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Volume 4 No. 4 - December 1992 - April 1993

Dr. Oliver Franklin (Center), a Grandson of Paul and Katrina Lobsinger, discovered the cure for Blackleg in cattle and founded the Franklin Veterinary Products Company. His son, Dr. Ted E. Franklin, Bryant, TX., (right) recoreded his father's accomplishments in a book recently published, entitled "He Made The Ranges Safe."

Paul Lobsinger's Grandson Made The Ranges Safe

Blackleg was the scourge of the plains in the 1800s. It decimated cattlemen's herds around the world, and especially the "improved" breeds such as Hereford and Angus that were just being introduced into the US and Canada. Only buffalo and the scrawny long horns were immune.

Paul Lobsinger, a son of "Count" Joseph Lobsinger, had married Katrina Otto and moved from Ontario to Illinois, where one of his several daughters, Mary Ann, became enamored with a young man named Benjamin Franklin. Paul later moved his family to the fertile plains of Oklahoma, near Braman, where he raised cattle, wheat, and corn.

Benjamin and Mary Ann were married and living in Chicago in 1886 when their son Oliver Morris was born on August 1. Benjamin was a tinkerer and inventor, and built an electric clock and other "doodads" which would have caught on in a later era. He found work where he could, and was killed in Maywood IL., in 1895 when a cyclone struck a house he was working on. Mary Ann went to work for Marshall Field & Co., to support her son Oliver and his sister Viola. In later years, she lived with Oliver and his wife Anne (Ohlsen).

Oliver spent his summers at his grandfather Paul's place in Braman, OK., working in the Santa Fe Depot where he became fascinated by the wireless telegraphy then becoming popular. He decided he wanted to be a railroader, then later expanded his dreams to hopes of becoming an electrical engineer. But by the time he was old enough for college, veterinarians were in great demand and were getting $1,400 a year. Young Franklin became a vet.

His mother, Mary Anne (Lobisnger) Franklin, was operating a boarding house in Manhattan, KS., at the time, and that made his decision even more appealing. O.M. Franklin enrolled in the Kansas State Agricultural College at Manhattan and earned his D.V.M. on June 13, 1912, a member of the fifth class of veterinarians to graduate since the college was established in 1907.

"I didn't want to work for the government, and I didn't want to practice, so I took a job in the Experiment Station as an assistant in veterinary medicine. I had an office in the basement of the agriculture building. Fortunately, they put me to work on blackleg experiments. I was making $75 a month and living in an apartment near the campus," Franklin said.

Left: Mary Lobsinger Franklin

How Paul Lobsinger's grandson, Dr. Oliver Morris Franklin, continued his research into the blackleg disease and how he developed and perfected the vaccine still used today is graphically detailed in a new book authored by his son, Dr. Ted E. Franklin, of Bryan, TX. Entitled "He Made the Ranges Safe" the book is published by Sunflower University Press, 1531 Yuma, Box 1009, Manhattan, Kansas 66502 ($24.95). Many in the various Lobsinger clans are farmers, and have often used Franklin Veterinary Supply products not ever suspecting that they were developed and marketed by a member of their own family.

Growing up around his father's "serum" veterinary plant influenced Ted E. Franklin to enter the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. He graduated in 1941 and returned in 1946 to join the veterinary division of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. After six years, he was transferred to the Department of Veterinary Microbiology, where he worked for 21 years as a staff and faculty member. During that time, he earned a master's degree in veterinary pathology.

Dr. Ted Franklin spent almost five years overseas as a leader for two different United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization projects in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania. He has worked in many fields of veterinary medicine, such as biological production; milk, meat, and poultry inspection; large and small animal practice; pullorum testing and cattle anaplasmosis research. He is the author of over 20 scientific veterinary publications, primarily in the field of anaplasmosis.

Ted Franklin is one of six sons of Dr. Oliver M. Franklin, but the only one to follow his footsteps. Son Paul became a mechanical engineer who developed multiple sclerosis and passed away in 1979, Jack was a business student at KSU when he died of nephritis. James became a petroleum landman. Joe is a rancher, and Bill is an attorney.

(House of Paul)

From The Mail Bag

Sandy and Art Frensch, Kitchener, ON., send all greetings over the last holidays but I didn't get to mention it in the last issue. (House of Peter)

Harold and Allean Lobsinger, Apache Junction, AZ., and Denver, CO., also sent holiday greetings. Harold wrote again just recently and announced another grandchild and great-grandchild in his clan.

