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Volume 2 No. 3 - June 1989

Everybody's Grandpa
Jean Louis Lobsinger

This is a rare photo of Jean Louis Lobsinger of Langatte, France, father of "Count" Joseph, Michel and Antoine Lobsinger. The photo was taken in St. Louis, MO., in the mid 1800s. We don't know if Jean Louis was in Missouri on a visit, or if he had also moved from France to the new world. Photo courtesy of Patricia (Lobsinger) Lieb.






Home built by Count Joseph Lobsinger sometime prior to 1861, near Phillipsburg, Ontario. The house was located by Leona (Lobsinger) Lang by folowing leads from the census and an 1835 map. Current owners are Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wettlaufer.

Count Joseph's Stone Home Found

With an old 1835 map, copies of original land purchase documents from the Canada Company, and information from the 1861 census, Leona (Lobsinger) Lang, of Regina, SK., struck out on an adventure to find the stone house built by Count Joseph Lobsinger.

She and her son Tony followed highway 9 west from Waterloo through St Agatha and Phillipsburg, following details of the old map. Where highway 9 turns north, just west of Phillipsburg, they turned south on a gravel road and got lost.

After asking for directions from neighbors, they found they were just one farm away from their goal. So they backtracked to the first side road heading west and came right to the farm owned now by Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wettlaufer.

The Wettlaufers gave them a warm welcome and were quite excited to meet a descendent of the original owner. They insisted that Leona and Tony return the next day to meet Ron's parents Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wettlauter. Ron's mother had collected a Lobsinger story for her "History of Phillipsburg," she said, but she never thought she would ever meet one.

"We had a delightful visit," Leona remarked. And she warned the Wetlaufers that if the details of the house were published in the newsletter, they might be deluged with visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Wettlaufer say everyone is welcome! (Brave souls)

The house has been renovated over the years, and several windows have been closed in. The house is on lot 3, concession 5, North Easthope Township, Perth County, originally settled by Joseph in 1835. The house itself wasbuilt in 1856, and Joseph sold the land and the house to his youngest son George in 1868. George Lobsinger sold the land and house to Fredrick Wettlaufer in 1878.

Ron Wettlaufer is a great grandson of Fredrick. A few years ago, the Wettlauters received a plaque certifying their farm as a "Century Farm", - in the same family for more than 100 years.

A yellow brick addition to the home serves as a retirement home, built by the grandparents of the present owner. They transferred the original cellar entrance from under the original wooden front porch to one side of the house and constructed an outside entrance. The present porch was then built. Thc house was renovated in 1975, and is so high at the peak that masons had to use double scaffolds to reach it. It is possible to stand upright in the attic.

There is a small structure in front of the house that was once used as a bakeoven. Only part of this remains. The house faces east. A garage was added recently, and the brick "rctiremcnt home" was covered with siding.

Inside, thc home has been modernized. Plaster originally covered the stone on the inside, which made it very damp, and the walls are at least 18 inches thick. Part of the original interior has been preserved, including one door, and the family room floor.

Ron Wettlaufer calls his property Arrow Hill Farm, and he raises prize winning Charolais and Limousin cattle. One wall in the kitchen is filled with prize ribbons.


Gordon and Yvonne Lobsinger, Ketchener, ON., celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversay on Dec. 28, 1988. (House of Louis)






Barney and Marion Lobsinger on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary, September 1988 (House of Louis)



Paul Joseph Graduates From Police College

PAUL JOSEPH Lobsinger, (right) son of Gordon and Yvonne Lobsinger of Ketchener, ON., graduated from Alymer Police College in March 1988. He is presently on staff with the Strafford, ON., Police Force.

Chuck Lobsinger Is Ontario Fire College Graduate

Congratulations to Charles (Chuck) P. Lobsinger, who graduated from the Ontario Fire College in Gravenhurst on July 8, 1988, with a diploma in Fire Protection Technology.

