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Volume 2 No. 4 - September 1989 to March 1990

Glimpses Into The Past...

Bruce Herald, Walkerton, ON., Sept. 5, 1892:

Geo. Lobsinger, Reeve of Carrick, celebrated his silver wedding anniversary on Saturday last, by inviting a host of his friends to a party in his spacious grounds. There were from 150 to 200 sat down to a sumptuous repast. The place was hung with Chinese lanterns and presented a fine appearance. Father Wey spoke in German congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Lobsinger on the happy occasion. Miss Lobsinger also gave a poetical address in German, every verse of which included the name of one of the children. Photographer Mulholland of this town was on hand and took a photographic view of the gathering. (House of George)

(Lorne in Maple Ridge: - I think this is the big group photo you have a copy of, with everybody on the church steps)

Bruce Herald, Jan. 2,1896:

Mr. Joseph A. Lobsinger, brother to our popular councilor, is visiting friends after an absence of four years. He comes from Langton, Dak., where he holds a lucrative situation with the East Grand Fork's Brewing Company as traveling agent, and we believe he is big enough to hold down the job in every shape and form. He is a genial generous, good fellow, and we hope his stay with us may be pleasant. (Probably House of Joseph)

Bruce Herald, Oct. 8,1896:

Fire-About 11 o'clock on Sunday night Mr. Jos. Lobsinger was aroused from his slumber by the smell of smoke and by the time he arrived at the seat of the blaze in the kitchen he was none too soon. The one corner of the room was all ablaze.

He aroused the neighbors and the fire bell was sounded and the Co. appeared on the scene but by the time they arrived their services were not required.

The fire had been put out by the application of water in the hands of men who knew how to handle a pail. The damage to the house is not much but the family lost a large quantity of clothes among which was a new suit of Mr. Lobsinger's. The fire originated in the wood box but how is a mystery. (Don't know which House this Joseph belongs to)

Bruce Herald, Thursday, Apr. 30th, 1903:

Carlsruhe: R. Lobsinger (Probably Reinhard, see below) and family have moved here from Neustadt. We are sorry that Mr. L is still to sickly to work Miss Salome Lobsinger, his niece, too, is confined to her bed. We wish both a speedy recovery. (Probably House of Peter)

Bruce Herald, Thursday, May 7, 1903:

Widow L. Lobsinger sold her engine, boiler, etc., to the firm Hahn and Schaefer of Ayton for $300. The whole outfit was moved last Thursday. If things go on like this a little longer there will soon be very little remaining in our burg, and as for a steam whistle we must content ourselves without any until the threshers make their rounds in the fall. (Probably House of Louis)

Bruce Herald, Thursday, June 18, 1903:

About noon on Wednesday of last week Albert Lobsinger, freeman at Leslie Bros. factory met with an accident which terminated in his death on Monday. He was on top of the boiler fixing the safety valve when he slipped and falling off, struck the steam pipe on his side. He suffered till Monday when an operation showed that the bowel had burst, and death ensued.

Deceased was 31 years of age and leaves a young wife but no children to mourn his loss. He has been working for Leslie Bros. over two years, and before that was at Martin Bros. 'He was born in Carrick and was a son of the late Peter. Lobsinger. His mother and several brothers survive him. He was a quiet living, respectable man well thought of by his employers and all who knew him. The funeral on Tuesday afternoon was to the new R.C. cemetery and was conducted by Rev. Dean O'Connell. The widow and other relatives have the sympathy of the community in their sorrow-Mount Forest Representative. (House of Peter)

Bruce Herald, Thursday, June 2, 1904:

After suffering some years from dread consumption, there passed to a better land our poor citizen, Reinhard Lobsinger last week on Wednesday, and interment took place Friday, in presence of a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends. Rev. F. Gel, a cousin of the deceased, conducted the obsequies and the eight surviving- brothers acted as pall-bearers. The deceased was but a trifle over 34 years old. He leaves a sorrowing widow, a young daughter, an aged widowed mother, 8 brothers, three sisters, and a large circle of other relations to mourn his untimely end. (House of Peter)

Bruce Herald and Times, May 10, 1923:

Mr. Levi Good, the well-known horseman of Culross, received a wire on Sunday morning conveying the sad message that his only surviving sister, Mrs. Simon Lobsinger, had died suddenly in Detroit on Saturday at noon. The deceased whose maiden name was Polly Good, attended the Enniskillen School. She was 52 years old at her death, and leaves a husband and grown up family of three daughters and one son. They resided in Culross for about five years, prior to moving to Michigan thirty five years ago. Mr. Lobsinger has been working in the Ford auto works for the past fifteen years. Mr. Good kit on Monday morning to attend the funeral at Detroit. (House of Peter)

Bruce Herald and Times, June 14, 1923:

Mrs. Peter Lobsinger passed away on Monday morning after a few months' suffering from malignant trouble which the best medical skill and good nursing could not check.

