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Volume 3 No. 4 - May to August 1991

Very rare photo of Joseph Carl Lobsinger at his tavern. From a tin type courtesy of Irma Toffler of Coral Gables, Florida. Joseph Carl Lobsinger was one of the sons of "Count" Joseph Lobsinger of Langatte, France. Most of the descendants of Joseph Carl Lobsinger are clustered in the Michigan area.

Picnic In The Park

Lobsingers invaded Churchill Park in Cambridge, ON., in June for an impromptu reunion of the descendants of "Count" Joseph Lobsinger. Unfortunately, we don't remember faces well enough to identify everyone, but Lori Lobsinger is wearing the Mischigan shirt, and her mom Irene is in front of the tree. Joan Luciani is to the right of Irene, and the lady to the right in the print blouse is Kate Kraehling.

by RWL

Sue and I were lucky enough to escape from the weekly newspaper business long enough to take a 10 day trip to Ontario in June.

Teresa (Lobsinger) and Len Walsh invited us to stop by their home in Brantford, and Teresa suggested a "family" picnic in a park in Cambridge.

Now, I knew Teresa had a couple of sisters in the area, and they had a few kids... and maybe 10 or 15 folks would get together at this picnic!

But Teresa doesn't do things half way. She and her sister Anne Margrett and another cousin, Irene Lobsinger went through a bunch of Ontario telephone books, and sent out flyers to all the Lobsingers she could find, inviting them to the party.

We were astounded to find about 30 families represented at Churchill Park on Saturday June 15th... It was quite an experience to put faces with so many of the names we've had on our mailing list... as well as meet some entirely new ones. We had a wonderful day and only wish we had more time to visit with each of those who managed to take the time to attend.Because we didn't know any of these people - at least by face - we wore a red ribbon to identify ourselves as Lobsingers. We found out that most of the people there didn't know each other! All of them were wearing red ribbons to signify the relationship. I hope everyone had as much fun meeting everyone else as we did.

Enjoying a visit at Churchill Park in Cambridge, ON., were, from left, Sheila (Brady) Lobsinger, Susan (Roberts) Lobsinger, Robert Lobsinger, and Dr. William Lobsinger.

Some of the people attending were: Sandy and Art Frensch, of Kitchener; Joan Luciani of Brantford; Irene and her daughter Lori Lobsinger of Brantford, Kathleen Kraehling from Cambridge; Clement and Lavina Lobsinger and Beverly of Hamilton; Valerie Young and Jimmy of Hamilton; Edna and Judy Schaefer of Kitchener; Cecilia Karges from Waterloo; Nick and Irene Nicholson from Kitchener; Mary and Mark Bond, Matthew, Stephen, Kevin, Christina, and Timothy; Colleen and Howard Blundell, Ashley and Amanda, from Kitchener; Joseph White of Kitchener; Madonna White and Ludwig Zeiger; Dorothy Bellinger; Carl & Liz White of Kitchener; Rick and Jan Nicholson, Julie and Kelly of Waterloo; Clarence and Irene Kuntz of St. Clements; Bill and Sheila Lobsinger of Waterloo; Joan O'Donnell of Waterdown; Jean Chute of Cambridge; Len and Teresa Walsh of Brantford; Kevin and Nadine White of Kitchener; Leonard Lobsinger of Kitchener; Mrs. Dorothy Scott of Waterloo; Larry and Eileen Lobsinger of Waterloo; Tom and Ann Wickie of Waterloo; and Marjorie Kroeger of Cambridge.

If we left anyone out, they didn't get time to sign in the book, and we're sorry! It's difficult to meet and remember that many newpeople in such a short time.

Nearly everyone there was a descendent of either Peter - my line - or Louis.

Irene and Clarence Kuntz pose with Bob Lobsinger during the family get-together at Churchill Park in Cambridge in June. Over 30 families were represented by the group, many of whom had never met each other before.