Attending his graduation was wife Marilee and sons, Kent and Kurtis. Chuck is presently the Training Officer with the Mildmay-Carrick (On.) Fire Department. (House of Peter)

Ruetz-Moran Wedding Unites
Two Of Peter Lobsinger's Descendants

Sacred Heart Church in Mildmay ON., provided the setting for the wedding uniting Linda Marie Ruetz and Timothy Shawne Moran. The wedding took place on August 5, 1988 with Fr. Alex Kramer officiating.

Linda is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ruetz of Mildmay, and Tim is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Moran of Walkerton, ON.

Mrs. Linda Dosman of Mildmay, friend of the bride, was the matron of honor. Bridesmaids were Carol Ruetz Sheila Ruetz, Marilyn Ruetz, all sisters of the bride. Flower girls were Becky Moran, niece of the groom and Julie Ruetz, niece of the bride.

Mr. Mike Moran of Walkerton, brother of the groom, was best man. Ushers included Mr. Paul Beninger, brother in law of the bride, Mr. Richard Berberich, friend of the groom and Larry Ruetz, brother of the bride.

Both the bride and groom are descendants of Peter Lobsinger, he through Peter's son Joseph L., and she through Peter's daughter Caroline. (House of Peter)

Brian Weiler Presented With
Teacher Recognition Award

Brian Weiler, son in law of John and Dolores Schmidt, a mathematics teacher at Norwell District Secondary School in Palmerston, ON., has won a General Motors of Canada and Canadore College Excellent Teacher Recognition award.

"Brian Weiler is able to translate what he teaches in class to where it would be applied in the real world, dispelling the age-old student cliché - I'll never need this after school!" said Tim Nelson, the Canadore College (North Bay, ON.,) Helicopter Flight Training student who nominated Weiler for the award. "I don't think I ever left his class without learning something."

The Excellent Teacher Recognition Program was initiated by Canadore College to give its students the opportunity to acknowledge and thank outstanding former high school teachers.

Norwell district Secondary School Principal Paul Rogers strongly endorsed Weiler's nomination.

"Brian is a principal's delight to have on staff," he wrote. "His enthusiasm and energy seem to be boundless. To see him teach a class or coach a team is a most pleasurable experience because his knowledge of the material, his interest in each of his students, his warm sense of humor, and his high level of professionalism are of such high caliber." (House of Peter)

Precision Skaters

The Mildmay-Carrick (On.) Precision Skating Team, "The M-C Blue Blades" includes Chyleen Lobsinger and Coach Marilee Lobsinger. Other Lobsinger-related names on that one team include Joanne Girodat, Brenda Meyer, Sheila Ruetz., and Lynda Kueneman. We're not sure if they are all related, but their surnames are all intertwined with Lobsinger lore. The members must all be 21 years or older to participate in "The Masters" competition. The gals made their public debut early in February at the Blue Star Interclub in a guest role appearance. The team also competed at Mount Forest and in a local Ice Revue. (House of Peter)

Lorne Lobsinger Was On The Big Bombing Raid
Over Hitler's Eagle's Nest Headquarters

July 13, 1945, Merritt (B.C.) Herald - Flt. Sgt. F.A. Lorne Lobsinger, R.C.A.F., son of L. G. (Louie the Printer - last issue) of Merritt, B.C., returned home on Saturday evening after being overseas for a year. He is on leave prior to going into training as a volunteer for service in the Pacific war against Japan.

Flt. Sgt. Lobsinger's record shows service attached to the Royal Air Force, eighteen combat operational flights, and six mercy flights over Holland.

His work in the crew of Lancasters, with a personnel of seven, was mid upper gunner, and with his companions he had three outstanding experiences.

First, he took part in the great historical attack on Duisburg, Germany. Second, the plane he was in was one of 300 or more that sank the great German battleship, Admiral Scheer, at the Kiel Canal. Third, he had the memorable experience of being in a Lancaster that fired bombs which scored direct hits on the S. S. Barracks in Adolf Hitler's hide-out, the Bavarian village of Berchtesgaden, on April 25.

According to Lobsinger's day-to-day diary and clippings from the London News Chronical pasted in his book, the distance from the English base to Berchtesgaden was 1,900 miles, return trip, and total flying time on the trip was 7 hours 35 minutes.

The trip was undertaken in cloudless weather the whole way, and the diary describes it as "the prettiest cruise we've yet been on."

