Leo Lobsinger, all of Lake Worth, Florida, and Michael Eldon Lobsinger of Port St. Lucie, Florida; one sister, Mrs. Michael (Mary Ann) Quinn of Bloomfield, Kentucky; and many nephews and nieces.

Prayer service was held at 7 p.m. Monday in Miller-Stahl Funeral Chapel. Funeral Mass was celebrated at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, September 21 in St. Francis Catholic Church with the Rev. Lowell Stieferman as Celebrant. Burial followed in the Newkirk Cemetery under the direction of Miller-Stahl funeral Service. Pall Bearers were Don Backhaus, Roger Davison, Amsden Mothes, Marlin Parker, Terry Phillips, and Larry Young.

A memorial fund has been established for the children's education. Contributions may be made in Mr. Lobsinger's memory through Eastman National Bank of Newkirk, or the Bank of Oklahoma, Newkirk Branch, Newkirk, Oklahoma 74647. (House of Peter)

Agnes Ducharme

Agnes Ducharme, of Walkerton, ON., passed away at Brucelea Have, Walkerton on Saturday, November 13, 1993. She was 101.

Survived by four brothers, Edward Lobsinger of Hamilton, Clarence and David Lobsinger of Detroit, and Irwin Lobsinger of Walkerton. Also survived by nieces and nephews.

Predeceased by her husband Joseph Ducharme; three sisters Christine, Isabelle, and Helen, and one brother Norman.

Visitation was at the Tanner and Pearson Funeral Home, Walkerton. Funeral Mass was held Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 10 am at Sacred heart Church, Walkerton. Internment in Calvary Cemetery, Walkerton.

Pall Bearers were John Voisin, Rob Voisin, Harry Schnurr, Ron Lobsinger, Len Schmidt and Scott Koeslag.

Vigil Service was held at Tanner and Pearson Funeral Home on Monday, Nov. 14. CWL service was held Monday at 2:30 pm.

Memorial donations the Brucelea Haven, Walkerton, would he appreciated as expressions of sympathy. (House of Louis)

Robert W. Lobsinger

Robert W. Lobsinger died at Freeport Hospital Health Care Village with his family at his side, on Saturday, June l 9, 1993. Robert Walter Lobsinger, of 131 Roger St., Waterloo, was age 69 years.

Robert was a member of St. Louis Church. He had served overseas in the Second World War with the Perth Regiment as a Corporal. He had been employed as a tool and die maker with Electro Porcelain Co. Ltd. for 30 years retiring in 1986 due to ill health.

Dear husband of the former Kathleen (Kay) Marcella for 50 years; loving father to Robert and his wife Melanie of Heidelberg, Lyn and her husband Ray Spiewak of Kitchener; brother to Arthur and his wife Mary of Salmon Arm, B.C., Rita Barney of Kitchener, Buppy to Bradley and his friend Silvia and Erin; Grandpa to Stephen and Andrea. Also survived by two sisters-in-law, Evelyn of Waterloo and Jean of British Columbia. Fondly remembered brother-in-law of Thomas Marcella and his wife Donna and Robert Marcella and his wife Jackie. He will be sadly missed by many nieces and nephews.

Predeceased by his parents, George Lobsinger and Matilda Margalini and one brother, Jerome.

Friends may call at the Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home, 621 King St. W., Kitchener, from 2-4 and 7-9 pm, today (Monday) where the parish prayers will be recited at 8:30 pm. Prayers will be said at the funeral home Tuesday at 10 am, followed by a funeral mass at 10:30 am at St. Louis Church with Father Bob Liddy, CR, officiating. Cremation to follow. Donations may be made to the Alzheimer Society of K-W or Freeport Hospital Health Care Village Palliative Care Unit, as expressions of sympathy.

David Michael Lobsinger

David Michael Lobsinger died on Friday, June 18, 1993 at Stratford General Hospital in his 44th year. David Michael Lobsinger was the dear son of Laurier and Verna Lobsinger of Kitchener. Loving father of Rhonda Lobsinger of Kingston. Fondly remembered by brothers Howard of Toronto and Frank and his wife Kim of Tillsonburg and one sister, Sharon Wilson and her husband John of St. Agatha. Dear grandfather of one grandchild.

Arrangements were incomplete in the notice we received.

Donations to the Children's Wish Foundation, 1730 McPherson Court, Unit 30, Pickering, ON., would be appreciated as expressions of sympathy by the family.

Sylvester J. Lobsinger

Sylvester J. Lobsinger, 74, of Belleville, born March 23,1919, in Belleville, died Monday, October 11,1993, at Memorial Hospital in Belleville.

He was retired from the pans department at Stag Brewery; a World War II Army Veteran; member of Teamsters Local #50, Teamsters Retirement Club, Stag Brewery Retirement Club, and served on the Board of Directors of the Belleville Area Humane Society.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Arthur and Magdalene, "Lena", nee Grimmig, Lobsinger; a brother, Marcelles Lobsinger; and a granddaughter, Lisa Kay Lehr.

Surviving are his wife, Martha, nee Schempp, Lobsinger; a son and daughter-in-law, Stephen and Fusayo Lobsinger of Fairview Heights; a daughter and son-in-law, Dolores Faith and Gary Lehr of Belleville; a brother, Alvin P. Lobsinger of Belleville; a grandson, Eric John Lobsinger; and a granddaughter, Laura Ann and husband, Kevin Schanics, of Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Funeral Services were held at 11 am Thursday at Pete Gaerdner Funeral Home in Belleville, with Deacon Al DuBois officiating. Burial was in College Hill Cemetery in Lebanon. Memorials may be made to Humane Society of Belleville Area. (House of Michel)

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