As storms brewed in the afternoon, the group broke up and we headed up to Bruce County where we stayed with John and Dolores (Lobsinger) Schmidt in Mildmay. Dolores is a second cousin. She and John took us around to many of the Mildmay Lobsingers, including a short visit to Amelia (Lobsinger) Detzler who was in the hospital. She is my grandfather Luke Lobsinger's only sister. One highlight of the visit was a tour of the home of August Lobsinger, now owned by Robert and Rose Marie (Lobsinger) Heisz. It was originally a log home with mortar joints which her grandfather August built. They have beautifully renovated the property and it is a showplace, but with touches of the Lobsinger family lingering on. Accents in the house include antiques of August's time and some of his original furnishings. One bathroom wall has been stripped back to the original logs and mortar for a great accent and reminder of harsher times. After we got back home, we found out that the day after we visited, a truck lost control and came crashing through the front room of the house.

Teresa Walsh, left, and her sisters Joan Luciani and Ann Margrett, and a cousin, Irene Lobsinger of Brantford were responsible for organizing the picnic. Teresa is shown here with Bob and Sue Lobsinger at the Bell Homestead, one of the many attractions in Brantford that the "Okie" Lobsingers enjoyed visiting while in Ontario.

While in Mildmay, we were invited to speak to the Rotary Club by John Hafermehl, editor of the Mildmay Town Crier. We asked him what we should talk about, and he said it didn't matter - they just wanted to listen to our Okie accent. For our efforts, they gave us a recently published book on the history of Bruce County and Mildmay, outlining land ownership since the beginning of time. Many Lobsingers have their niche in history noted in that book, and we appreciated receiving it.

John and Dolores invited us to Sauble Beach where they have a cabin on the lake, where we spent almost a day and a half walking the beaches, boating, feeding chipmunks, and generally goofing off. It was the most relaxing time of the entire trip.

But there were other things to see and do. We headed to OwenSound and visited a marine museum, and then headed into the jaws of Toronto to meet Tony Lang.

Tony is a biologist at the University of Toronto, working on his Ph.D. and teaching. He's from the House of Peter. He and his lovely wife Sarogini took time away from their busy schedules to show us the high spots of downtown Toronto - the river front and markets, the world's tallest structure, the Sky Dome, China Town, the campus, Government buildings, museums, and even the Scientology Dianetics Center! We also tested some of the many fine restaurants in the area. It's great to have a guide, as thetraffic is overwhelming in Toronto. After a couple of days, we were quite ready to head back south to Newkirk, where we only have one stop light.

Deaths and Funerals

Virginia Lobsinger Moore

Mrs. Virginia Lobsinger Moore, 69, of McAlester, OK., died (09 March 1989) at McAlester Regional Hospital. Funeral services were at 2 pm the following Saturday at Greenwood funeral Home, Fort Worth, TX., She laid in state at Mills Funeral Home, McAlester, until noon Friday. Interment was at Greenwood Memorial Park cemetery, Fort Worth, TX. Arrangements were under the direction of Mills Funeral Home.

Mrs. Moore was born May 21, 1919 at Belleville, IL., the daughter of Lawrence Lobsinger and Elsie Conley Lobsinger. She and James Moore were married Nov. 30, 1941 at Belleville. They came to Oklahoma from Texas in December, 1988. She was employed as a sales auditor with Montgomery Wards, Fort Worth, until her retirement.

Survivors include her husband James Moore of the home; a daughter and son-in-law, Marcia and John McClellan ofMcAlester; a sister Carrie Mae Paxon of Belleville; three brothers, James Paxon, Jr. of San Antonio, TX., Verne Lobsinger of Largo, FL., and Leslie Lobsinger of O'Fallen, IL., and two grandchildren, Diana Renee Brewer and John Maurice McClellan, Jr., both of McAlester.

Mrs. Moore was preceded in death by a sister, Dorothy Bechtolt, and both parents.

From The Mail Bag

Clarence & Irene Kuntz of St. Clements, On., sent us a photograph of their family of Lobsinger descendents from the House of Louis which is enlarged somewhere in this issue. We enjoyed meeting Clarence while in Ontario in June. He is the son of Elizabeth Petronella Lobsinger Kuntz, a daughter of Louis. Clarence and Irene (Reitzel) have a mess of grown children - Joe, Bill, Ray, Dan, Laverne, Rosie, Julia, Charlie, Annie, and Corah (or maybe it's Carol).

