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Volume 3 No. 3 - January to April 1991

The House of Anthony Jacob...
Is Anyone Still Out There?

Anthony Jacob Lobsinger - or Jacob Anthony as he may have been also known - was one of the sons of "Count" Joseph Lobsinger who settled in Canada after immigrating from Langatte, France. The House of Anthony Jacob is one of the smallest of the Lobsinger families, and just about everything we know about this branch is in this story. Anyone with additions is encouraged to let us know, so we can add it to what we have here.

Anthony Jacob was born on April 11, 1838. He married Agnes Weiler and they lived in Carrick Township, Brant Township, and later in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada. Documents list him as French Catholic. Anthony Jacob worked as a Tavern Keeper, and he and Agnes were the parents of 14 children, maybe more. Anthony Jacob died on November 30, 1878.

Their eldest child, Louise (Aloysia) Lobsinger, was born on February 19, 1860, married Bernard (Barney) Ellinghausen in April of 1880, and she died in 1935. We have no information about either her occupation or Ellinghausen's.

Louise and Barney Ellinghausen were parents of 5 children: Cecelia Ellinghausen Sauer who at one time lived in Buffalo, NY; Joseph Ellinghausen; Walter Ellinghausen, Seraphine Ellinghausen, and Isadore Ellinghausen. Little is known of any of the children except Seraphine and Isadore, and not much is known about them. Seraphine was the father of Rolland Ellinghausen and Isabel Ellinghausen. Isadore fathered Rita Ellinghausen Evans.

The first son of Anthony Jacob was Joseph A. Lobsinger, born on February 18, 1861 but died only a few years later on February 11, 1864.

George C. Lobsinger was the next son of Anthony Jacob. He was born on August 27, 1862, and married Barbara Diemert in February, 1885. The were parents of 8 children. George was a sometime jailer in the Walkerton area and from some reports had a rather rough reputation that sometimes clouded which side of the jail door he belonged on. According to reports, the family was split up while the children were quite young. Some of them were removed to St. Paul, Mn, where they were reportedly raised by nuns at a convent.

Philip Lobsinger was the oldest son, and lived in St. Paul, Mn. There is yet no proof, but we think that Philip adopted Raymond Emmett Lobsinger who later settled in Daly City, Ca. and married a lady named Hazel Dalka who already had several children including Bob and Stan Dalka. Raymond Emmett apparently adopted the younger ones, named John T. Lobsinger and Walter R. Lobsinger. Little is known of John T, except that he was married to Janet and lived in San Francisco, Ca. Walter R lived in Phoenix, Az and nothing else is known about him.

Raymond and Hazel also had a child of their own named Phillip Joseph Lobsinger, who was born on January 7, 1940 and who lives in Concord, Ca., with his wife Aurelina and 4 children: Raymond Julio Lobsinger, Phillip Anthony Lobsinger, Betty Ann Lobsinger, and Richard Alexander Lobsinger, who was born in 1970.

The second child of George C. Lobsinger and Barbara Diemert was Clara, who died of a heart attack while a novice in the convent.

Anthony (Tony) Lobsinger lived in St. Paul, Mn, but nothing else is known of him.

Next came Joseph Lobsinger who lived in Waterloo, On., and was born about 1903. His obituary listed no spouse and no children.

George and Barbara's next child was Marie Lobsinger Steadman, born August 3, 1908, who was sent to live in Oregon with her aunt at an early age when the family was split up. She married Marvin G. Steadmann, a salesman, now deceased. She now lives in Des Moines, IA with her son Donald Steadman, an unmarried salesman and antique car dealer who was born on November 23, 1932.

The next child of George and Barbara was George Lobsinger, who married Lorraine Muszynski. And that's all we know of this George.

Child number 7 is reported to be Tillie Lobsinger Tozer who was the mother of 1 girl and 5 boys, details of which we do not have.