"The scenery was magnificent, especially over German Alps."

The plane in which Lobsinger was a gunner scored a direct hit on the center of the S.S. barracks, and, the diary and press reports go on, "Hitler's mountain refuge went up in huge billows of smoke and dust."

In the attack on Hitler's village, 364 aircraft took part, according to the later announcements, and the story from the pilots to the press at the time recorded, "If old ...(Hitler) was at home we must have got him" and Lorne believes that "we must have clipped some very high Nazi party leaders."

Vernon Brown, News Chronicle War Correspondent, flew in an R.A.F. plane in the raid over Hitler's hide-out. He wrote on his return "besides the 12,000 lb. bombs, hundreds of 1,000 Ib, high explosive bombs rained down on the target... first more than 80 aircraft bombed Hitler's house and the "Eagle's Nest"... then more than 200 Lancasters delivered another attack on the S.S. Barracks... the men who manned the aircraft were experts a precision bombing."

Flt. Sgt. Lobsinger told The Herald that the Lancaster he was in bombed from 18,000 feet up. "The S.S. Barracks", says a report, "is in the Chalet grounds, capable of housing a strong force of S.S. guards, picked, fanatical Nazis."

One of the prettiest and deadliest sights was the bombing and sinking of the German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer, sister ship of the Graf Spee, and Lobsinger's diary has a photograph of it upside down in Kiel dockyard.

She had been driven to Kiel when Gdynia was first threatened by the Russian army.

Nearly 600 aircraft of Bomber Command attacked Kiel, reported the London News Cronicle, of April 10th. And in his diary, Lobsinger wrote "the most fascinating thing was the flaming onions, night flak... it was difficult to keep our glimmers off it... it came up slowly mostly colored red and in strings until it burst. "He goes on, "when we got there we saw our target brightly lit and hundreds of searchlights were stabbing at us. Some blokes were plaster with flak."

A rather remarkable thing about the life of the airman is that when he is out on "ops" he visits many places by air only.

Lorne Lobsinger included Heligoland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and other countries in his trips, but not once has he stepped on the soil of these lands.

A later clipping chronicled some of Loren Lobsinger's other missions:

Flt. Sgt. F. A. L. (Lorne) Lobsinger, son of L.G. Lobsinger, Herald printer, who was recently dropping bombs over Dortmund and Essen, is now dropping food on Holland to save the lives of starving Dutch people, according to a letter mailed May 4 and received May 9 by his father, here. Lorne is with the R.C.A.F.

He writes...

"I was on the first trip and have been going steadily since. It is something new to be welcomed at the target. Instead of killing we are saving thousands of lives. If you could see what we see as we roar over the housetops dropping tons of food it would touch you more than anything ever did. Poor, starving people, running out in the roads, waving almost hysterically, shouting and flourishing flags of greeting. I can't describe it, it's so great. The people seem to go completely mad with excitement, and we are excited, too, to think of what it means to them. We can see the Germans there standing behind their guns. They could easily slaughter us if they opened fire, but a truce was called for this work...

Holland is the most beautiful country I have seen, the people seem very tidy, their cities are beautiful and their homes are modern and tidy."

New Branches On The Family Tree

David Ross Lobsinger

David Ross Lobsinger arrived Tuesday, February 21, 1989 at 8:08 am weighing 7 lbs 2 oz. He was 19 1/2 inches long.

David is the second son of James Ross Lobsinger and Kathleen Kimball (Roberts) Lobsinger of Peoria, AZ. He has an older brother, James Davis Lobsinger.

Grandparents are John Ross and Catherine Marie (Davis) Lobsinger of Lake Worth, Fla.

Deirdre Anne Moran

Barb and Dan Moran are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Deirdre Anne Moran, born Tuesday, March 7, 1989 at the Peter Loughleed Center of the Calgary General Hospital, weighing 7 Ibs. 11 oz. First Grandchild for Harley and Bernice Schmalz and 11th grandchild for Joe and Marie (Lobsinger) Moran of Walkerton, ON. (House of Peter)

Kevin Michael Weiler

Kevin Michael Weiler weighed in al 7 Ibs 11 oz on March 23. He is the 14th grandchild of John and Dolores (Lobsinger) Schmidt of Mildmay, On.

