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Volume 2 No. 1 - November 1988

Barney Was A Professional Wrestler And Championship Contender Back In 1930s

THIS CLIPPING from a Mexico City newspaper in 1939 shows Barney Lobsinger as Otto Lugger before his big match with Bobby Arreola.

If you were a professional wrestling fan in the late 30's and 40's, you might remember seeing a fellow hop into the ring with a boa constrictor wrapped around his neck.

If he had a full beard and tousled hair pushed back from his forehead, he was the fearsome Otto Lugger. If he was clean shaven he was Barey Lobby.

But either way, as soon as he stepped back out of the ring, he was Barney Lobsinger!

Barney Lobsinger is a son of Francis Lobsinger, son of Louis Lobsinger, son of Count Joseph Lobsinger, and as far as we know, he's the only professional wrestler in the family. He is one of 5 children in the Francis Lobsinger family. His brothers are Laurier Lobsinger who lives in Kitchener, and Jerome who is deceased. His two sisters were Emilene and Lena.

Barney is now 74 and retired, living in Windsor, On. And he's one of the most fascinating individuals we've found so far in our search.

One of the highlights of Barney's wrestling career was his match against Middleweight Champion Bobby Arreola in Mexico City in 1939. A clipping from the Hanover Post on February 27, 1939 reported the event:

"Hanover is being kept on the sporting map by ...Barney Lobsinger, who won a wrestling tournament by defeating all entries in Millwaukee, Wis., and is thereby state champion in the 158 pound class.

Barney was born and raised in Hanover and has appeared here and in district towns as a wrestler on several occasions and local sports' fans will wish him every success in his chosen profession.

Barney had little difficulty in winning his bouts in this district and since then he has been victorious over some of the world's best wrestlers while  barn storming in Mexico and the southern United States.

In a letter sent to this office from Mr. Frank Lobsinger..., father of Barney and former Hanover resident, was a clipping from the Kitchener Daily Record which is as follows:

'Freak vegetables and unusual miscellaneous articles often find their way to the Record office, but one of the strangest, yet interesting collections to be seen in the editorial department was displayed by Frank Lobsinger.

Wrapped in a queer-looking hide "afghan,' made from the skins of Mexican animals were more than a dozen articles of various sizes and forms. Several ornaments were so strange, Mr. Lobsinger was at a loss to explain what they represented.

One was a representation of a funeral made up of six plastic figures carrying the corpse on their shoulders. Another was a quaint ornamental clock. Still another was a bull's horn.

One was what is known as a Mexican thermos, but bearing no resemblances to any seen in this country. The assortment also comprised a ten-gallon cowboy hat, the skin of a Mexican wolf, wooden slippers worn by the natives, and sandals, a lasso and various other Indian and Mexican things and stuff, which Mr. Lobsinger could not name.'

Frank Lobsinger had received the "stuff' from Barney during his travels on the wrestling circuit.

According to a large ad appearing in one of Mexico City's newspapers, Barney, who goes under various pseudonyms, is billed to wrestle the world's middleweight champ on Feb. 21 (1939) in Mexico City."

Did Barney Lobsinger win his championship match with Bobby Arreola? Was Otto Lugger ever Middleweight Champion Of The World? Well, we just don't know. Barney forgot to tell us that part! (House of Louis)

Visit Barney's Web Page at

Notes From The Mailbag

Just as we were finishing up the last newsletter, we received a subscription check and card from Gail and Gary Gilbert of Ahwahnee, CA. Gail is the granddaughter of Anna Mae Lobsinger and Herbert Schnarr. They live in the central Sierra Nevada's just outside Yosemite National Park. Makes a flatlander like me very envious. The children and grandchildren of Hubert and Anna Schnarr are planning a big reunion next summer in Waterloo, ON. No date or other info on that affair yet. Maybe later.

Cheryl Ritchey sent us a subscription check, but not much other information. She apparently works for Car and Driver Magazine in Ann Arbor, MI, as her note was on C&D printed note paper.

Then comes a letter with gobs of information from Beverly (Gallagher) and David L. Miller, of Lakewood, CA. She is a daughter of Beulah Lobsinger, granddaughter Joseph and Cecilia Lobsinger, of the House of Joseph. Among the many things she provided, was information that Cheryl Ritchey (above) is the daughter of Alice Lobsinger Stoike. We thank Mrs. Miller for providing current information on the family of Joseph Frank Lobsinger and Cecilia Matilda Linseman, from whom she is descended. Slowly but surely, the House of Joseph is falling into place.