The deceased, who is 51 yews of age is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Spahr of Linwood and was a resident of this place since her marriage, 21 years ago where she made many warm friends.

She is survived by her bereaved husband, one son and one daughter, Cletus, telegraph operator of Ypslantis, MI., and Emma at home besides her aged parents, three brothers and three sisters, Messers. John of Goderich, Sam of Linwood and Ed in the west, Mrs. Berlett of Kitchener, Mrs. Fish and Mrs. Wm. Collins of Linwood, all who have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community. The funeral took place this Thursday morning to the R.C. Church and cemetery. (House of Peter)

Walkerton Herald, Feb. 17, 1927

Carlsruhe- The death of Mrs. Catharine Lobsinger, wife of the late Louis Lobsinger, took place here on Tuesday morning at the age of 88 years and 7 months. Her maiden name was Catherine Gehl. The late Mrs. Lobsinger leaves 16 children, 75 grandchildren and 67 great grandchildren. A brother, Mr. Reinhart Gehl of Kitchener and one sister, Mrs. Peter Girodat of here, also survive.

The children are as follows: Anthony and Frank of Hanover, John of Walkerton, Louis of St. Clemens, Xavier of Ayton, Henry and Joseph at home, (Catherine) Mrs. Fornwald of Sask., (Josephine) Mrs. Jos. Brenner of Linwood, (Lizzie) Mrs. John Kuntz and (Carrie) Mrs. Jos. Waechter of St. Clemens, (Clara) Mrs. Peter Luntz of Dorking.

Her husband and three sons predeceased her some years ago. The funeral took place here on Thursday morning at 9:30. The pall bearers were six sons, and the cross bearer was the youngest son of the deceased. She was a highly respected lady and loved by all who knew her. (House of Louis)

Walkerton Herald, June 6,1929:

Friends of Mrs. Peter Lobsinger will be pleased to learn that she has sufficiently recuperated after her recent operation at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, to be able to come home on Wednesday of this week (Don't know which Peter she belongs to. House Unknown)

Walkerton Herald, Sept. 5, 1929:

Garden flowers were the outstanding decorations at the reunion of the family of Mr. and Mrs. John Lobsinger of this town. Sons and daughters from Detroit, as well as from various parts of Ontario were present at this pleasant event which was held on Sunday, Sept. 1st. This is the first time in the history of the Lobsinger family that such an event occurred, when, besides the family, cousins and friends joined to make the occasion the most enjoyable of any held in the past Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. John Lobsinger and Mrs. P. McGarrity of town; Miss Agnes Lobsinger of Caledonia, Mrs. J. Durst and daughter, Bernice, Mrssers. Clearance, David, Norman, and Erwin (sic) Lobsinger and Beatrice and Elmer Kretsch, all of Detroit; Cecelia Tschirhart of Windsor; Mrs. Jos. Lobsinger of Mildmay, Alex Lobsinger and wife and Phil Lobsinger and wife of Detroit; Frank and Peter M. Lobsinger and wives and Misses Rita and Emilia Lobsinger, all of Mildmay; Mrs. Peter Lobsinger and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bohnart and daughters of Hanover; Mrs. M. O'Hara and son, Earl, of Detroit Mrs. P. Perry and daughters, Miss Annetta Smith and Miss Eleanor Wagner and Mr. Joe Anstett, wife and son, Frank, all of Detroit; Mr. Philip Anstett of Walkerville, Mr. and Mrs. George Ernewein of town, Mr. Geo. Gebhart of Detroit; Alfred, Sylvester and Olive Kretsch of Carlsruhe, John Spielmacher of Kitchener; Mr. Hoeltzley of Carrick; Clearance, Coletta and Pauline Poechman of Carlsruhe; Miss Mary Beckberger of Hamilton; Miss Laverne Yaeck of Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Jake Markel and daughter, Agnes of Galt. (Probably House of Louis)

The above clippings have been collected by Gerald and Helen Kieffer, to whom we are indebted.