Andy and Diane Krieg are the proud parents of Brandi Ann Krieg, who checked in to this world on February 26, 1993. Diane is the daughter of Harold's daughter Helen Kayser.

Heath Gram Kayser arrived earlier, on August 15, 1991, but Harold forgot to tell us when it happened, so he's catching up. Heath's parents are Brian and Dianne Kayser. Brian is Harold's daughter Helen's youngest son.

In March, Harold announced that he was "still kicking, but not raising very much dust." What they thought was a spider bite on his wife Allean's leg turned out to be a melanoma. She has undergone surgery and we are all hoping for the best. Harold was 87 on March 29th, the same day Allean was to be operated on. "All I want for my birthday is for the doctor to send my wife home in tip top shape," he says. Amen to that. (House of Antoine)

Hellmut and Leona Lang of Regina, SK., send best wishes to all, as well as a flyer selling Lobsinger Threshing Machines. It is reproduced on the back page. (House of Peter)

Dr. Ted E Franklin, DVM, of Bryan, TX. writes that he enjoys the newsletter and reports that a book titled "He Made The Ranges Safe" has been published by the Sunflower University Press at Mannhattan, KS. (see cover) The book is about his father, Dr. Oliver M. Franklin who discovered the cure for black leg in cattle and founded the Franklin Veterinary Medicine Company. Dr. O.M. Franklin was the son of Mary Anne Lobsinger Franklin. Mary Anne Lobsinger was a daughter of Paul Lobsinger, one of the sons of Count Joseph Lobsinger. (House of Paul)

Byron and Christine Lobsinger of Lake Worth, FL., say hello to everyone. (House of Peter)

Paula and Michael Schnarr of Sonora, CA.., report they had the biggest "fire season" in years - Michael works for the fire service as a Fire Battalian Chief and is also assistant to the Deptuy Fire Warden. He is also becoming involved in the Snow Mobile Rescue Team for Tuolumne County, and works on the fire budget for the county. Paula is interested in quilting and connecting with anyone else in the family with that interest. You can contact her at their new address - they just finished building a new home - at 20965 Heavenly Drive, Sonora, CA., 95370. (House of Louis)

Teri Lobsinger of West Palm Beach, FL., sent us the corrected address of her aunt Christine Lobsinger in Fayetteville, AR., and also notes that her grandparents, Phillip and Louella Lobsinger will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary on April 25th. She promises pictures and story for the next issue, as this one should be in the mail by then, I hope. Teri is the daughter of Tom and Joyce Lobsinger. (House of Peter)

Elisa Marie (Lobsinger) Richardson, Tarawa Terrace, NC., is a daughter of Carl and Nancy Lobsinger of Warren, MI. A couple of years ago, she married CPL Scott G. Richardson, who is a radio operator for the US Marine Corp and veteran of Desert Shield, Desert Storm and the Haitian relief effort at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

They are stationed at Camp LeJeune, where they share quarters with their dog Peanut and their cat, Smokey J. Elisa works as a custom framer at an art gallery. She has lots of brothers and a sister and brings us briefly up to date on them:

Eric and Laura Lobsinger are stationed in Colorado where he is in the US Army. They have a daughter Moniqua.

Jeff Lobsinger is working as an apprentice at Rouge Steele with his father to become an electrician.

Dave Lobsinger just received his Master;s degree in Chemical Engineering.

James Lobsinger and his wife Jill have both received their teaching degrees, bought a new house, and are expecting their first child in May.

Jeremy Lobsinger is attending college, earning his degree in architectural drafting.

Lorna Lobsinger graduated from High School. (House of Louis)

Bernard Andrew Braun sent us a change of address which we appreciate very much. Each issue up to 25 copies are returned because people move or the forwarding order has expired. At 52¢ each (63¢ for Canada), it's an expensive way to find out somebody has moved.

We send out somwhere near 600 of these things, and fewer than 100 contribute to the $10 per volume postage fund, so you can see that it doesn't take long to eat up postage. (House of Joseph Carl)

Harvey D. Lobsinger of Edina, MN., dropped us a note in January adding a few missing details to the chart of Simon Lobsinger from the last issue, and later we received an update on his own family, which we very much appreciate.

He asked us to add his daughter Judy Emery to the mailing list, which we have done. Harvey had four children, two sons (Donald and John Dillon) and two daughters (Judy and Lori).

Judy is married to Gardell Emery and they live in Bemidji, MN., with their two children Amanda Joy and Sally Rose.