The youngest child of George C. and Barbara was Herbert Paul (Shorty) Lobsinger, born March 12, 1888, also known as Harvie Harry Paul, and who was confirmed as Herbie Harvie. He lived in Kitchener, On., married Marie Pommer in 1913, and worked as a shipping foreman for Jacques & Galloway Furniture Company. He and Marie were the parents of Dorothy Olive Lobsinger Lueirder Scott of Waterloo, On., and Leonard W. (Les) Lobsinger of Kitchener. Leonard was born about 1916, never married, and has no descendents.

Dorothy Olive's husband is Douglas O.L. Scott and their son, Roland Douglas (Rolly) Scott lives with wife Sherry in Waterloo, On. where they are raising two children: Robby Scott, born about 1968 and Tracey Lynn Scott, born in 1975.

Thus ends the family of George C. and Barbara Diemert Lobsinger. Anybody with more or better information is welcome to share it with us.

Anthony Jacob and Agnes' 4th child was named Jacob A. He was born February 12, 1864, married Minnie Neils in July 1887 and accidently froze to death on January 27, 1895. No reports of his occupation, or descendents.

The 5th child of Anthony Jacob and Agnes was Maria Anna Lobsinger Leach, born August 7, 1865. She married Louis Leach in September 1885 and they had four children: Ed, Harvey, Sylvester, and Marion. Of them, little is known except that Sylvester lived in Paris, On., and was the father of Raymond Louis Leach and Richard Charles Leach.

Next child of Anthony Jacob and Agnes was an infant named Caroline who was born on January 11, 1866 and died on May 20, 1867.

Catharina Lobsinger was their next child, born on May 8, 1868. She married Alfred Diemert in July 1887 and died May 12, 1923. They were the parents of 6 children: Caroline Diemert Trim of Milverton, On.; Luella Diemert Bray; Eleanore Diemert Dermott; Edward F. Diemert; Mildred Diemert Hahn, and Alexander Diemert.

Of the Diemert children above, Edward F. is the father of Norman, Floyd, and Helen. Mildred Diemert Hahn is the mother of Luella Hahn Kiesweter, John A. Hahn, and Herbert Hahn. Alexander is the father of Jean Diemert Buckingham and Arnelda Diemert Elkin.

Anthony Jacob's daughters Magdelina and Caroline were born in 1869 and 1871 respectively. But they both married in a double ceremony, on the same day - January 15, 1895. Magdelina married Barney Malaske, and Caroline married Jacob Frieburger.

Magdelina and Barney Malaske are the parents of Norman, Edgar, Frank, and Agnes Malaske (Waters). All of them live in St. Paul, according to reports.

Caroline and Jacob Frieburger were the parents of three children: Ervin, Mildred, and Rosa (Feldbauer), all of whom are believed to be living in the Rochester or Webster NY area.

Jacob and Agnes suffered the loss of another child named Theresa Lobsinger, born in January 1873 and died in February the same year.

Joseph Anthony Lobsinger was born to them next, on February 3, 1874. He married Nellie Copps in May, 1900, and they were the parents of two children: Josephine Elizabeth Lobsinger Hanlon, born 1905, of St. Cloud, Mn., and William J. Lobsinger, who was adopted, and lived in Mesa, Az., until his death in 1982. Neither Josephine nor William have reported any offspring.

Francis Joseph Lobsinger was Jacob and Agnes' next child. He was born on August 20, 1875, worked as a railroad ticket agent, never married, and died on November 24, 1961.

Next came Anna Lobsinger Buckley, born July 3, 1877, who married John Buckley in May of 1895, but had no children. She died in 1924.

A final tragedy struck in Anthony Jacob and Agnes' life when their last child, Anthony, died in September, a few months after being born in March 1879.

What little we know about the family and descendents of Anthony Jacob comes mostly from Marie Steadman and Josephine Hanlon, and we appreciate them sharing their family history with the rest of us. But surely there are some out there who can remember more of the details of this branch.

We would love to have copies of old photographs of any of the members of this group of Lobsingers to print in future issues. If you are a member of this family and are receiving this newsletter, send us the names of other relatives who are not yet on our mailing list, so we can add them to it.