Louis J. Lobsinger, son of Antoine Lobsinger, one of the original three Lobsinger brothrs from Langatte, France, is shown here with his grand children Harold, Dale, and Lucille. Photo was taken about 1913 in St. Louis area. Sent courtesy of Harold Elmo Lobsinger, now a resident of Denver, Co.


Below, Louis J. Lobsinger is shown with his grandkids fishing in the Mississippi River near Hannabal, Mo. Shown playing Tom Sawyer are Lucille, Dale, and Harold. Photo courtesy of Harold Elmo Lobsinger.

New Branches On The Family Tree

Benjamen Gerald Rager

Benjamen Gerald Rager arrived on June 6,1989. He is the son of Glenn and Alicia Jane (Lobsinger) Rager of Burlington, IA., Benjamen weighed in at 8 lbs, 5 oz and was 20.5 inches long, and he has a 2 year old brother Mark Alan. He is the grandson of William and Joyce Lobsinger of Lindon, UT (formerly of Omaha, NB). (House of George)

Joel William Wolfe

Gary and Judy (Lobsinger) Wolfe announce the arrival of their third child, Joel William Wolfe, born May 17, 1989 and weighing 9 lbs, 10 ozs. Joel joins Lee, age 3 and Kari, age 18 months. He is the grandson of William and Joyce Lobsinger of Lindon, UT. (House of George)

Ceili Josephine Lobsinger and Nicole Lynn Lobsinger

Giles and Evelyn Lobsinger announce the arrival of 2 new granddaughters, bringing the total grandchild count to an even dozen.

Ceili Josephine Lobsinger was born to David end Tara Lobsinger of Smith's Falls, ON., on June 30, l988. David and Tara have 2 other daughters, Ashley Nadine who is 7 years old and Katherine Rebecca, who will be six in October.

Nicole Lynn Lobsinger was born to Michael and Rose-Ann Lobsinger of Waterloo, ON., on April 29,1989. Nicole is their first child. (House of Louis)

Claire Suzanne Lobsinger Dr. William (Bill) and Sheila Lobsinger announce the birth of another grand child. Claire Suzanne Lobsinger was born November 21, 1989 to Drs. Tom and Bernie Lobsinger, Orillia, ON., Claire is a sister for Peter, age 2. (House of Peter)


Wayne Lobsinger Graduates

Larry and Eileen Lobsinger of Waterloo, ON., are pleased to announce the graduation of their son, Wayne, from the University of Waterloo (St. Jerome's College) on May 25, 1989.

Wayne received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He was a graduate from Waterloo collegiate institute, Waterloo and is presently studying at St. Peter's Seminary in London., ON. Congratulations, Wayne, also for making the Dean's Honor Roll at the University of Western Ontario for 1989. (House of Louis)

Leo Lobsinger Gets Thrown Out Of Jail

From the Regina Leader Post Dec. 8, 1989

Duntroon, On., (CP) - Leo Lobsinger says his butt is still hurting, but it's his pride that really took a beating over spending a night in jail because of an unpaid parking ticket.

Lobsinger, 74, a retired auto worker, says he can't believe he was taken to the Barrie Jail, 64 kilometers away, last week because he didn't pay a $31 fine for a parking violation last summer.

Lobsinger said jail guards kicked his behind and "broke my tailbone" when he refused to leave his cell the next day. He said he couldn't leave because he had no ride home in the bad weather.

"I wouldn't treat my dogs the way they treated me," Lobsinger said Tuesday.

Provincial Police Staff Sgt. Bill Pumputis said Lobsinger had sufficient time to pay the fine and noted his complaint is the subject of an internal review.

The incident began last Monday morning when two provincial police officers arrived at his secluded farm and demanded he pay $31 or go to jail.

"I told them I didn't have a cent on me and could they come back another day," said Lobsinger, a widower who lives alone. "They said in that case they'd have to take me to jail."

It took five officers to remove him from the cell the next day and during the struggle he was kicked in the behind, Lobsinger said.

(House of ??? Anybody know which family this spunky fellow belongs to?)

Deaths and Funerals

Irene Lobsinger

The funeral for Irene Lobsinger, 80, Jamestown, N.D. was held at 11 am Friday (exact date unknown- 1989) in the Basilica of St. James, Jamestown. She died Monday at Hi Acres Manor Nursing Center.