Harvey also reports the death of his sister Ruth Holland, who passed away at the age of 77 on January 26, 1992 at her home in Alexandria, OH. (House of Peter)

Gregory Lang of Calgary, AB., takes us to task for not getting the newsletter out quarterly as advertised. So I changed the advertising. We put it out when I have the time and the material to put one together. Every 4 issues is a volume. The more stuff everyone sends me about their own immediate family, the more material I have to put a newsletter together, and maybe the more often they will come out. Or they'll get bigger. Either way, we need the news to fill with, so send it in. (House of Peter)

Gary Thomas Maslen (above left) married Heather Hamilton on May 30, 1992 in Sarnia, ON.. Above right: Terry Maslen was married to Lori DalBanco on April 26, 1992 at Niagra Falls, ON. (Both House of Louis)

Bernice and Leonard Maslen of Lucan, ON., sent in the photos of the weddings of two of their sons that are printed here somewhere. Son Gary Thomas was wed to Heather Hamilton on May 30, 1992 in Sarnia, ON., and Terry was wed to Lori DalBianco on April 26, 1992 in Niagara Falls, ON., Gary and Heather honeymooned in Jamaica while Terry and Lori went to England for their honeymoon. Daughter Linda is planing a wedding for May 15, 1993, so we're looking forward to photos and story of that event for the next newsletter. (House of Louis)

Sr. Beatrice Schnarr sent us her change of address - she's now at St. Joseph's Villa in Dundas, ON., and says she really enjoys the newsletter. (House of Louis)

Big oversight on our part: Last summer Sue and I took a road trip around the mid west and among our stops was Belleville, IL., where we managed to find Leo and Nadine Lobsinger. Time was limited, but we did manager to meet them for breakfast one morning and exchanged photos. We put the picture of Leo and Nadine in the glove box of the car for safe keeping.

When I prepared the last issue, the photo was not with the rest of my notes and letters, and so it didn't get mentioned. A few days ago we cleaned out the glove box and found the photo, still waiting to go into a paper. Better late than never.

Leo is the son of William F. Lobsinger and Frieda Mueller. He is one of the few known Lobsinger descendents of Michel Lobsinger of Langatte, France, one of the brothers of "Count" Joseph who settled on this continent around 1840. (House of Michel)

David Lobsinger of St. Clair Shores, MI., says he saves every copy of the newsletter and periodically goes through all of them. (House of Louis)

Joan O'Donnell of Waterdown, ON., sent some postage money and a nice note. It is especially interesting to me to find some O'Donnells on the Lobsinger side of my family, as there are lots of them on my mother's side. One of these days maybe I'll find a connection between the two branches. (House of Louis)

Ken Lobsinger of Southaven, MS., sent us the new address for his daughter Dawn Lobsinger of Houston, TX. The short note came in an envelope with an "Elvis" stamp on it postmarked out of Memphis TN.(House of Michel)

Anne (Lobsinger) Margrett of Brantford, ON., sent us a nice note on a card she created herself. Anne is a weaver, and uses small swatches of her handwoven fabric designs to decorate greeting cards. She reports that she has joined the local genealogy society and finds it fascinating. She's even thinking about getting a computer next, to keep track of everyone.

Anne also reports her brother Bishop Tom Lobsinger will be in the area this Spring for confirmations.

Carol Anne Shoesmith of Owen Sound, ON., sent us a note with a few more details on the death of her mother Dorothy (Lobsinger) Bellinger who died December 23, 1991 at age 78, and also some other dates that we needed to fill in blanks. (House of Louis)

Len and Teresa Walsh managed to get out to the great west last October and visited with their two boys, Patrick and Michael Lobsinger and families. Their girls, Cathy (and Rip) Pearson and Mary (and Mark) Bond both live in Brantford and all are doing well, she reports. (House of Louis)

Theresa Allen of Davison, MI writes to inform us of the passing of her father Ronald T. Hamblin, son of Jerome and Christine (Mier) Hamblin on 31 December 1992 of a heart attack. She also enclosed a photo of Ron and his wife Mary Lou with grandchildren Amy and Lee Allen taken in Nov. 1988 which we will print here somewhere. (House of Joseph Carl)

Irwin Lobsinger of Walkerton, ON., sent us a "press release" about his sister's 101st birthday which we happily reprint in this issue. (House of Louis)

Ruby (Lobsinger) Chase of Vancouver, BC has moved from the mainland to Vancouver Island just north of Victoria to the town of Nanaimo and sends us her new address. Ruby is recovering from a serious illness and an accident last summer, and is living with her daughter Penny and son-in-law Al Spidel. (House of George)