The Millers have 4 children, as well as 2 from her previous husband, Glenn J. Brockway, who died in 1952. Their children are Becky Ann Brockway, Barry L. Brockway, Bonnie S. Miller, Laurie A. Miller, Marilee A. Miller, and Karen L. Miller.

Dr. William J. and Sheila (Brady) Lobsinger sent us an announcement on the birth of their latest grandchild, as well as notice that their son Mark William Brady Lobsinger has graduated from the University of Western Ontario (London) with Honors in business Administration, where he received the Senior Merit Award for the school's Social Management program. Mark is employed at Computerland, an international company headquartered in California with many North American branches. (House of Peter)

My brother Patrick Leo Lobsinger of Lake Worth, Fl., actually sent me a letter for a change. And a check for the postage fund, too. Will wonders never cease! Anyway, he owns the Green Lightning Lawn Service and also is in the Tennis Court Construction and Repair Business in South Florida. Patrick and his twin Michael Eldon are also sometime musicians, now performing weekends as "Strummin' Drummin" at the Brass Ring Pub in North Palm Beach. He and wife Susie Ann (Free) have one son, Matthew Patrick, age 2.

A little further down the pike, brother Michael Eldon Lobsinger also broke loose with some bucks for the postage fund. Mike works for a construction outfit, doing lab tests on concrete and other exotic things. He and wife Kimberly Susann Cummings are the parents of daughter Kari Nicole Lobsinger and Jessica Alise Lobsinger, who is also a daughter, in spite of what I said when I put her in the birth announcements in the last issue.(House of Peter)

We have received a couple of notes from Harold Elmo Lobsinger of Denver and Apache Junction. His picture was in the last issue. (House of Antoine) Harold is getting more and more curious about the St. Louis branch of the family from which he hails. We tried to answer some of his questions, but we haven't got all of the answers, either. Would like to hear more from some of you St. Louis and Belleville, Ill. Lobsingers! Harold also sent a little more "postage" money, which we appreciate.

Lots of interesting information came from Barney Lobsinger of Windsor, On.. He's a son of Francis Lobsinger, son of Louis and Katherina (Gehl) Lobsinger and spent many years as a professional wrestler. More on him elsewhere. (House of Louis)

Charles Rinck of Collinsville, Il, reports that the memorial cross seen in the countryside near Langatte, France by Tony Lang was definitely not in memory of the Marie Elisabeth Lobsinger we had speculated on. He has solid documentation about her as she is his paternal great3 grandmother. So we still don't know who the memorial cross was made for...

In a later note from Charles, he says Mme. Odette Meyer of Langatte has managed to enhance the weatherworn letterning on the cross and reports that it actually reads, "Dieses Kreutz Ist Gerichtet Durch Elisabeth Lobsinger Zur Ehre Gottes Im Jahr 1839" It was apparently erected simply to pay homage to the Glory of God. Still, we do not know for sure which Elisabeth Lobsinger was involved....

Letter and picture of Christopher James Lobsinger arrived from St. Lucia, Queensland, Australia, along with some sample coins and a $2 Australian bill. Chris is the first Aussie Lobsinger, and we asked him to send us more information about himself and his life down under. He's the son of Jerome Lobsinger of Minot, N.D.

Chris wrote back that he is a student at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, studying for his Masters Degree in Social Work. He hopes to finish in November, 1989, and then possibly work in Australia for awhile before returning to the states. Chris says Aussie English is the most obvious difference between here and there. And of course, the summer is in the wintertime down under. (House of George)

Clayton J. Lobsinger (House of Peter) reports that not all 94 persons at the reunion mentioned in the last newsletter were his descendents. Actually, they were the descendents of his father, Francis X. Lobsinger, and Caroline (Krug). Clayton was born in Chesley, spent many years in the trucking business, and wound up being the Chief and entire police force of Chesley for about 16 years before retiring in 1972. He and first wife Clara (Detzler) have 4 girls, Martha Weppler, Doreen Robson, Helene Ruetz, and Eileen Henley. Clara died in 1976, and Clayton and his second wife Phyllis (McBain) are now living in Hanover, On.

Artists, musicians, and other talents pop up from time to time in the family. Now, we can also boast of a poet. Mary Grambusch, grand daughter of Anna Mae Lobsinger Schnarr (House of Louis) sent us some examples of her hobby. She writes in free form, and at least one example of her work will be reprinted somewhere in this issue.