Clarence Kuntz Family: (Top down) Joe, Bill, Ray, Dan, Laverne, Rosie, Julia, Charlie, Annie, and Corah (or maybe it's Carol), Clarence and Irene. Clarence is a son of Elizabeth Petronella Lobsinger Kuntz who was the daughter of Louis Lobsinger who was a son of Count Joseph.

Family tradition in the Kuntz household has it that Louis Lobsinger came first to Louisiana and made his way to St. Agatha where he got married to Katherine Gehl where they lived for a time before moving north to Bruce County with everything they owned including the livestock. One child was born along the way, and they finally settled in Carlsruhe where they had 18 children.

The story roughly corresponds to other family legends... Louis was a youngster born in France, the son of Count Joseph, who traveled from Louisiana to Canada with his Father, Joseph, who settled in St. Agatha. (House of Louis)

Received a request from David Lobsinger of Smiths Falls, On., for a subscription to the newsletter, which we are pleased to supply. After much searching, we re-located David on our charts. He's the son of Aegidus Mathius (Giles) Lobsinger and Evelyn (Hyslop). Giles is the son of Anthony L. Lobsinger and Annie (Stroeder). Anthony was a son of Louis Lobsinger and Katherina (Gehl). Louis was a son of "Count" Joseph. David and wife Tara (Bell) have three children, Ashley, Katherine, and Ceili Josephine. (House of Louis)

We got to meet Dr. William and Sheila E. Lobsinger of Waterloo, On., in June, and a nice letter arrived from Sheila when we got back. They would like to have their son Mark W.B. Lobsinger in Vancouver, B.C. added to the mailing list. Their oldest son Jim Lobsinger is a resident of Calgary, AB., but is currently working as a petroleum geologist in Benghazi, Libya. His 2 year contract will be up in December 1991. Jim married a nurse over there, and Dr. Bill and Sheila are looking forward to meeting her when they return. (House of Peter)

Ellen Lobsinger (right), the first president of the Mildmay (ON.) Sacred Heart Catholic Women's League back in 1961, helped mark the organization's 30th Anniversary on June 6th. At left is the 1991 president, Barb Metcalfe. (Mildmay Crier Photo)

Marie Bartolome of Mission, B.C. sent a newsy letter including the new address of her daughter, Mrs. Beverley Monk, so we can reinstate her on our mailing list. She and her husband are building a new house in Summerland, B.C.

Marie went to Regina, SK., in March and April to attend her grandson's graduation from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police training center. Her grandson, John Carlson, is now posted to Blairemore, AB.

Marie also went to Saskatoon, SK., and visited with family members there before heading on to Calgary, AB., to visit her son Don Bertolome and his wife Maureen and three children.

Once back home, she and her sisters Ruby Chase and Rita McDonnell got together for several days to relive earlier times. They are looking forward to a family reunion this summer. Marie is a daughter of Louis George (Stephen) Lobsinger and Ottillia Voisin. Louis George was a son of George, the youngest son of Count Joseph. (House of George)

Ann Sparks of Tulsa, OK is still trying to find someone who has some information on Mollie Barlow Lobsinger. All I know about Mollie is that she married Louis Josef (Jacque) Lobsinger, a son of Antoine Lobsinger and Margarethe Eversgerth. Antoine was a brother of Count Joseph, and settled in the St. Louis, Mo. area. Anyone out there have anything else on the Barlow family? If so, I'll be happy to relay it to Ann. (House of Antoine)

Joan Belknap is a new name on our mailing list from the House of Joseph Carl Lobsinger. She is the daughter of Alphonse Michael Mier, a son of Barbara Elizabeth Lobsinger Mier, who was a daughter of Joseph Carl, a son of Count Joseph.

Barbara Lobsinger Mier, photo taken in 1893, in West Branch, Michigan, when she was 18 years old. Barbara was a daughter of Joseph Carl Lobsinger, whose picture is at the top of this issue. Photo courtesy of Barbara Blancher, Miami, FL.