Burial was in Holy Cross Cemetery, Fargo. A prayer service was held in Eddy Funeral Chapel at 7 pm Thursday. Mrs. Lobsinger was a charter member of Telephone Pioneers. She was born Oct. 20, 1908 at New Salem, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker. She received her education in North Dakota and South Dakota schools. On March 5, 1932, she married William G. Lobsinger at Mandan.

They lived in various North Dakota communities. He died in 1959. She moved to Jamestown in 1986.

Survivors include three sons, William George Lobsinger, Jr., Ogden, Utah, Jerome M. Lobsinger, Minot, and James J. Lobsinger, Jamestown, one sister, Mrs. Bernice Hitchcock, Lemmon, S.D.; 11 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Besides her husband, she was preceded in death by her parents and several brothers and sisters. (House of George)

Edward J. Kuneman

Edward J. Kuneman of Hanover died at Hanover and District Hospital, Hanover, on Tuesday, August 22, 1989. he was 84.

Survived by his wife, the former Beata Misch; one son, Michael and his wife Judy of Hanover, two daughters, Maxine and her husband Harold Dosman of Hanover and Patricia and her husband John McNab of Edmonton;

grandchildren Shelby, Steven, Brian, David, Thomas and Janice; great-grandchildren Mark and Kercelyn; sisters, Pauline (Mrs. Art McCorry) of Hanover, Doretta (Mrs. Herb Spitzig) and Venetta (Mrs. Eugene Weaver) both of Walkerton, and Henrietta (Mrs. Sylvester Kroetsch) of Hanover.

Predeceased by his parents, Joseph and Caroline Lobsinger Kueneman; brothers Eugene and Albert and sisters Florence Preiss and Mary Meyer.

Family received friends at the Mighton funeral Home, Hanover. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at Holy Family Church, Hanover, Friday, August 25,1989. Interment Holy Family Cemetery. Knights of Columbus rosary was held at the funeral home Thursday evening, followed by parish prayers.

Memorial donations to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario would be appreciated as expressions of sympathy. (House of Peter)

Louis J. Lobsinger

From Harold Lobsinger of Denver, comes the wording of an obituary notice of his grandfather's death many years ago. It reads:

Lobsinger. Entered into rest Saturday, April 19, 1924 3 pm, Louis J. Lobsinger, dear father of Elmo and Leland Lobsinger, son of the late Antoine and Margaretha Lobsinger our brother, brother-in-law, and uncle. Funeral from Hoffmaster Parlors 5624 South Comton Ave., Tuesday April 22, 1924 at 8:30 am to SS Mary and Joseph's Church thence to Mount Olive Cemetery. Private. (House of Antoine)

Editor's Notebook...
Where Have We Been For The Last Year?

It's been about a year since we first found out that a para-military, mind control cult was attempting to move on to a closed-down Indian school a few miles north of Newkirk. Our little weekly newspaper first broke the story and warned our people. Since then;-we've made some progress, and had some setbacks. But it has not been a dull, ordinary year.

One of the things we haven't been able to do is spend the time necessary to get out this newsletter as often as we would have liked. We appreciate your patience.

If you are interested in the full story, please visit this site:

From The Mail Bag

Clayton J. Lobsinger of Hanover, ON., wrote a short note. He's still recovering from a "little" stroke from awhile back, and says his daughter Doreen will write and tell of the family picnic held in June. (House of Peter)

My sister, Mary Ann (Lobsinger) Quinn and her husband Mike &: family of 6 are headed from Lake Worth, Fla., to Montana for vacation. We looked for her for several days here in Oklahoma but she never showed up. Where'd you go, Sis? (House of Peter)

Check, but no letter, from Darlene H. Gray of Alexandria, OH. She's a daughter of Ruth (Lobsinger) Holland and is married to Eugene GMY Jr, an engineer. (House of Peter)

Lila (Lobsinger) Schmidt of High Ridge, MO., has chased down some of the confusion about her father's middle name. He was baptized Leland Samuel Lobsinger. The Samuel was after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Barlow. He didn't like the Samuel part, so he arbitrarily changed it to Stanford, after the University.

Another generation back, her grandfather was known to her as Louis Jacques, but has also been known as Louis Joseph by other descendants. Louis J and Molly Barlow's wedding certifcate just has a "J" for his middle name. Lila is still trying to find a copy of Antoine Lobsinger's will. He was the founder of her branch of the family in St. Louis. But so far no luck in the St. Louis City records. (House of Antoine)

Gerald and Helen Kieffer sent a check and some of the clippings we've reprinted in this issue. We appreciate them very much. (House of ?????)