The House of Anthony Jacob is small, and the number of Lobsinger families remaining in the line is even smaller. So drop us a line, where ever you are!

Where Will The Future Generations
Of Lobsingers Come From?

Where will the next generation of Lobsingers come from?

We looked over our data base for current generation males carrying the Lobsinger name, and we found some surprising things.

'Count' Joseph Lobsinger had 6 sons and 1 daughter. In the line of his son Paul, the Lobsinger name has disappeared completely. There are no male heirs to that name.

The line of Joseph's son Anthony Jacob is also nearly extinct. There are only three males in the current generation to carry forward, and we aren't even real sure they are truly from Anthony Jacob's line.

They are Raymond Julio, Phillip Anthony, and Richard Alexander Lobsinger, sons of Phillip Joseph Lobsinger of Concord, CA. By virtue only of name and date coincidence, we suspect that Anthony Jacob's son George C. had a child named Philip who lived in St. Paul.

From other sources, we find a Phillip Lobsinger with an adopted son named Raymond Emmett Lobsinger who lived in Daly City, CA. Raymond Emmett Lobsinger married a lady with several children, and he adopted a couple of the younger ones, and he and his wife Hazel had a child of their own, named Phillip Joseph Lobsinger.

If Philip of St. Paul was actually George C's son, then Philip's adopted son Raymond Emmett would carry on the name if not the blood line of Anthony Jacob, and Phillip Joseph's children are the only ones left to carry the line forward.

The line of Joseph Carl Lobsinger is another of the smaller Lobsinger family lines. There are currently only 11 males carrying the Lobsinger name and descending from Joseph Carl. They are Keith Allen, son of Gary Allen of Charlotte, Mi.; Jeffrey R., son of Eugene R. of Grayling, Mi.; Justin James, son of Leonard of Grayling, Mi., Tommy, Kevin, and Joey, sons of Thomas Gary, address unknown; Marshall, son of Timothy, address unknown; Craig Jerome and Chad Nicolas, sons of David George of Mt. Pleasant, Mi.; Zachary Michael, son of Gary Michael of Mt. Pleasant, Mi.; and Myron, son of Kenneth, address unknown.

The male Lobsinger descendents of George William Lobsinger, Count Joseph's youngest son, number only a dozen. They are Curtis James, son of Gregory James of Huntsville, Ontario; Ken, son of John of Garson, On.; Shane, adopted son of Gary of Jamestown, N.D.; Travis, son of Tom of Litchville, N.D.; Christopher, son of Louis of Wishek, N.D.; Michael, son of James J. of Jamestown, N.D.; Chris James, Rolland, and John, sons of Jerome M. of Minot, N.D.; Raymond, son of Raymond from somewhere in the Dakotas; and Kelsey and Shayne, sons of Leonard M. of Williams Lake, B.C.

The future of the line of Louis Lobsinger seems assured - there are 35 males currently available to carry foreword. And the line of Peter has 52.

So, altogether, the Canadian branch of the Lobsinger family - the line of Count Joseph - has the possibility of going forward into the next generation with at least 102 family lines. Maybe more, because we might not have all the information on all the individuals in each family.

The US Branch of the family consists of the lines of Count Joseph's brothers Antoine Jean Michael Lobsinger and Michael Lobsinger. Antoine settled in the St. Louis, Mo., area, while Michael settled in the Belleville, Ill., area.

Antoine's only current male descendent that we know of is Carl Lobsinger, son of Eugene Arther of Aurora, Co. Michael Lobsinger's current male descendents are: Bradley James, son of Ronald James of Cahokia, Ill.; Michael, son of Kenneth Richard of Memphis, Tn.; Donald, son of Donald Edward of Belleville, Ill.; and Eric Lobsinger, son of Stephen of East St. Louis, Ill.

The US families are much smaller than the Canadian branch, and the information we have on them is pretty sketchy as well. So there may very well be many more families descended from Antoine or Michael that we have not yet heard about. Anyone with any enlightening information is urged to pass it along to us.