She received a copy of the newsletter from her aunt in Florida, and wrote us to get on the list. She sent us some information about her branch of the family that we used to fill in some gaps in that family tree. Next, we hope to get more information about her immediate family and bring everything up to the current generation. (House of Joseph)

Sr. Gertrude Ludwig of Peterborough, ON., writes that she received the package of back newsletters we sent earlier at her request. She asked that we put her mother and a cousin on the list. So we're pleased to add Mrs. Catherine Ludwig of Estevan, SK., and (guess what...?) Clarence and Irene Kuntz (see above) to the list.

Sr. Gertrude is a daughter of Catherine Emma Fornwald Ludwig, a daughter of Catherine (Kate) Lobsinger Fornwald, a daughter of Louis Lobsinger and Katherina Gehl.

Sr. Gertrude reports that her grandmother Catherine Lobsinger corresponded with Andrew Fornwald and they arranged to meet and were married in North Dakota. After the birth of their first three children, the couple moved to Saskatchewan where they homesteaded in Alameda District. The Fornwald farm was 2 miles south of Browning, SK and the Ludwig farm is still five miles north of Browning, even though the hamlet itself has disappeared. Her brothers still farm in the area, but the nearest town now is Lampman, 15 miles from the home place.

Catherine and Henry Ludwig retired and moved to Estevan, SK., about 1959 and Henry died in 1962. Mrs. Ludwig recently celebrated her 86th birthday with several family members. There will be a Ludwig family reunion this summer at Lampman, SK.

Luella Lee and Irma Toffler with niece Mary Kay Mier.

Irma Toffler of Coral Gables, FL., has been helping us update the family tree of Joseph Carl Lobsinger, and she also sent us a photo of her parents at their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1944. She is the daughter of Barbara Elisabeth Lobsinger Mier and Michael Mier - the photo is in here somewhere. Barbara Elisabeth Mier was a daughter of Joseph Carl Lobsinger, a son of Count Joseph.

Earlier on, Irma sent us a tintype of Joseph Carl, which we will also reproduce in this issue. As far as we know, it is the only photo in existence of this son of Count Joseph. (House of Joseph)

Barbara Elisabeth Lobsinger Mier and her husband Michael Mier after their Golden Wedding Anniversary on April 10, 1943. Photo courtesy of Irma Toffler, Coral Gables, FL.

We are still trying to sort out another branch of the clan... Mrs. Vera K. Barthel of Freeburg, IL., got our name from Mrs. Leo Lobsinger in Belleville, IL.. Her grandfather, Jean Nicolas Klein came from Lothringen, France in 1854 on the ship Mulhouse from Havre to New Orleans, arriving 24 April.

The ship's log, and Klein's marriage license list Marguerite Lobsinger as his wife, and several children: Louise, Celestine, Marguerite, George, and Auguste.

Nicolas died and a Michael Germain was appointed guardian of the children.

Exactly what happened next is still murky, and we're trying to get it all sorted out. In the meantime, we have been able to place them in the family tree: Vera Klein Barthel is the daughter of George Richard Klein, the son of George Klein, Sr., (from France), the son of Marguerite Lobsinger Klein, the daughter of Sebastien Lobsinger, the son of Charles Lobsinger, the son of Etienne Lobsinger, the son of Nicolas Lobsinger, the son of the first known Lobsinger of Langatte, France born about 1678.

Most all of the rest of us Lobsinger descendents in the US and Canada descend from another son of Etienne Lobsinger, a fellow named Antoine, who was the first to carry the title of "Count" in the line.

We'll keep working on what happened to all of these descendents after they arrived and sooner or later they will all come together. In the meantime, "Welcome to the Club!" (House of Etienne - for lack of a better system at the moment)

Terri Smith of Pittsburg, KS., is related to Vera Barthel (above) and is also interested in the Lobsinger connection. She is the great3 granddaughter of Marguerite Lobsinger Klein. She and Vera are comparing notes and research, and both want on the mailing list.

My brother Byron Lobsinger of Lake Worth, FL sent me his bi-annual epistle and seems to be doing well. He works for UPS, and he and wife Christine have two youngsters, Stephen 2, and Shaun 6.