Parents are Lauralea Marie and Brian Weiler of Palmerston, On. Kevin has a sister Kerri Lynn.

Samantha Lynn Lobsinger

Samantha Lynn Lobsinger was born April 28,1989 at 8:43 pm, weighing 7 Ibs 7.5 oz and was 20 inches long. She is the daughter of Patrick Leo and Susie (Free) Lobsinger, and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ross Lobsinger of Lake Worth, Fla.

Life in Carlsruhe 1900 to 1916...

By Clarence Lobsinger

My Dad, John Lobsinger, had 2 acres of land on which he grew an unbelievable array of items such as potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, mangoes, rutabagas, rhubarb, licorice, peppermint, gooseberries, red and black raspberries, radishes, horse radish, cabbage, cauliflower, sun flowers, strawberries, corn, leeks, celery, garlic, and onions.

We had ten apple trees, one pear tree, green Gage plums, hops ten feet high, and cherries. There were pears and plums on the same tree as Dad grafted branches from one tree to another. We had Rusty Coat and King, and Snow apples. You don't see them anymore. We had no electricity, but an outdoor outhouse.

Mother cooked apple butter out doors, after she had an apple bee the night before. We had garter snakes which we were not allowed to kill because they ate the insects in the garden. Dad buried a lot of apples in boxes 2 ft. below ground, so we had good apples all winter. Dad and I cooked maple syrup in John Montags bush (?) for 50/ 50. We got six gallons and he got 6. John Hesch butchered one steer a week for the beef ring and farmers took turns providing the steer so everyone could have fresh meat.

The Post Office had a Telecon Ticker to send messages to the village in Morse code. (House of Louis)

Deaths and Funerals

Esther Louise Kretsch

Esther Louise Kretsch of Elbow, SK., age 66, passed away suddenly on Saturday, February 18,1989. Esther is survived by her loving family: husband Clarence, children Bernice (Earl) Knaus of Saskatoon, Louise (Walter) Shaw of Groundbirch, B.C., Eileen (Orville) Ward of Elbow, Carol (John) Froese of Elbow, Janice (Duncan) Campbell of Plumas, Man., Joe (Diana) Kretsch of Elbow, Karen Kretsch of Edmonton, and Rodney Kretsch of Elbow; 16 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren; father, Otto Schau of Moose Jaw; 11 brothers and sisters; also numerous nieces, nephews and other family members. Esther was predeceased by her mother Emily, and one sister. The funeral service was held on Wednesday, February 22,1989 with the Rev. Robert Meintzer and Rev. Joan

Heffelfinger officiating. Interment family plot, Elbow Civic Cemetery Elbow, Sk. (House of Louis)

Emily Lobsinger

Emily Lobsinger, died at Stratford General Hospital on Tuesday, February 7, 1989, beloved wife of Michael J. Lobsinger, mother of Helen Bannon, Stratford; Elmer Lobsinger and wife Maureen of Hamilton, Bernice and husband Leonard Maslen of Lucan; Harold Lobsinger and wife Lois and Rita and husband Harry Mogk, all of Stratford. Also survived by one brother, thirty grandchildren and thirty-one great-grandchildren. Predeceased by a son, a son-in-law and a brother. Funeral Mass was at Immaculate Conception Church, Stratford, Friday, with burial in Avondale Cemetery following. (House of Louis)

 Marie One Of First To Benefit From New Surgery

Date Unknown (c1954) Sarnia, Ont. (CP) - A Detroit heart specialist waited eight years for medical science to discover a remedy for the heart ailment that afflicted pretty Marie Lobsinger.

Now, for the first time, Marie, 8, has a heart that beats normally.

Until about a month ago the blue-eyed daughter of Dr. L.W. Lobsinger, a Sarnia veterinarian, was destined for an early death because of a congenital heart condition called infundibular stenosis. Her heart had to beat four times faster than usual to give normal circulation to the lungs.