In addition to the above families, which are all related and descend directly from Nicolas Lobsinger's father of Langatte, France (born c1646), there are a few Lobsinger families that seem to have migrated to the new world directly from Switzerland. We have received no new information connecting them to the rest of us, but we feel certain that a connection can be made someday between the Lobsingers in Langatte and the ones in Switzerland.

Deaths and Funerals

Geneva Lobsinger

The former Neva Moore, formerly of Mildmay, passed away at Hanover Care Centre on Thursday, November 15, 1990, in her 92nd year.

Dear mother of Dolores and John E. Schmidt of Mildmay, she is also survived by grandchildren Michelle (Mrs. Gary Napper) of R.R. 1, Cargill, Loralea (Mrs. Brian Weller) of Palmerston, Lois (Mrs. Ted Moran) of Belgrave, jamie (Mrs. Randy Tolton) of R.R. 3, Walkerton, John and his wife Connie of Mildmay, Nancy (Mrs. Robert Wild) of Courtenay, B.C.; 14 great-grandchildren and one sister, Cary Rasmussen of Muskegon, Michigan.

She was predeceased by her husband, Philip J. Lobsinger (1975), two brothers and one sister.

The late Mrs. Geneva Lobsinger rested at the Godfrey Schuett Funeral Chapel, First and Peter Street, Mildmay on Friday, November 16th. Funeral mass was held at Sacred Heart Church, Mildmay, on Saturday, November 17th at 11 a.m.

Pallbearers included Gary Napper, Brian Weller, Ted Moran, Randy Tolton, Kyle Moran, and Corey Moran. The flower bearers were Tracy Napper, Jodi Napper, Amanda Tolton and Kelly Tolton.

Spring Interment was at Mildmay R.C. Cemetery.

Donations to Walkerton and District Community Support Service or the Alzheimer Society, were appreciated as expressions of sympathy.

Leslie Lobsinger

Leslie Lorenzo Lobsinger, 79, of O'Fallon, Il., died Friday, November 23, 1990, at St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Louis County, Mo.

He was a warehouse Manager for Franklin Union Furniture Company in St. Louis, Mo.; member of First Baptist Church in O'Fallon and Teamsters Local No. 688 in St. Louis, Mo.

Preceding in death was his father Lawrence (Lorenz) Lobsinger; mother and step father, Elsie and James, nee Conley, Paxson; two sisters.

Surviving are his wife, Irene, nee Palmer, Lobsinger, three sons, Ronald Lobsinger of Cahokia, Kenneth Lobsinger of Memphis, Tenn, Donald (Barbara) Lobsinger of Belleville, five daughters, Carol (Robert) Lane of Arnold, Mo., Jackie (Lawrence) Doss of Pevely, Mo., June (Kenneth) Carr of Granite City, Patricia (Joseph) Lieb of Vancouver, Wash, Linda (Raymond) Atkens of Cahokia; two brothers, Verne (Mildred) Lobsinger of Holiday, Fla., James (Marilyn) Paxson of San Antonio, Tx; one sister, Carrie Mae Paxson of Belleville; 27 grandchildren; 24 great grandchildren.

Services were held at 1 pm Monday at the Peter Gaerdner Funeral Home in Belleville, with Rev. Gerald Davidson and Rev. Lloyd Jones officiating. Interment was in Valhalla Gardens of Memory in Belleville.

Friends were invited to call Sunday at the funeral home.

From The Mail Bag

Writes Patrick Leo Lobsinger of Delta, B.C.: "the report of my death is premature." And of course, it is. Patrick is quite alive and still wandering the northwest coast in his boat. Somehow, we got a death date beside his name in the Lobsinger Index last time around. Still, there may be advantages to that, as Patrick notes further:

"As much as I'd like to rejoin the ranks of the Lobsingers on earth, it has occurred to me that having effectively assassinated and written me off, you may be determined to leave me that way. If this is the case, I'll have to live with it. However, consider the potential benefit and honor that might accrue to the Lobsinger name if we were to collaborate on my obituary; and with literary license, embellish it a bit.