Clement Lobsinger sent in a nice letter, and says he has waited long enough to subscribe to the newsletter, so here's the postage money! Thanks. He is the son of Alfred Edwin Lobsinger. Tells the story about the time at Lion's Head, ON., that his dad and Uncle Clarance Lobsinger were repairing his grand-dad John Lobsinger's cabin. Clarance was visiting the outdoor necessary room, just sitting there with the door open, when along came a bear.

"It sure was a good thing I had my trousers down," Clarance remarked to his dad. Clarance seems to be a good hearted fellow and everyone has a story to tell on him. (House of Louis)

Albert Lloyd Lobsinger has been in poor health lately, Clement says. Albert had an operation in St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto recently, and we wish him a speedy recovery. (House of Louis)

Note to Richard Tschirhart of Detroit: Contact Mrs. F.M. Radigan, 625 Mt. Piney Ave, St. Petersburg, FL., 33702 for Tschirhart family info.

Mary (Schnarr) Grambush, Herald, CA., says that the Schnarr Clan is planning a big reunion in Waterloo, ON., August 24-27, 1989. We mentioned it in an earlier letter, but here it is again in case you missed it. We ran into a cousin of hers, Dr. Judith Schnarr, in Maple Ridge, B.C. in June while we were on vacation out there. (House of Louis)

Harold and Lois Lobsinger Stratford, ON., say their son Mark will marry Donna Masur on September 23, 1989, and another son Garry Lobsinger is engaged to Sherry Hamilton and the wedding will be in February, 1990. They also sent us the address of Rita and Harry Mogk; Harold and Rita are children of Michael and Emily Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

Bea Long, reports that "Bishop Tommy" of Whitehorse and his sisters from Brantford visited her while he was on vacation in the area. (House of Louis)

Anne C. Margrett, Brantford, one of Bishop Tom's sisters, sent us another address for our mail list... and we're happy to add Sharon Thompson of Brantford to the roster. She is the daughter of Joan Lobsinger Luciani.

Marie Delaney, of Waterville, OH ordered some back issues to get caught up and says she enjoys learning about the rest of us. (House of Louis)

Gregory M. Lang of Calgary, and obviously a great hockey fan, mailed us a huge package of newspapers telling all about the Flames winning the Stanley Cup. Hockey is a bit of an unknown down here. On watching his first hockey game on TV, my oIdest son, Mike commented, "That's my kind of game... there are no rules and you get to carry a stick." (House of Peter)

Lou Lobsinger of Flint, Mi, is now director of the Bartending Schools of America at Flint. (House of Louis)

Tracy Napper, daughter of Gary and Michelle Napper of Cargill, will enter the University of Western Ontario London, this fall to major in English. She is the granddaughter of John and Dolores Schmidt of Mildmay, ON.

Star Trek's Capt. Kirk, (actor William Shatner) appeared in Dearborn, MI., in early July at a gathering of Trekie fans at the Civic Center. One of them was 10 year old David Tschirhart who was invited to come to the stage to discuss Star Trek trivia with the star. David is the grandson of Leo Tschirhart and great nephew of Dolores Tschirhart, who sent us the clipping. Unfortunately, the picture won't reprint well enough to use. (House of Louis)

It was an historic gathering at the Merritt, BC Herald in June. Louis Lobsinger at one time published the newspaper, and his son Lorne Lobsinger and wife Wily escorted Newkirk OK. Herald-Journal publisher Bob Lobsinger and his wife Sue on a visit to the Herald production plant while they were on a visit to the area. The four renegades even got their picture and a story about the visit published for posterity.

Mrs. Edward (Marlene) Hennessey sent us the family tree of Emma Lobsinger McNamee, up to the current generation. Emma was a daughter of Antoine Jean Michel, one of the 3 brothers who came over from Langatte, France in the mid 1800s. Until her letter, we had nothing at all compiled on that branch of the family. Thanks much. (House of Antoine)

Carol Lobsinger Lane sent us some additional information on her branch of the Leslie Lorenzo Lobsinger family and helped fill in some of the blanks there. She is from the house of Michael another of the three brothers from Langatte. (House of Michel)

Harold and Allean Lobsinger have written us a couple more times... right now they are in the Phoenix area enjoying some sunshine while most of us have snow and cold weather. We also received a nice Christmas card from them. Harold will be 84 in March, so Happy Birthday! (House of Antoine)