A blockage at the right side of the heart meant an additional burden was placed on the other (side) and would in time result in serious damage to the left side.

Marie was born with the heart condition and had been a patient of Dr. F.D. Dodrill since she was seven years old. At each semi annual visit he told her parents that medical science had not yet perfected surgery to cure the ailment.

But about six months ago, Dr. Dodrill told them there was a new technique, known as "hypothermia" which could effect a cure or great improvement. He said chances of recovery were 50-50.

When Dr. Dodrill detected an enlargement of the vital organ, Marie's parents decided to agree to the operation before too much damage was done.

After 4 1/2 hours in the operating room at Detroit's Harper Hospital, Dr. Dodrill emerged and told Dr. and Mrs. Lobsinger the operation on their daughter was a success.

Marie now is a normal, healthy child and she's been promised she can return to school after the new year.

"The operation is not in the miracle category," says Dr. Dodrill. "We are performing a great many of them, although Marie's is the first in Sarnia."

Postscript: Marie is now a doctor herself, in charge of a cancer clinic in Ottawa. Her husband is Dr. William Dafoe, a member of the cardiac team for heart surgery and transplants in Ottawa. They have two children, Allan Leonard, and Joanna Marie. Dr. Leonard W. Lobsinger, DVM, still lives in Sarnia. This Canadian Press Service release was published in a Regina, SK, newspaper and sent to us by James E. Lobsinger of Calgary, AB. (House of Peter)

 From The Mail Bag

Miss Dolores Tschichart, Ferndale, MI., sent us a nice letter and a couple of pictures of the children of Petronella (Nellie) Ann Lobsinger Tschirhart of whom she is one. Petronella, a great granddaughter of Count Joseph, married Felix Ignatious (Nathan) Tschirhart, who was a widower with 7 children. Then they had 10 more children of their own. That is a family! (House of Louis)

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Lobsinger, Waterloo, ON., spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii during March. They probably deserved the vacation after all of their kids and grandkids were home for Christmas. And then they celebrated 4 birthdays in February, besides hosting their annual "February Blahs" party. That sounds like a real good idea! Everybody gets the blahs in February and one excuse for a party is as good as another, don't you think? (House of Peter)

Sister Beatrice Schnarr, C.S.J. Guelph, ON., ordered two subscriptions to "Lobsingers." One for herself, and one for her brother Laverne F. Schnarr, Burnaby, B.C. Both are children of Anna Mae Lobsinger and Herbert Edward Schnarr. The Schnarr clan is quite large, Sister Beatrice has 5 siblings, and a whole mess of nieces and nephews, and great - nieces and nephews. Sister Beatrice is a Hospital Administrator with the Sisters of St. Joseph. (House of Louis)

Ken Lobsinger has relocated from Dallas, Tx., to Memphis, TN., and sent a note to let us know his new address. He says, "I show the newsletter to my friends and they are very impressed by the pride we have in our family name." (House of Michael)

Dr. James 11. Wise, M.D., Oklahoma City, OK., has spent considerable time this past year traveling to third world countries to teach eye - surgery techniques. Dr. Wise perfected the argon laser treatment for glaucoma, and served as head of the Dean A. McGee Eye Clinic in Oklahoma City before returning to private practice. This information comes to us from his father Paul Wise of Stillwater, OK., who is a banker with the Stillwater (Oklahoma) National Bank. They are descendants of Paul Lobsinger, a son of Count Joseph. (House of Paul)

Carolyn (Laughlin) Lobsinger of Matachewan, Ontario, (P.O. Box 191) P0K lM0, writes to inquire if there are any Lobsingers with hereditary eye problems. Her husband is Pastor John Walter Lobsinger, who suffers from tunnel vision and night blindness. Doctors think it might be retinitis pigmentosa, she says. Others tell her the problems were caused during infancy as complications of pneumonia. John is registered with the Canadian National Institute of the Blind. Carolyn would be interested in visiting with anyone with similar problems... or solutions. (See above note). Carolyn and John are the parents of two children, Cory John Lobsinger, age 15 and Jeffrey Lee Lobsinger, age 13. (House of Peter)