Lila Lobsinger Schmidt, of High Ridge, Mo., sent a note and a photograph of Julia Lobsinger. She thinks Julia may be the unknown Lobsinger whose photo was printed in the last newsletter.

If the unknown one isn't Julia, she almost has to be a close relative... sister or something. Both photographs were made by the same photography firm, but at different times. G. Cramer of Carondelet, Mo. took the one of the unknown lady, and Cramer & Gross, of 333 S 4th St, St. Louis, Mo., took the one of Julia Lobsinger. Since Carondelet, Mo., was absorbed by St. Louis, the unknown photo is probably the oldest of the two. The background is different in both photos, but the chair used as a prop is exactly the same. Interesting. Julia Lobsinger was a daughter of Antoine Jean Michael Lobsinger. She married a man named Kirberg, but that is all we know about her. (House of Antoine)

Jacqueline Dee Lobsinger Doss, of Pevehy, Mo., dropped us a note asking to be added to the mailing list. She is the daughter of Leslie Lorenzo Lobsinger of O'Fallon, Il., and sister of Kenneth Lobsinger, the Texas shoe store manager whose picture was in the last issue. (House of Michael)

Also heard from another of Kenneth's siblings. Ronald J. Lobsinger wants to join the club, and says he enjoys reading the newsletter when it arrives. He sent addresses for his father, Leslie Lorenzo, and his son, Bradley James Lobsinger, who lives in Oakville, Mo.

We asked George Lobsinger, of Mt. Pleasant, MI, to help fill in some gaps in his family tree, and he responded with a long list of facts and figures, and occupations. We appreciate getting it. We keep plugging all new bits and pieces of information into the family tree, and if I live long enough, maybe I'll get all the bare spots filled in.

Leo Ruetz of Shaunavon, SK, who provided the Ruetz-Lobsinger photo in the last issue writes to report that I messed up and got young Louis Ruetz identified as sitting on the left in the photo. Louis is on the right. Sorry. Also sent some postage money, which we appreciate. (House of Peter)

Pastor John Lobsinger, son of Leo and Agnes Bross Lobsinger, sent us a change of address for the newsletter. He is now in Matachewan, ON. Pastor John and wife Anna Carolyn Laughlin have two children, Cory John, and Jeffrey Lee.

Clarence Lobsinger of Dearborn, MI. (House of Louis) sent us his 49 page handwritten notebook of favorite jokes he has collected over the years. We'll scatter some of them through the newsletter as fillers, just for fun. Clarence reports that his relatives have a pretty good record "No Lobsinger, Tschirhart, or Kretsch has ever been arrested!"

Tony Lang of Toronto, has sent us some photographs of his trip to Langatte, France. Youl'll find them printed somewhere in this issue. (House of Peter)

John and Dolores Schmidt of Mildmay, On., sent us a copy of the obit of Kathleen (Lenehan) Lobsinger, as well as addresses of Swiss Lobsigers that were gleaned from telephone books in Geneva, Switzerland by Joe and Marie Moran on a recent trip to that country. We are trying to find the Swiss connection and tie in the few Swiss Lobsingers with the rest of us... (House of Peter)

Congratulations to John Schmidt, who won the individual horseshoe championship in his league in Mildmay this summer. (Ditto)

Howard John Lobsinger of Elliot Lake, On., whom we had the pleasure to visit last summer, sent us the photograph of his family reunion that you find printed in this issue. He also sent us addresses for his son Douglas Lobsinger, and daughters Marlene Schwehr, and Marjorie Paulitzki. (House of George)

Richard Tschirhart, 19764 Cranbrook #C, Detroit, MI 48221, is chasing Tschirhart folklore much as we are looking for Lobsinger history. Our families' paths cross in several places, it appears, especially in the House of Louis. Anyone with Tschirhart blood who is interested, might contact Richard for more info.

John Lobsinger Recorded This Short History Of The Town His Father Helped To Build

The following is a story of the founding and early settlers of Carlsruhe, Ontario, a small hamlet of Carrick Township in Bruce County, written by John Lobsinger, (son of Louis Lobsinger and his wife Katherina Gehl), a grandson of Count Joseph Lobsinger. The article was relayed to us by Dennis Agombar of Hanover, grandson of Salome Lobsinger Bohnert. Salome was a daughter of John's brother Peter and his wife Mary Stephanie von Kaiser.