Rita (Lobsinger) McDonnell of Chilliwack, B.C. dropped us a note to say hello. We visited her last summer on vacation. She is a sister of Lorne Lobsinger, who graciously served as our tour guide to one of the prettiest areas in the world while we were there. Yes, Rita, we received your letter and your nice Christmas card as well. We're just behind in answering our mail Please forgive. (House of George)

Our cult problems seem to precede us. Tony and Sarogini Lang of Toronto sent us an article from NOW, a weekly entertainment magazine up there about our problems with this group of frauds. That paper was having trouble with them also. I spent considerable time with one of NOW's writers while he was working on his story, but this was the first copy of the finished article we have seen. Tony is the son of Leona Lobsinger Lang of Regina. (House of Peter)

We had a nice long, newsy letter from John and Dolores (Lobsinger) Schmidt of Mildmay, On., Dolores told us all about a visit from Leona and her son Tony (above) and daughters Terry and Amy. Geneva Moore Lobsinger Dolores' mother, turned 90 on Sept. 6th, and they had a nice little family birthday party for her at Sprucewood Court Lodge. Dolores also sent us the obituary of Edward J. Kueneman. (House of Peter)

Got a nice card and photo of Michael Walsh and his kids Michelle and Jamie. They're from Framer Lake, B.C. only we didn't know that when we were up there last summer or we would have looked them up. We wandered all around Framer Lake! Michael is the son of Len and Teresa (Lobsinger) Walsh of Brantford, On. Teresa is a sister of Bishop Tom. (House of Louis)

Teresa (Lobsinger) Walsh also sent us a card and note wishing us well in our fuss with the goonies trying to move in on us. We appreciate the support and always enjoy her letters... she keeps us up to date on her brother the bishop's visits to town, too.

The story on Father Albert H. Ruetz came to us from Leo S. Ruetz of Shaunavon, SK., in November. Father Albert is a grandson of Caroline Lobsinger Ruetz of the house of Peter. Leo is the fellow who saved me tons of work because he already has the descendants of Caroline Lobsinger charted out, and was good enough to let me have a copy.

F.A. Lorne Lobsinger and wife Wily have been trekking all over the country since we were out their visiting them last summer. He says they have been "'beside ourselves' (each other) with the fervor of retirement." They went to the Yukon for some peace and quiet after they got rid of us last summer, to explore some old pacer gold mines. Lorne says some of the pacer mines are still viable and new technology requires less than 5% of the water of the old methods he used as a younger man. "I love it!... I will never tire of wishful thinking of vast wealth just a shovel away!", Lorne adds. He reports catching a "few skinny fish - Arctic Greyling -which were delicious, probably by reason of scarcity." (House of George)

Irene Lobsinger of Brantford, ON., sent us a Christmas card and announced that her son Lawrence Lobsinger was married to Norma Jean Poidrin on August 14, 1989 in Niagara Falls, On. (House of Louis)

Louis Lobsinger of Flushing MI., is getting into the truck-driving training school business. Says he thought all the radicals lived in LA or New York... not Newkirk, Oklahoma We though so too. Hope they go home. Lou suggests every family make a videotape of it's members, then we could all exchange videos and laugh at each other's resemblance! What do you think? I like the idea, but somebody else is going to have to be in charge of that... I'm having trouble getting my newsletter out on time. (House of Louis)

Al, Penny, Alicia, and Mike Spidel of Vancouver, B.C., sent us a Christmas card. Penny is the daughter of Ruby Lobsinger Chase. Ruby is one of Lorne's sisters. We met the whole family while we were there, and they are a delightful bunch. Penny runs a day care operation in Vancouver and Al is an environmental inspector. (House of George)

One of our Christmas cards was from Hellmut and Leona (Lobsinger) Lang, of Regina, who sent the story Leo Lobsinger getting thrown Ol 1T of jail. She reports that she has also uncovered a copy of "Count" Joseph's wife's will. She died Feb. 5, 1894, according to Leona (House of Peter)

Bill (Dr. William) and Sheila Lobsinger of Waterloo, On., have a new grandbaby to announce, so we'll put that bit of info under new arrivals. She says they went out and saw the Wettlaufer's farm (Count Joseph's original stone home) one Sunday morning but nobody was there except the Black Lab, which she says was friendly as a pickpocket. Phillipsburg, where the stone house is located, is only about 20 minutes from where they live. (House of Peter)

