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 About Trophy Hunters

Trophy Hunters:
Failed social experiments.

With the exception of homo sapiens, there is no beast in the animal kingdom which kills only for the purpose of displaying its prey. Self-preservation aside, a lion, by nature, kills to eat and therefore survive, not to nail the head of its victim to a board and display it on the wall of its den.

Trophy hunters kill only for the purpose of displaying their prey. They kill their prey, not for the purpose of eating to survive, but for the peverted “thrill of the kill” and the anticipated accolades of superiority that will flow to them from their peers. In their mind, they tower above lesser men, and depend upon their self-aggrandizement in order to pump up their own low self esteem. But their cowardly killings are a perversion of the honor and competition of sport.

Sport is aggression with rules. One of the rules is that participants in a sport have to know they are competing with each other. Trophy hunting is not sport, it is the devious tactic of cowardly, nefarious people baiting and ambushing creatures who have no idea they are in a competition for their life.

Pretending that they are the most evolutionarily superior creatures on the planet, trophy hunters make shallow excuses about being protectors of nature; conservationists preventing animal overpopulation. It is an insult to the beasts, which were quite capable of population control on their own several millennia before Homo Erectus fell out of the trees and some apparently landed on their heads. With badly bruised brains, they never developed into real men.

Among many other things, talented early homo species learned to paint pictures of their favorite animals on their cave walls, but the less gifted thought it was easier and more fun just to hang dead ones on the cave wall and brag about them. Unfortunately, that meme passed from generation to generation, and is still apparent in a small, but deluded segment of our population today.

A real sport would be to invite, no… compel… all of the world’s trophy hunters to attend an event to determine who is the world’s Champion Trophy Hunter. Set up the brackets for the tournament. The winners of each bracket would compete with the winners of other brackets until an ultimate Champion Trophy Hunter is finally named. The primary rule of sportsmanship would be met: All competitors would know there was a game on.

The way the game works is that Trophy Hunter #1 on the bracket and Trophy Hunter #2 on the bracket go into a specially designated and prepared jungle preserve by themselves, with no air conditioned tents, no guides, no servents to carry their gear and cook their meals. Just two guys with all the guns and ammo they can carry. And they hunt each other. The primary rule of competition would also be met: Neither participant would have an unfair advantage over the other. The dead one loses.

Repeat until there is only one live trophy hunter left, who gets to prove his superiority au naturel by being dropped in the middle of the habitat of his favorite prey, equipped with the same weapons the animal has: teeth, claws, brawn, and cunning. The dead one loses. The winner gets a trophy, or a meal, depending on who wins. But don’t buy any trophies in advance of the contest…

…because the world of sport will have been purified as the superior creature will most assuredly win, and the failed meme will be expunged from this species we now call man. All things being equal, the fittest will survive, and will have had a good meal, too.



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