Long and informative letter arrived from James E. Lobsinger, Calgary, AB., He is the son of Leo A. and Martha Winnifred Smith Lobsinger. Hc is Leona (Lobsinger) Lang's brother. Jim is married to Loretta Frances Obrigcwitsch who is one of the few people in the world who received a shorter last name by marrying a Lobsinger! She is a secretary with a real estate firm, and he is retired after a career with several oil companies and Revenue Canada. Jim was to undergo heart surgery February 19. We hope his recovery has been swift. He also sent a copy of the clipping about Marie Lobsinger, now Marie Dafoe, of Ottawa. (House of Peter)

Harold Elmo Lobsinger and wife Allean have been spending the winter months in sunny Apache Junction, Arizona. But he reports that it hasn't been all that sunny or warm there this year. Harold's brother Dale Leeland Lobsinger also dropped us a nice letter. On the family chart of Antoine Jean Michel (last issue), we accidentally left out part of the family. Dale and Harold's dad, Elmo Anton Lobsinger, had a brother named Leeland Stanford Lobsinger (except he didn't like the Stanford part and went by Samuel instead). Anyway, Leeland Stanford or Samuel, had a daughter Lila (now Lila [Lobsinger] Schmidt of High Ridge, MO.,) Lila has a couple of kids, now, too: Jenny Lee Schmidt, and Theodore John Schmidt, Jr. Lila also sent us a letter correcting the error, and she also gave us a new lead onto some of the other descendants of Antoine Jean Michel Lobsinger... the McNamee family. Anyway, we sent corrected charts to all of them. Sorry. It's hard enough trying to get everybody located, without leaving them off once they've been found. (House of Antoine)

Jan (Lobsinger) Carr, Mammoth Lakes, CA., sent us a new address for her cousin Craig Lobsinger of Midland, MI. We're still trying to fit the pieces together on all of the Swiss Lobsinger family fragments... so far without much luck. Maybe more later... (Swiss Family Lobsinger)

Gordon Anthony and Yvonne (Lankowski) Lobsinger celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on December 28, 1988. They are from Kitchener, ON., and have four children, Paul, who is a police officer; Daniel, who is a seminarian; Maureen, and Kevin. Gordon is the son of Edmund John Lobsinger and Annabelle Denomme of the House of Louis.

Mrs. Julietta McIntee of Pincher Creek dropped us a note to say she enjoyed finding the photos of her parents in the last issue. She is a daughter of Johannnes Francis Xavier and Christina (Westenhoefer) Lobsinger. (House of Louis)

Check, but no letter from Richard Tschirhart of Detroit, MI. Richard is researching the Tschirhart family. We're happy to have him on the mailing list.

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Eugene Franklin, DVM, of Bryan, TX., sent us a long and informative letter about the Franklin branch of the family. He is one of the grandsons of Paul Lobsinger and Katharina (Otto) Lobsinger who settled in Braman, Oklahoma. Paul was one of the sons of Count Joseph Lobsinger.

Dr. Franklin's father, Oliver Morris Franklin, DVM, discovered the cure for Blackleg, a cattle disease. He went on to found the Franklin Serum Company, which is now Franklin Laboratories owned by American Home Products and operated by the Ft. Dodge Laboratories of Ft. Dodge, Iowa. The original plant in Amarillo, TX., is still in operation. Later this summer Sunflower Press in Manhattan, KS., will complete publication of a book on the life of Dr. Oliver Morris Franklin.

Dr. Franklin also sent us missing information on a lot of the other descendants of Paul Lobsinger that have been very hard to come by. (House of Paul)

Alvin P. Lobsinger of Belleville, IL., sent us a check, which we appreciate. Alvin is one of the few descendants of Michel Lobsinger (see chart) that we've been able to round up. Would like to hear from more of you in the Belleville area. (House of Michel)

John and Dolores Schmidt of Mildmay, ON., are on their more or less annual trek around the continent. We received a Ietter from them in early March from California. They were heading up to British Columbia next, and had just spent some time in Florida and Nevada. But they didn't make it to Oklahoma this time. (House of Peter)