On May 16, 1992, Zita Christopher, front left, became Mrs. Douglas G. Lobsinger. Standing are Douglas' siblings Marjorie (Lobsinger) Paulitzki, Patricia (Lobsinger) Armstrong, Marlene (Lobsinger) Schwehr, and John Lobsinger, all children of the late Howard John Lobsinger. (House of George)

Zita (Christopher) Lobsinger writes that she and Doug Lobsinger were married May 16th 1992 in Newmarket, ON., at St. Elizabeth Seaton Church. Doublas is the son of the late Howard John Lobsinger of Elliott Lake, ON. She sends photos from the wedding, which we will print. She also sent us new addresses for her sister-in-law Patricia (Lobsinger) Armstrong and family. (House of George)

Irene (Lobsinger) and James Nicholson of Kitchener, ON., sent us a nice letter from Panama City, FL., where they were spending an early Spring vacation this year. She reports they have taken a few bus trips to the casinos in Biloxi, MS where she had a bit of luck on the quarter machines! Glad there is some luck in the family, somewhere. I would go to a place like that in a $15,000 car and come back in a $90,000 Greyhound bus! Oh, and guess what? Another Elvis stamp. (House of Louis)

Carl Francis Paul Lobsinger of Warren, MI., was kind enough to make additions to a family form I sent earlier to his daughter Elisa Richardson, and return it to me. Carl says he finds each edition of the newsletter very inspirational ... seeing the accomplishments and growth of the family. Thanks to his additions, we have addresses on all of his children now, and have put the ones who have moved from home on the mailing list. (House of Louis)

Gib Arnold called and visited with Sue one day recently. I was out at the time. In the last issue he noted that we had reports that August Lobsinger had two more daughters named Anne and Norma (Arnold).

Gib says Norma Arnold was the daughter of Philip H. Lobsinger and Caroline Braun, who had three children, Eldon, Norma, and Loretta. Once we looked at the charts, we had that family correct. So we're taking Norma off the list of suspected children of August. That still leaves Anne? Anybody care to tackle that one?

The Mildmay-Carrick, ON., Public School Boys recently captured the Bruce County Volleyball Championship. The team consisted of Jeremy Ellis, Trevor Winters, Chad Spence, Kevin Russwurm, Mark Lobsinger, Jeremiah Hamm, Aaron Morris, Jon Eickmeier, Chris Hendershot and Mike Arnold. -- Mildmay Town Crier, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1993.

Deaths and Funerals

The Late Ron Hamblin, right, and wife Mary Lou with grand children Amy and Lee Allen in Nov. 1988. (House of Joseph Carl)

Ronald T. Hamblin

Hamblin, Ronald T. - Of Otisville, age 59, died Thursday, December 31, 1992 at St. Joseph Hospital. funeral services were held 11:30 AM Tuesday at the Hudson Funeral Home with Rev. Rick Smith officiating. Burial in Bird Cemetery. He was born in Flint on May 12, 1933, the son of Jerome and Christine Hamblin. He graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic School, class of 1952. He married Mary Lou Perkins on August 22, 1953 in Flint. Mr. Hamblin was a member of UAW 651 and member of Grand Blanc Hunting Club, National Wild Turkey Federation. He retired from AC Rochester on April 1, 1982, also was a union official. Surviving are: wife, Mary Lou; 2 daughters, Kathleen and James Tompkins of Colorado Springs, Co., Theresa and Richard Allen of Davison; 4 grandchildren, David and John Tompkins, Amy and Lee Allen; sister, Alice Haber of Owosso; brother, Robert Hamblin of Clio; many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his father, mother and a sister. (Flint Journal, Jan 3, 1993) (House of Joseph Carl)

Agnes (Lobsinger) Ducharme Celebrates 101st Birthday

by Irwin Lobsinger

Friends and relatives were on hand at Brucelea Haven Walkerton to celebrate the 101st birthday of Agnes Ducharme, daughter of John and Bridget Lobsinger and sister of Irwin Lobsinger on Tuesday evening, February 23. Eighty-five friends enjoyed a social hour. The gathering was entertained by Mrs. Ronald Lobsinger on the piano accompanied by her daughter Heather on the flute.

Mrs. Patrick O'Hara of Chepstow entertained with her singing. Teresa O'Hara read a humorous poem. Jerome Grubb of Formosa entertained with accordion solos. Irwin Lobsinger was Master of Ceremonies.

Ronald Lobsinger read a few poems written by Agnes. Agnes has been blind for six years, but thanked everyone for coming to her party. Lunch was served. (House of Louis)

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