We could create a Lobsinger of incredibly heroic proportions. He could be a composite of Lindberg, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and James Bond! If well done, it could result in beautification, a posthumous Victoria Cross, or Medal of Honor. Just think, I could even return to life occasionally for T.V. interviews and Talk Shows. Your research and discovery of this giant could entitle you to a Pulitzer or even a Nobel Prize and I in turn, would get to live in both the present world and the hereafter."

Yep... after corresponding with the likes of Patrick Leo of Delta, Harold of Denver, Clarence of Michigan, and Lorne of Maple Ridge, it is my conclusion that the "bullfeathers" gene is well dispersed across the width and breadth of the clan.

We hereby declare Patrick Leo a "born again" Lobsinger, subject to all of the duties and obligations thereof, and of a right to all the honors and privileges of that rank. (House of Peter)

Sister Gertrude S. Ludwig, Peterborough, On., writes that her grandmother was a Lobsinger born in Carlsruhe, On., and was one of 16 chidlren born to Louis Lobsinger and Catherine (Gehl) Lobsinger. She offers some family information, and says her sister, Mrs. Christine Buttozoni of Estevan, Sk., has compiled some family history as well. We will be looking forward to receiving it, and will put her on the mailing list. (Christine, too, if you'll send me a mailing address)

Sister Gertrude's grandmother moved to Langdon, N.D. in 1889 to be married to Andrew Fornwald who was born in Formosa, On., in 1854. They had 3 children, she reports, born in Wales, N.D., but then decided to move to Canada, and the family homesteaded on a quarter section of land in Alameda, North West Territories (now Saskatchewan), where 6 more children were born. Sister Gertrude's mother, Catherine Emma (Fornwald) Ludwig was the fifth child born to Andrew and Katie (Lobsinger) Fornwald, and is still living in Estevan, Sk., and is planning on celebrating her 86th birthday soon.

Sr. Gertrude is a Sister of St. Joseph of Peterborough, but comes from a large family of 13 children. Nine are married, 3 are sisters of St. Joseph, and one is a bachelor. (House of Louis)

Those of you in the Mildmay, On., area know well a fellow called "Snoopy" with whom I correspond occasionally. "Snoopy" is a fellow weekly newspaper publisher by the real name of John Hafermehl. Since I didn't read his paper thoroughly enough one week, I missed seeing the obit for Mrs. Geneva Lobsinger, and he was kind enough to send me a copy when I found out about her death. It is included in this issue somewhere. John also wants us to speak at his Rotary Dinner this summer, if we can get away from Newkirk long enough for a visit up that direction in June. It's one of those things where the compensation is exceeded only by the value of the free meal. Considering my public speaking ability, he'll get what he pays for.

Harold and Allean Lobsinger report that they were in the Denver area for the holidays and nearly froze as the temperature never got above zero. They usually spend winter in Apache Junction, Az. Harold got a chance to visit with his niece's husband Ron Jones, who is a Police Officer in Oklahoma City. They spent some time discussing our little escapade with the cult that's trying to get set up on our Indian land.

In Arizona, Harold and wife Allean stay busy in a retirement trailer park where the entertainment committee keeps them busy with all sorts of activities. Allean does needle work and Harold still does his oil painting from time to time. He turned 85 in March, but acts like he's somewhere close to 60, and has every bit as much wit as old "deceased" Patrick Leo up there.

Harold later dropped us a card that he is planning the trek from his winter lodging in Arizona back to Denver, Co., about the middle of April. So if we get the address fixed right he should get this about the time he gets home. (House of Antoine)

Clayton J. Lobsinger, now of Mildmay, On., writes that he missed the last issue. And he's right, because it came back saying he had moved. We've sent him another copy and have his new address on the computer now. Clayton keeps each issue in a notebook, and says he doesn't want to miss any of them. (House of Peter)

Received a note and Christmas card from Gregory M. Lang of the House of Peter, who lives in Calgary, Ab. Says he has not been well lately, and we hope he gets over whatever is ailing him.