Sandy Frensch sent us a card, but no news. Speak up, Sandy - we want to know what's going on in your world. (House of Peter)

Also heard from Leona's other son Gregory Lang, who at the time was recuperating from the flu. He lives in Calgary. - Don't worry, Greg - nobody's name is accessible by modem. My computers are not connected until I want them to be. (House of Peter)

Juliette McIntee of Pincher Creek, AB., sent a Happy New year note and reports that she had a nice visit from Bishop Tom of Whitehorse, YT. (House of Louis)

Gilles Pfrunner - our French relative - also sent us a New Year's greeting, direct from Strasbourg, France. (House of Pierre)

And finally, but not least, we received a card and letter from E.D. (Dan) Lobsinger in Regina. He brought us up to date on his immediate family tree, and we appreciate that information to add to the data bank. Dan retired once back in 1985, but now operates his own company selling industrial electronics. (House of Peter)

 Father Ruetz Celebrates 40 Years

Father Albert H. Ruetz of the Order of St. Benedict from SL Peter's Abbey, Muenster, Sask, was honored by his family at the three day celebration held from Aug. 18-20 at Camp Lemieux on the shore of Lac Peltier, south-east of Gull Lake, Sask., for forty years of service as a Roman Catholic priest

Father Albert grew up on a farm south-west of Gull lake, with his parents Anthony and Appolonia (Abbie) Ruetz, two brothers Cletus and Leo, a sister Coletta (Gerald), a foster brother Leo Forerster, and foster sister Rosa Forerster (Sand).

He received his early education at the Aldag School, which still stands, then attended St. Peter's College at Muenster, Sask., for high school and a year of university. he entered the novitiate at St. Peter's to become a Benedictine in July, 1943 and made his profession of vows Aug. 13, 1944.

He began studies for priesthood at St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota in Sept.., 1944, received his B.A. in 1946 and was ordained priest at St. Cloud, Minnesota on June 5, 1949. His first mass was celebrated at SL Anthony's Roman Catholic Church in the Illerbrun district June 12,1949; his family's local church.

Father Albert began teaching at St. Peter's College in Sept.., 1949. In Jan. 1959, he received a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics from Notre Dame University, Notre Dame Indiana. Along with teaching at the college, Father was for some time Prefect of Studies, Principal, Master of Novices, and Prior of his community.

Father Albert is a member of the Sask. Math Teacher's Society and has served over the years as Director, President and representative of National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics.

Throughout the years, Father has served as a weekend assistant at Assumption Church at Marysburg, and Holy Trinity and St. Bernard's Churches at Pilger, Sask

Since 1972 he has been part time teacher at the Ursuline Academy at Bruno, Sask., and has been its chaplain. As well, he has served as assistant at St. Bruno Church, Bruno, Sask. During a recent sabbatical, Father visited overseas in Italy and Jerusalem.

At the present time, Father Albert is a College Math Instructor and Sports Director of St. Peter's, assistant pastor at Humboldt, Sask., Oblate director at St. Peter's, conducts private retreats and is on the college board.

After 40 years of dedicated service, Father Albert's family decided it was time for a celebration. Father Albert celebrated mass at the Camp Lemieux hall both Saturday and Sunday, Aug. l9 and 20. Great-nieces and great-nephews were altar servers.

In a camp atmosphere, the families enjoyed a relaxing weekend, playing games, swimming, flying kites, throwing horseshoes, enjoying a large trampoline, visiting and gathering around campfires in the evenings.

On Sunday, more relatives arrived to join in the celebration beginning with Mass. After a delicious breakfast everyone enjoyed a program planned by Elaine Ruetz and Lois Scandrett to honor Father Albert.

Father was presented with many lovely gifts, among them a lounge chair from all the families gathered. The nieces and nephews presented a large anniversary cake which was enjoyed by all along with a barbecue supper before everyone left for home.

Approximately 170 family members were present from points in B.C., Alberta, Sask., Ontario and Yukon, N.W.T. Father's brothers Cletus and Leo and his sister Coletta and their families were among those present

The large banner which was center of the hall's decorations was made for Father Albert by his niece Elaine Ruetz. The inscription read "That In All Things, God May Be Glorified", the motto of the Order of St. Benedict.

Father Ruetz is a descendent of Caroline Lobsinger Ruetz of the House of Peter.

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