Elmer C. Lobsinger of Hamilton, ON., son of Michael and Emily Lobsinger, wrote us with a sad note. His parents were featured in the last newsletter after celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary. Now he reports that his mother died peacefully on February 7, 1989, with all her family around her. (House of Louis)

Marie (Lobsinger) Bartolome, Mission, B.C., the first daughter of Louis the Printer featured in the last newsletter, wrote to give us names and addresses of her children and grandchildren so they can get the next one. "I'm going to show (the last one) to all of my family members when I see them. They all live in different parts of the country." She adds that after her mother died, and her father moved to the west, she was raised by her grandmother until Louis remarried. We had her being raised in a French Canadian shelter... from a newspaper clip we had received, which wasn't entirely accurate. (House of George)

The family of Michael and Paula Schnarr, Elk Grove, Ca, sent their greetings to the clan. Michael is as son of Reuben and Anne Schnarr of Ahwahnee, Ca. He is a Ranger and Fire Instructor at the California Fire Academy. Surprising how many firemen there are and have been in the Lobsinger family. Michael and Paula have two daughters, Tara, who married Eric Walton in April 1988, and Tiffany, a high school sophomore on the gymnastic team. (House of Louis)

Dr. Leonard W. Lobsinger, DVM, Sarnia, On., dropped a note and a clipping from Guelph, On., where about 50 nests of Canada geese were about to be displaced by a developer's bulldozer. Oklahoma Wildlife officials were in the area looking for eggs, and so the nests were saved and the chicks are now Oklahoma geese with Canadian ancestors. Kinda like the old Oklahoma geezer who writes this newsletter. (House of Peter)

Florence Kretsch, of Elbow, Sk., sent us a nice long letter and a more than generous donation to the postage fund. Florence turned 94 in May, and writes a very good letter. Her sister Agnes is 97, Edwin is 92, Clarence is 88, and Irwin is 83. They are all children of John Lobsinger, son of Louis, son of Count Joseph. A couple of issues back, we ran her family picture in the newsletter. She and husband Peter raised 8 boys and 2 girls. Florence has a fondness for horses that also seems to be a trait of many branches of the family. She is also a poet, and on occasion her writing has appeared in her brother Irwin's (Lobby) newspaper column in the Walkerton paper. She tells a cute story on her brother Clarence... Clarence was balking about saying his prayers once, and she told him that if he didn't say his prayers, he couldn't go to heaven. "I don't want to go to heaven," replied little Clarence, "I want to go where daddy goes." Florence now has 62 grand and great grandchildren, and 8 great great grandchildren. (House of Louis)

Susan (Lobsinger) Kennedy, Wahpeton, N.D., has written us a couple of times, providing information on her branch of the family. She is the daughter of Rollin and Amanda (Stroh) Lobsinger of the House of George. Sent us a family photo, too, which I hope we can use.

Nice letter arrived from Helen (Lobsinger) Bannon, daughter of Michael Joseph and Ameline (Craig) Lobsinger. Nice to have her on the mailing list. (House of Louis)

Bernard (Barney the wrestler) and Marion Lobsinger, Windsor, On., sent us a picture and some more clips of his interesting career. Says he would be happy to hear from any of the Louis Lobsinger clan, and his address is 150 Park St. W., Apt. 1401, Windsor, On., N9A 7A2. So drop Barney a line and get caught up. (House of Louis)

Marie Delaney, Waterville, OH, asked us to add her to the mailing list, which we did. She is the daughter of Joan (Lobsinger) Luciani of the House of Louis.

Melvin E. Lobsinger of Kissimmee, Fla dropped us a package of information, including a family picture which is in here somewhere, and for which we thank him. (House of Peter)

Anne C. (Lobsinger) Margrett of Brantford, ON., wrote of the recent visit of her brother, Bishop Thomas J. Lobsinger, Whitehorse, YT. He spent two weeks in Brantford, and was invited to confirm children in the Hamilton region as well as Mount Forest near Ayton where they were all born. She says he enjoyed the visit with all the friends and relatives, and managed to get in a little euchre while he was at it. (House of Louis)

Our thanks to all who wrote and sent information for this issue of "Lobsingers"

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