Giles Pfrunner, our European cousin of the House of Pierre, writes from his home in Lingolsheim, France, to send his "best wishes for you and your family for the new year 1991."

Evelyn and Giles Lobsinger of Stratford, On., send word of a new grandchild, details of which are elsewhere in this issue. Brings their clan to a total of 13 grandchildren. (House of Louis)

John and Dolores Schmidt of Mildmay sent a long newsy letter and invited Sue and I to visit if we get up that way this June. Dolores is the daughter of Geneva Lobsinger, whose obituary is in this issue.

John and Dolores are on their winter holiday wandering through the states right now... and we hope they get the chance to stop by our place during their trip. They'll be south of us in Texas, and then in Los Vegas trying to support the US economy, I expect, before heading back to Mildmay. (House of Peter)

June K. Stevens, of Plymouth, Mi., sent a note to say she enjoys all the Lobsinger information, but there are so many of us that it is all becoming very confusing. She's right, of course. I can't keep everyone straight either... which is why I accidently kill one off now and then in the index. June is a daughter of Melvin R. Lobsinger who was a son of George Meyer Lobsinger, a son of Peter Lobsinger. (House of Peter)

Beverly Miller of Lakewood, Ca., says she enjoys reading about all of the Lobsingers. I've written to her before, and she provided some new information on the family of Joseph Carl Lobsinger, one of the sons of 'Count' Joseph Lobsinger. (House of Joseph Carl)

Mary Bond, Brantford, On., sent us word that she and her husband Mark are the new parents of twins. The details and a photo are under the "New Arrivals" column. Glad to get the news! Mary is the daughter of Teresa (Lobsinger) and Len Walsh. (House of Louis)

Leona (Lobsinger) Lang, Regina, Sk., says the weather this winter and the GST (goods and services tax of 7%) are big topics of conversation in her part of the world. Temperatures down to -38°, which is a temperature we Okies cannot even comprehend. The world comes to a stop if we get to -10°.

She reports receiving a letter from Ron Wettlaufer, present owner of "Count" Joseph Lobsinger's farm in Ontario, and he mentioned having enjoyed some other Lobsinger visitors recently. She also has some old photos of the clan, including one that is identified as Simon Lobsinger (a son of Peter). They are from about 1865, she thinks. We may be able to publish them and see if anyone can identify the unknown individuals. Some were taken in Waterloo and Berlin (Kitchener).

She also has copies of some old baptismal certificates... one kind of interesting in that it notes in Latin that following the birth of his eldest daughter, Anthony decided to go ahead and get married. Which might explain why Anthony was left only $2,00 in Joseph's will. Opps! She says I probably shouldn't publish that. Sorry. (House of Peter)

Amelia (Lobsinger) Detzler celebrated her 80th birthday in October. She's from Mildmay, On., and is a daughter of Joseph L. Lobsinger the son of Peter. (House of Peter)

Sandy Frensch dropped us a Christmas Card and good wishes over the holidays, but no news. (House of Peter)

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lobsinger of Belleville, Il., dropped us a nice Christmas Card, too. Leo is the son of William Fredrick Lobsinger and Frieda Mueller. William Fredrick was a son of Joseph Nickolous Lobsinger and Mathilda Waeltz. Joseph was the son of Michael Lobsinger and Margaretta Friant. Michael was a brother of "Count" Joseph. He settled in the Belleville area, while another brother Antoine settled in St. Louis. "Count" Joe wandered up to Ontario before settling down. (House of Michael)

Richard and Martha Lobsinger put us on the Christmas Card list, but had little news to report. Nice hearing from you anyway. Richard is the son of Sylvester Lobsinger who is the son of Lambert Wilfred, son of Louis John, son of Louis, son "Count" Joseph. (House of Louis)

Also received a friendly card from Beatrice (Lobsinger) Long of Buffalo, NY since the last newsletter. (House of Louis)