John writes: "It was about the year 1858 when the first settlers located on the spot which is now Carlsruhe, and comprised the following families: There was the Hoffarth Family with three sons, namely Conrad, Leo, and John. There was the Hesch Family with five sons, namely, Peter, John, Joseph, Jacob and Philip. Jacob Russell located on the farm where Clarence Russell lives now.

Karl Gehl (Louis' father-in-law?) took up the first farm lots from the Crown then sold the Village lots. There was also the Russwurm family of six sons, namely, Valentine, George, John, Adam, Frederick, and Henry. About the year 1860 Korman and Goetz gave a contract to the late Louis Lobsinger (presumably John's dad) to build the store building which is still being used and known as the Carlsruhe Store. Louis Lobsinger had a saw mill one mile east of Carlsruhe where he sawed practically all the lumber for most of the older buildings in the Village. In 1868 he started a steam power mill at Carlsruhe and sawed there for about twenty years. Then in 1868 he sold the mill east of the village to Mr. Louis Runstedler who ran it for a short time before the dam broke away.

Carlsruhe was a busy place in its prime years. There was the general store of Korman and Goetz, afterwards belonging to Jacob and Annie Knetchtel. There were two shoemakers; Joseph Stephan and George Bruder; two tailors: Phillip Roaser and a Mr. Hondle, also two hotels, the British run by Peter Schnitzler and the Carlsruhe, run by John Nauer. There was one blacksmith shop, operated by Albert Goetz, and two wagon makers, belonging to F.X. Hoessel and John Dish. There was also two brick yards, one owned by Andrew Zettler and the other owned by George Gross. Andrew Zettler made most of the bricks for the Carlsruhe Church which was built about 1871 to 1872. Rev. Father Rassartz was the parish priest, and he brought the plan for the church from Europe. The masons were Lorenz Wandt, John Ruetz, John Detzler, Peter Girodat, Louis Lobsinger, John Klempp and John Werner. Peter Zettler was a house carpenter and he made most of the coffins for the surrounding district in his time. The school was a little log building located on the lot now owned by Mr. Paul Hinsperger. The present Public School was built about the year 1874.

There were two cloth weavers in Carlsruhe, namely William Bruder and John Henry Ecken. They were always very busy as those days most families had their own cloth woven from the wool.

It was about the year 1864 that the late Jacob Kuntz built the Carlsruhe Lion Brewery which he operated for some years. Later the late William Schwan with three of his sons, operated the brewery for some years and finally David Schwan took it over and managed it until he died. The Brewery for years was a flourishing business with usually two wagons on the road, The early peddlers or deliverers were the late John Priester and John Hundt."

There are two Lobsinger homes still standing in Carlsruhe, Agombar reports, and although there was no date on this history by John Lobsinger, it was written prior to 1954.

John Lobsinger was married to Bridget Tschirhart, an accomplished musician, choir leader, and organist. They had 11 children, some of whom have contributed to this newsletter from time to time:

Edward drowned about the age of four. Helena married and moved to Saskatchewan where she raised 4 children by her first husband Joseph Kretsch, and 3 more by her second husband Mr. McGarrity.

Agnes married Joe Ducharme. She worked as a chocolate dipper in a candy factory.

Christina married John Durst. Florentina and her husband Peter Kretsch live in Saskatchewan, and their family picture was in the last newsletter. Alfred Edwin married Philomena Sidel, and worked for Canada Packers in Walkerton.

Isabel married John Stevenson and they have five children. Clarence J. and wife Gertrude Lamb live in Dearborn, MI. Jokes from his handwritten joke book make good fillers for this newsletter. They have two children.

David Pious was a dry cleaner in Detroit. He and wife Eleanor Wagnor have 3 children. Norman Peter was a caterer, postman, and organist in the Capuchin Monastery of Detroit. He married Elsie Leiderman, and we know of one child.

John's youngest child is Irwin (Lobie) Lobsinger, the fire chief, game ranger, Mayor, artist, and businessman featured in our last newsletter.

 Peter Lobsinger's Family Photo Album

(Left) Wedding Photo of Petronella Lobsinger (left in photo) and Nathan Tschirhart (sitting). Best man was Petronella's brother Isadore Lobsinger; Maid of Honor was her cousin Agnes Lobsinger, daughter of John Lobsinger. (Right) Wedding Photo of Joseph Bohnert and Salome Lobsinger. She is the daughter of Mary Stephanie von Kiser and Peter Lobsinger. Peter was the son of Catherina Gehl and Louis Lobsinger. Louis was a son of Count Joseph Lobsinger. Photos courtesy of Dennis Agombar)

Peter Lobsinger was born on December 14, 1862, the fourth child (we think) of Catherina Gehl and Louis Lobsinger. Peter was a grandson of Count Joseph, the man who started the Canadian branch of the Lobsinger clan.Dennis Agombar of Hanover, On has been chasing his ancestors, and is Peter's great grandson. He recently located and sent us copies of the two wedding photos on this page.