Byron and most of the rest of my immediate family live within a few blocks of each other down there in the sunny (hot, sticky, muggy, etc) south, but they seem to love it. They all seem to be doing well, including Dad (John Ross Lobsinger) who has been ill, but is now feeling good enough that he and Mom bought a van and headed up to the Carolinas for a vacation. The two things I rather miss about Florida are the ritual breakfast gatherings of the clan at a local cafe, and those delicious Hayden mangos that grow in the front yard! (House of Peter)

From France comes notice that Nadine and Nicolas Kressmann have a new baby named Julien, born 15 May 1991. Nadine is the daughter of Jacqueline (Ohmer) and Rene Camille Pfrunner. Jacqueline is the daughter of Alice Elisabeth Holtz and Eugene Joseph Ohmer. Alice is the daughter of Marie Catherine Grandcolas and Jean Nicolas Holtz. Marie Catherine is the daughter of Marie Lobsinger and Dominique Grandcolas. Marie Lobsinger is the daughter of Pierre Lobsinger. Pierre Lobsinger, who stayed in France, was a brother of "Count" Joseph, Michael, and Antoine Lobsinger; all of whom moved to the new world. (House of Pierre)

Ruby (Lobsinger) Chase says she was particularly interested in the sketch of the Greek ruins at Mycenae. She says Mark Lobsinger did a terrific job drawing the sketch while he was there last year. Ruby is quite a traveler in her own right, and has visited all but two countries in the world! She says she has a postcard in her scrapbook of the exact spot Mark sketched. She was there for a month in June of 1979 on a cruise through the area including Yugoslavia, Greece, and Turkey.

Ruby also reports her "baby" brother Lorne Lobsinger and wife Elly spent 3 months during last winter down "south" somewhere. Her son Barry and his wife will be going to Greece and the Islands from August 23 thru September 30. Her daughter Penny and her family are busy at home remodeling their kitchen.

Ruby says she only took two cruises last year, because "they're getting so expensive - and besides, I'm running out of world to see." (House of George)

Clarence Lobsinger of Dearborn, MI., says he had a heart problem awhile back and spent a week or so in the hospital, but is doing better now. Says they give him a mess of pills to take, and he wants to know when he can start playing hockey again. Clarence is very proud of the success of his two children and mentions them often when he writes. Son Michael is a computer "master", and daughter Maureen (Keane) has her Ph.D. in microbiology and is writing a book on the subject. She has one son, too. Named Michael, of course.

Carol Lane of Arnold, MO., writes that her aunt, Virginia (Lobsinger) Moore of McAlester, OK., passed away last year and we were unaware of that. Her obit is elsewhere. Carol is the daughter of Leslie Lorenzo Lobsinger, son of Lorenz Joseph Lobsinger, son of Joseph Nicolas Lobsinger, son of Joseph Lobsinger, son of Michael Lobsinger who was one of the three brothers who moved here from Langatte, France. Virginia Moore was a sister of Leslie Lorenzo. Carol also tells us that Virgina's mother was not Goldie Jackson, but Elsie Conley Paxson, who was married at one time to her grandfather. She straightened us out on a few other things we needed to know to get our records right.

Harold Lobsinger of Denver, CO., and Apache Junction, AZ., writes that he knows what happened to Helen (Lobsinger) Kayser as she is his daughter. Her copy of the last newsletter came back to us.

Anyway, she has moved from Colorado to sunnier territory and now lives in Apache Junction. We appreciate the address update! (House of Antoine)

While we're on the Arizona members of the clan, I should mention that I received a letter from brother Jim Lobsinger of Peoria. Actually, he wrote my son Mike, but said hello to the rest of us. Jim is an electrical engineer with Honeywell. He and wife Jody (Roberts) have two kidlings, Jimmy and David. (House of Peter)

Richard J. Lobsinger sends us an almost complete picture of the children of Joseph L. Lobsinger, the son of Peter. Earlier, we printed a similar version, but since they are kind of rare, we'll reprint this one too.

Most of the "second" family of Joseph L. Lobsinger, son of Peter: From left, Amelia, Leonard, Pat, Charlie, Raymond, Pete, Joe, Philip, Alex, and Jack Lobsinger. Not shown are Luke (who moved to Florida), and Richard (died as an infant). These were all children of Catherine Beitz Lobsinger. Joseph L's first family by Mary Grossman consisted of Frank X, Margaret Adelma, Caroline, Catherine, and Joseph (also died infant). Does anyone have a photo of the first family? This one is courtesy of Richard J. Lobsinger, Warren, MI.