Just after we printed the last newsletter, we received some sad news from Ken Lobsinger, who is now in Memphis, Tn. His father, Leslie L. Lobsinger of O'Fallon, Il., passed away. Obituary notice is printed elsewhere in this issue. Leslie Lorenzo Lobsinger was a son of Lorenz Joseph Lobsinger, a son of Lorenz Joseph Lobsinger, son of Joseph Nicolos Lobsinger, son of Joseph Lobsinger, son of Michael, brother of Antoine and "Count" Joseph. (House of Michael)

Nice, but short, note from Laurier Lobsinger in Kitchener. Laurier is a son of Francis Lobsinger, son of Louis Lobsinger. His brother Barney (the wrestler) often writes us too. (House of Louis)

Jim and Jodie Lobsinger of Peoria, AZ sent a note for the holidays, and report that all is fine in their family. Youngest son David underwent open heart surgery awhile back, but seems to be doing fine now. Older son Jimmy is doing fine in school and getting involved in local youth program sports activities. Jim is one of my many brothers, a son of John Ross Lobsinger, son of Luke William, son of Joseph L, son of Peter, son of "Count" Joe. (House of Peter)

Card from Irene E. Lobsinger of Brantford, On., arrived before the holidays, and like all the rest of them, I'm way behind acknowledging them, but appreciate them all. (House of Louis)

Nice letter from Juliette McIntee of Pincher Creek, Ab., asking us to keep her and her son Ron Valin of Coaldale, Ab., on the mailing list. Says the summer and fall were nice, but winter brought more snow than she needed. (House of Louis)

Michael and Paula Schnarr say they are busy building a new house in Sonora, Ca., graduating a senior, and preparing for a new grandchild. So send us a picture and details on the graduation,and the new kid - as soon as one is available and we'll put the good news in the paper! (House of Louis)

And finally, but not in the order received, we enjoyed a card from Tony and Sarogini Lang of Toronto, On.. Tony is a son of Helmutt and Leona (Lobsinger) Lang of Regina Sk. Leona is the daughter of Peter Aloysisus Alexander (Leo) Lobsinger, son of Ignatius Franz Lobsinger, son of Peter. (House of Peter)

New Branches On The Family Tree

Anna Pauline Lobsinger

Anna Pauline Lobsinger was born to David Anthony and Tara (Bell) Lobsinger of Smith's Falls, On., on January 2, 1991. She is the newest of 4 daughters, and is the 13th grandchild of Evelyn and Giles Lobsinger of Stratford, On.

Timothy Russell and Christina Leanne Bond

Twins Timothy Russell and Christina Leanne Bond arrived on October 22, 1990 in the family of Mary and Mark Bond.

Timothy Russell

Timothy Russell was named after his great-grandmother Leone (Russell) Lobsinger. Christina Leanne was named after her great-great grandmother Christina (Westenhoefer) Lobsinger.

Their brothers Matthew, Stephen and Kevin are delighted to have another brother and sister. All are doing well. Timothy weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz and Christina was 6 lbs and 3 ozs. Both are keeping everyone busy, including grandparents Teresa (Lobsinger) and Len Walsh.

The new twins arrived in time to help Mrs. Katherine Walsh celebrate her 99th birthday on Nov. 26, 1990, and a picture of Mrs. Walsh holding the babies is printed elsewhere in this issue.

Editor's Notebook

While we received many nice letters and cards during the past few months, there were few clippings or other information concerning individual Lobsinger families. Therefore, we took the opportunity to use the extra space to chart out a few more of the early Lobsinger families, in hopes that our readers would be able to check them over and notify us of any new information we don't have, or correct anything that we may have down wrong.

Next issue will probably be around the end of August, so that should give everyone time to write up their family reunions, graduations, weddings, summer trips, or whatever, and send it to us. We hope you continue to enjoy receiving the newsletter and will continue to send material we can use in it. After all, in spite of what it sometimes looks like, we really don't make this stuff up.

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