Peter married Mary Stephani von Kaiser about 1880, and the union produced four children. Edwin Lobsinger, the first child, died in World War I. Salome Lobsinger was born in 1886, and married Joseph Bohnert. (See photo). They had a daughter, Dorothy Bohnert, who is Dennis Agombar's mother.

The third child of Peter and Mary was Isadore Alexander who was born in 1891 and married Vera Kalte. Later he married Lena Hoffarth/Fizell. Isadore had two sons, Arthur Peter who is married to Lois June Weidner, and John, who is married to Thelma Gilkinson.

Arthur Peter is the father of Allen Peter Lobsinger and Ann Elizabeth Lobsinger. As far as we know, John and Thelma have no children.

Allen Peter and wife Joan Louise Cronin are the parents of Adam Peter Lobsinger, Trevor William Lobsinger, Jason Allen Lobsinger, and most recently, David George Lobsinger.

Petronella Ann (Nellie) Lobsinger, Peter's fourth child, married Felix "Nathan" Tschirhart, and inherited a ready made family of seven children. In addition, she and Nathan had 10 more of their own.

Petronella's offspring are Ruth Tschirhart, married to Robert Kenny; Vincent Tschirhart; Bernard Tschirhart; Claude Tschirhart; Rose Tschirhart; Leonard Tschirhart, married to Mary Louise Fleiger; Leo Tschirhart, married to Eleanor Downey; Lawrence Tschirhart; Violet Tschirhart; and Dolores Tschirhart.

All of them probably have interesting stories to tell, and we'd like to hear more about Peter's family...

Deaths and Funerals

Leona Warner Lobsinger

Leona Warner Lobsinger died July 24, 1988. She was the wife of Robert Eli Lobsinger of the House of Joseph. Mrs. Lobsinger was born July 16, 1924. She and her husband Robert are the parents of 4 children, Susan Kay Keiser, Fredrick Robert Lobsinger who died while an infant, Patricia Ann Faber, and Douglas Robert Lobsinger.

They also have 4 grandchildren at last count, Amy Kay Keiser, Heidi Lee Keiser, Paul Alton Faber, and Richard Robert Faber.

Internment was in Riverside Cemetery, Alma, Michigan.

Kathleen Lobsinger

Kathleen Lobsinger of Mildmay, On., the former Kay Lenehan, passed away at the County of Bruce General Hospital, Walkerton, on Monday, August 1, 1988, in her 77th year.

Beloved mother of Karen Seals of London, On., Kenneth and his wife Julie of Tara, David and his wife June of Sauble Beach, Douglas and his wife Audrey of Whitby, Rosemary and her husband Robert Heisz of Waterloo, Rick and his wife Chyleen of Mildmay; also 13 grandchildren and one sister-in-law, Mrs. Margaret Lenehan of Welland.

Predeceased by her husband, Gordon (Nixie) Lobsinger; by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lenehan, four brothers, Leonard, Frank, Jack and Clarence, two sisters, Helen Freeman and Marie Metcalfe and two stepsisters, Hilda Edwards and Margaret Payne.

The late Mrs. Lobsinger rested at the Godfrey Schuett Funeral Chapel until Thursday when Mass of Christian Burial was held at Sacred Heart Church, Mildmay at 11 am. Interment was in Mildmay R.C. Cemetery.

The pallbearers were grandchildren Gregory Heisz, Paul Lobsinger, Michael Lobsinger, Jeff Lobsinger, Tim Lobsinger and Kevin Lobsinger.

The flowerbearers were Pam Lobsinger, Diane Seals, Susan Heisz and Alison Heisz.

(House of Peter)

Social Notes:

John and Ellen (McLay) Kretsch of Harper Woods, MI., celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on November 26th. John is the son of Helena Lobsinger and Joseph Kretsch of the House of Louis. They have five children, and at least 10 grandchildren. Elmer Kretsch and his wife (don't have her name) also celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in July. They have three children and four grandchildren as of last count.

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