Richard also sends information on his children, which we needed to complete his branch of the tree.

Charles Rinck is back in the business of unscrambling the Lobsinger lines, and he writes that he was able to help Vera Barthel by providing quite a bit of information common to both of them. I'm anxious to find out what it is. He also sent us a correction to one of our charts... Thanks.

...And another French Lobsinger Cross, courtesy of Mme. Odette Meyer of Langatte, France. This one is in Gosselming, north of Haut-Clocher, just east of Langatte. Hope the picture reproduces satisfactorily.

This Lobsinger Cross is known as the Gosselming Cross #3 (Photo courtesy of Mme Odette Meyer, Langatte, France, via Charles E. Rinck of Collinsville, IL.) Translation reads: Said place "Dresgarten" cross, situated in the corner of Rue des Carrieres - Grand 'Rue' and inscribed as follows: Erected by Francois Risy and Marguerite Lobsinger 1891. 300 days of indulgence for those who recite here 5 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Mary prayers. Francois Risy, born Feb. 25, 1815, married a Marguerite Lobsinger at Bettborn, Feb. 2, 1843, and died Mar. 3, 1895. Marguerite died Sep. 3, 1891. They had two children, Marguerite, born Dec. 2, 1843 and never married, and Nicolas, born Apr. 2, 1846, who married Marguerite Hacquard.

Harold and Lois Lobsinger of Stratford, On., write that they enjoy the newsletter and sent word of the latest changes in their family... Their son Garry Daniel Lobsinger was married on 03 Feb 1990 to Sherri Hamilton who's 7 year old daughter Erin is now Erin Lobsinger. Garry and Sherri now have another child, Benjamin Daniel, born May 9, 1991. (House of Louis)

Dr. Leonard and Jean Lobsinger of Sarnia write that they read in the Mildmay Town Crier where I had visited the Mildmay Rotary Club while we were up there. I don't remember what I said at the meeting, but it must have stopped the presses, as my copy was 2 weeks late getting here! We didn't get over to Sarnia on this trip... just not enough time to go everywhere. But Dr. Leonard - who is my only great uncle - invites us to take a tour of the St. Clair River on our next trip, and we're looking forward to that. (House of Peter)

Jenny Lee Lobsinger, 13 year old daughter of Bruce and Julie Lobsinger of East Amherst, NY writes that her family was visiting the Historical Dunkirk Lighthouse and Veterans Museum in Dunkirk, New York when she found the name of John Forman Lobsinger in the book of missing or deceased persons of the Vietnam War. Jenny says the book lists John Lobsinger as a U.S. Army Specialist Fourth Class, who was born on April 18, 1949 and was killed in action on January 23, 1968. He is buried in St. Louis Park, MN. His name is also on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial on panel 35E, line 16.

There is some confusion, I think, over John's middle name. It was previously reported to us as "Dillon", but the rest of the information is pretty much the same. He is the only Lobsinger known to have been killed in the Vietnam War. He is supposed to have a brother named Donald, but we don't have any other information on him, and little on the rest of the family.

John (Forman or Dillon) Lobsinger was the son of Harvey D. Lobsinger of Edina, MN., and Sally Cardner. Harvey was the son of Clarence L. Lobsinger and Mildred Muehl of Wayne, MI. Clarence was the son of Simon Lobsinger and Pauline Good of Detroit, MI. And Simon was the son of Peter Lobsinger and Maria Anne Meyer. Peter was a son of Count Joseph. (House of Peter)

Len and Teresa Walsh sent some snapshots they took while we were visiting in Ontario this June. If we have room, we'll try to print a few. I was too busy talking, and didn't take many pictures, so was glad to receive them. (House of Louis)

Got a card from Lorne and Elly Lobsinger from Okanagan Lake Provincial Park north of Summerland, BC. Lorne and Elly spend their time in grand fashion touring the many beautiful spots of BC and the western states. We're trying to tease them out to Oklahoma on their next trip south, but he keeps telling me he's already seen dust. Next summer, we hope to head back out his direction when we get our measly 10 days off from the rat race. (House of George)

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